wherefore art thou?

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me earlier to delve deeper into the world of tortured/not tortured neurologically ill artists. And by art, I mean any and all forms of the arts, darlings. I’m intensely fascinated by it all, and a big fan of the cerebral artgasm. It works out for me because I’m not scared to think and opine, no matter how ill-informed I am. This ain’t curation, kids, it’s just a fast and dirty roundup of contemporary things, and does not necessarily reflect the multimillion dollar private art collection of yours truly.

Today’s linkdump is brought to you by the words subjective and snarky.

But it before we get into it, here’s something to either put you in a good mood, or become homicidal in my direction, because…

That’s my jam yo. Earworm, much?

🎨 ✏


Here’s an update on the 100 Stone Project, they’re looking for sculptors by the way (Anchorage). Get out of my head, Michelle Shocked!


I have an issue with the fact that grief was listed as a mental illness in this video, and also with the notion that 100 mentally ill people walking into the sea representing isolation. For me, the instant connection is poet Ingrid Jonker who (mentally ill herself) killed herself by doing just that.There’s just one more issue and that is this:


Shakespeare wasn’t wrong when he wrote nothing new under the sun, but, well, that one’s a bit obvious innit? And it’s not as if Anthony Gormley is an unknown either. Dude is global.

Talented Tammy shares paintings and hope. Ahem. Talent is in the eye of the beholden beholder. Apropos of absolutely nothing, Talented Tammy would make a perfectly (in)decent pornstar name, don’t you think?


This County’s Residents Are Displaying Their Portraits to End Mental Illness Stigma. I remain singularly unimpressed on an arty farty level, while genuinely appreciating the courage and purpose of the project.


Living with mental illness  Highly recommended by yours truly – be sure to view the slideshow.



Paul Butterfield Jr

Poet Shira Erlichman Beautifully Destigmatizes Mental Illness

Ode to Lithium #1



How I wear my mental illness (I’ve read reports claiming that bipolar is the most expensive disorder, therefore my mental illness needs to be dressed accordingly. BRB phoning Karl Lagerfeld)

“But was McQueen’s furious embrace – or unconscious denial, perhaps, of his homosexuality? – crucial to his art and self-esteem? There’s no easy answer, and current psychobabble clichés defining mood-swings as ‘Bi-polar’ are so vague they’re meaningless.” Alexander McQueen; Meathead Maverick or Melancholy Martyr? (or as I like to call him, Alex the filthy rich fashion designer)


don’t ask me, I have no idea what that was all about

Motherhood and mental illness in American Horror Story (I am terrified of horror movies etc, reality is horrific enough tyvm)

Fire & Ice – a humorous documentary about making a documentary about mental illness.


The Two-Face Waltz: An Exploration of Bipolar Disorder Through Dance & Film, Kristin Axtell

(I lost the will to live before any movement had taken place. Modern dance can kiss my opinionated ass.)


“About the Book: John E. Wade II, retired CPA, author, investor, television producer, and philanthropist, reveals in his memoir, The Bipolar Millionaire and the Operation, his personal struggle with bipolar disorder and his experience being the focus of an all-encompassing and benevolent entity he calls the Operation.”
John E. Wade II’s memoir The Bipolar Millionaire and the Operation.

(personally, I think it is the shit of bats. Fruitbats. Fruitbats that eat Fruit Loops)


The woman who appeared on Billboard Magazine with a paper bag on her head, Sia Furler – the socially phobic pop star (me like the ditty)


“Well, I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart,
But your blade – it might be too sharp
I’m like a rubber band until you pull too hard,
Yeah, I may snap and I move fast
But you won’t see me fall apart
‘Cause I’ve got an elastic heart”

10 brilliant musicians who’ve battled mental illness
Into Darkness: The Vina Mae Thompson Story
Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos Discuss Bipolar Disorder in PSA
Halsey opens up about being a reluctant role model.
8tracks.com mixes tagged with bipolar
Bipolar Disorder and Music (natural psychology)

She’s got bipolar disorder, her shit’s not in order…

“I’ve been in therapy my whole life,” she tells me. “In my art I explore all the facets of my trauma. There are times when it has come back to bite me in the butt, but I think it’s important to talk about the uncomfortable things.” Mary Lambert: Gay Christian, bipolar singing sensation is on a mission to blow celebrity stereotypes apart. (one word in one song, I’m still waiting for la Lambert to talk more about bipolar)

Kristin Hersh Crooked Paradoxical Undressing (have I told you how much I miss the 90s riotgrrrls?)

Woooord to ya muthah! *faintly embarrassed look and a dejected plane ticket to Caucasia*

(have I told you how much I love hip hop?)



