Ketamine for the sads?

A little something I scribbled for Yvette’s South African bipolar site. I have a fast and dirty favour to ask of you. Please could you click through to the post on her page? It’d be good to get the stats up. Thanks lots – and may I say you’re looking particularly well dressed and we’ll adjusted this fine day?

Arsecreeping? Moi!?

Our Lived Experience

You’ve probably heard about trials of Ketamine as a wonder drug for depression (yup, even intractable bipolar depression) in the States, but the local ‘cybershrink’ at Health24 has some cautionary things to say.

This sounds like really good news. But the quality of research supporting such claims is still poor and limited, and there are other serious reasons for caution. Drug abusers reportedly develop tolerance to the effects of the drug quite rapidly, and regular use can cause bladder and kidney problems. It can also cause raised blood pressure and hallucinations. Could ‘horse tranquiliser’ be a treatment for depression?

Cybershrink himself is Prof Michael Simpson, who has great looking credentials, and you can ask him questions online. Scroll down to the end of the article for more info. The Mental Health category of Health24 has more articles that may be of interest to you.

I have absolutely no idea whether…

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15 thoughts on “Ketamine for the sads?”

  1. One of the things about the ketamine and depression is that depression can be cumulative…gets worse in the mind the longer it goes and the more hopeless you feel.(I feel) I get to feeling that I’m the one person who can’t be helped! Anything that breaks that negative, monotonous loop from continuing to be thought, be it an oxy based narc,(which they use in the Middle East for depression) ketamine or even psychostimulants (which are also used in treatment resistant depression temporarily are alright with me. I, along with certain doctors, feel that people deserve to have symptom relief, even if it doesn’t fall into being compliant with new, hysteria based rules. We have a lot of those in South florida in response to the Oxycontin and Pill Mill debacle. For bipolar, remember that both Depakote and Lithium cause kidney failure. We are always doing tradeoffs. Perhaps a severely depressed patient could get Ketamine in between ect or while waiting for the more traditional antidepressants to work. Then they could have some relief while they wait.

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    1. It’d be fun too (ket). Still, it’d be good to see more research and of course it’ll be interesting to see how it performs long term. I can’t even remember how we took that stuff, but it kicked my ass in a wonderfully comprehensive way. And as far as I know, I didn’t microwave any salad.


  2. Can’t remember my login to click through and comment there – but with this and mushrooms I have heard countless people justifying their drug abuse with half baked information. While ket might help, there is no sort of controlled environment…..I’m glad to see you’ve mentioned this. Important to note as it is a disassociative drug, it is often used as a precursor to antipsychotics in order to test them for psyhosis treatment. Definitely dangerous.

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                    1. I’m guessing you enjoyed the blank TV and the microwaved salad bit :D I’ve never forgotten it and it still makes me laugh. Paul the plumber, where art thou now.

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  3. The 2 questions they asked first when my kidneys failed and they saw I have Bipolar Disorder were “Are you taking Lithium or Ketamine?”. I was looking into the Ketamine but it’s definitely out now. By the way I have not taken either drug. I’ve seen a few family members on Lithium and I didn’t like how it made them act. I also was already having small issues like blood and protein in my urine when I was diagnosed so we decided it wasn’t the way to go. When you’re desperate you’ll try anything. Even a horse tranquilizer.

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