What depression feels like…


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battlescarred, bright, bewildered, bent, blue & bipolar

13 thoughts on “What depression feels like…”

  1. I second that “word” even if my anxiety second would be half of the whole thing. Watching paint dry is pretty appropriate. Or in my case, housework, ‘cos it’s as interesting to me and I am as apathetic as I am toward watching paint dry.

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  2. Wow. My pie chart would be a lot different. I would have half sad and half isolation. Wait I would have to throw some anxiety in there too. Good thing I’m going to the Dr. soon.


    1. Now you’ve got me thinking of my own cry, I mean pie chart. I think I’d have everything except guilt and watching paint dry on it – I’m too freaking alone to need guilt anymore and I’m either in agony or a zombie or distracting myself during depression, so there’s no space for paint. I’d make them all equal sized slices.

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      1. Oh it’s not a pie chart. Panic takes up all the space on the chart when it happens. But there are two kinds: the shaky-teary one and the omg-my-body-is-dying one.


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