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11 thoughts on “all we are saying…”

    1. Hrmmm… The proportions wouldn’t fit well on to a mug, but now I’m thinking maybe I should make blahccessories on zazzle or whatever the cool kids are using these days…,

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      1. I use the giant (tall) coffee mugs. It’ll fit. You totally should make some stuff. As soon as I actually have money to my name I would buy the hell out of those. Do you know how much I love your words? I’d tattoo your quotes on my ass.

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        1. I shall ponder…. And I guess I swear more than enough for you to be able to tattoo “ass” on your ass, safe in the knowledge that it’s one of my more erudite pearls of wisdom. (looooool) *sensei face* Seriously though, thanks for the commentpliment, much appreciated, grasshopper.


  1. My first reaction before I could comment was “ahahha this is INSANE!” Looking at it now I stand by my first reaction. Love it. I laugh every time I look at it. I want this on a poster if it won’t fit on a mug.

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    1. Another commentpliment! Yay! I’m still “enjoying” the mixed episode, you guys are gonna tip me over the edge into delusions of grandeur and then I’ll get arrested while attempting to invade the village hall here in the name of megalomania.

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