Since I’ve given up women anyway, I’m going to marry this drawing. It’ll be a private ceremony, but you’re welcome to send ridiculously expensive gifts.

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battlescarred, bright, bewildered, bent, blue & bipolar

26 thoughts on “FOREVER PLEDGE”

  1. Platinum coated spork set being sent by Pegacorn express. Peg-Ex- where fictional gifts meet excellent fictional delivery service.

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        1. That’s a very good point. I must return to the blah-cave to think, with narrowed eyes and sinister stroking of an imaginary goatee. Or perhaps an imaginary goat.

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                    1. Oh fuck that testament stuff but I happen to love comic sans, I don’t know what is with all the haters.


                    2. As a former font whore, I am horrified that I do not know what these are…Must get out Google Fu and search!

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                    3. I gonna go gnaw on a block of cheese with my sharp lil rat fangs…My dishes and ash trays are STILL waiting for you, btw,

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                    4. If only I’d popped over when I was hypo, bud. Today I’d be more likely to hurl them all against the wall or weep copiously into them. Mixed fucking crapisodes are sorta like rocket fuelled PMS for me.


  2. I think I am frightened of this picture. Although I can relate to it and understand why you like it.

    There is a darkness in this house. I feel like it is trying to swallow me. I think maybe I should leave the house later for a little while.

    I am still checking if I missed any posts of yours. One thing I like about your posts is that they are all different. It is always interesting to open them and see what happens.

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      1. Better now than yesterday morning. I felt like a dark presense was trying to swallow me yesterday. I could almost see it…I was not sure if it was in my mind or real.

        Right now I do not see it but I can more rationally see that there are people working against me in this house. But it is human darkness …not a dark entity.

        Probably not good that I thought that yesterday….Is that something that meds fix?


  3. I love ALL of you and ALL of your puns. If you can escape the presence without heading toward the light, I’ll get to keep reading. WTH, GK, who’s eating you? Tell whomever it is that shorter muscle fibers are more tender than yours, maybe they can make everybody a nice steak or chop. If they don’t, give ’em a Miss Piggy style pork chop.


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