Anxiety is a moon. The moon is white and sometimes yellow, and it’s agitating to have such a bipolar appearance that’s hard to control. The constant nervousness causes the low self-esteem to inflate and erupt into these gargantuan craters that leave behind permanent marks on both the inside and the outside. The fact that the moon is so gigantic and can’t fit anywhere only increases the uneasiness. Sometimes, junk food and dairy products are the perfect solution to relieve stress. Although the moon is supposed to be like cheese, it is unfortunately too far away to slice a piece off and munch the worry away, and so the stress strengthens. The moon can sometimes be like a teenager that compares itself to the other masses in the galaxy and gets sad and tense that it doesn’t have an even complexion, and isn’t as perfectly round as the others are. Every time the moon tries to approach the earth, the earth’s habitants stare at the moon with wide eyes. What insensitive beings, the moon is already insecure enough. (Tiffany Chu)

(I can’t even…)

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26 thoughts on “wherefore art thou?”

  1. OOOHHH, I love American Horror Story. The whole premise of that show is mental disorder as normal because every character every season is either a psychopath, sociopath, cutter, bad mom, bad dad, serial killer, killer clown…Considering the second season of AHS was called Asylum and took place in an asylum complete with abusive nuns…Hmm. That show does celebrate mental issues as a norm rather than exception.
    It’s like one of my family get togethers where everyone is fucked up but they think they’re normal and I’m the weird one.

    I wanna be homicidal clown at the next family get together.


  2. wahaha I’m going to have to google that tiffany chu and listen to all of this in the dead of night when the internet works a little better :D


  3. What struck me the most about this linkdump was that Halsey had bipolar disorder. I love her, from her fashion choices to her hair. I love her and she’s really not afraid to say what’s on her mind and to do whatever the hell she wants. :)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I agree that life is WAY scarier than any horror movie. Even so, I couldn’t resist watching a BBC series called “Afterlife” that’s truly spooky & disturbing and scares the sh*t out of me. I have to watch it during the day with my finger on my Kindle’s pause button and my hand covering part of my eyes. Due to its graphic nature I can’t watch it when the kids are home, but thank God Lucy keeps me company & couldn’t care less about the subject matter!!

    I watched/listened to Shira’s poem. I’m not proud of this, but I’ll admit that I’m not a poetry fan. However, she’s very talented and I was impressed with her turns of phrase. I liked the “wet cat” line in particular.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t even recovered from Silence of the Lambs yet. I’m a very, very, very fussy poetry fan. I think my brain has reached a dead end today… Thank blog for hypomanic scheduled posts.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That two face waltz thing had F all to do with bipolar disorder. Additionally, the description at the beginning was wrong. I think it actually made me want to reach through the video and punch the person who was in front of the camera (and I generally think people are entitled to their opinions).

    The shrimp glockenspiel on the other hand was incredible. It makes my coloured brain so happy. But now I have “badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM” going round being chased by shrimps in a multicoloured forest. Damn I knew I should have taken more drugs in the years before I went crazy…

    And MY GODS YES REVOLUTION GRRRL STYLE NOW PLEASE… *slopes off to find some Bikini Kill to listen to in the background*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m wondering whether she understood the term ‘two faced’ at all. Interpretive dance isn’t always criminal, but that one was beyond dire. I’m glad someone besides me got a kick out of those de, enter shrimp and all. The worrying thing is that it was under the ‘recommended for you’ section of youtube.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha I uploaded some Shakespeare monologues recently (I have this idea that I might at some point one day manage to get an audition and hold down a job beyond writing shit on the internet for free) and all the related videos were weird-assed “exorcising witches” type Westboro-Baptist-Christian oddities, rather than anything to do with drama or theatre. To be fair, of the three monologues, one was Ophelia and the other was First Witch, so I can kinda see where Youtube was going but still…

        Liked by 1 person

                1. Well, it’s better since the extinction of shagpile carpets, but still a grind. As for the plaster, let me know if you find a solution. If we could just invent Demon Away Spray©®™, we’d make a bloody fortune.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. I’ll get Anthony Stewart Head on the phone and find out if he’ll endorse it to appeal to the demon-fighting-librarian crowd. I hear they’re the big spenders in this business because they get all the council funding.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I think I might have lolled my ass right off. We need an infomercial too.

                      Plagued by dark and demonic forces in your plasterwork? Minions of Beelzebub disturbing your sleep with muffled screams of rage in your carpets? Wash splattered demon juice right out of your life; say farewell to fiends and hello to a hell-free house with Demon-Away Spray (patent pending)!!!

                      But wait, there’s more!

                      Eh, I can’t think of any more.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    2. If you order in the next 15 minutes, you get a free fountain pen and inkpot of blood* for signing contracts with the devil, as seen on TV!!!
                      *contract of eternal damnation not included. T&Cs apply. The Demon Stain Remover Corporation cannot be held responsible for loss of soul, speaking in tongues, the British Rail Timetabling and Fares System, or eternal damnation.

                      Liked by 2 people

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