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25 thoughts on “Burns.”

      1. I think she read all of ours. She just says it so eloquently doesn’t she? Love her to pieces-all you guys. We are a band of strong bitches and butches and we’ll fight to the end! *enter awesome LOTR quote here*

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  1. I read her post. Some people are holier than thou and feel entitled to boss other people around and pass judgement on them.

    The personal blog , especially a mental illness focused one, is the one place people should be able to express themselves and not get ” helpful suggestions” about how to make their posts more palatable for sissy readers.

    If they do not like the raw truth then they should not read the blogs of people that have the courage to shed light on the darker truth about mental illness and the darker human conditions .

    Truth is truth. Some people have no where else to turn to really be heard. No one has the right to read it vomlluntarily and then tell the person to sweeten it up.

    Tell them to go suck some bubble gum and then shove it….

    This blogger has as much right to her freedom of speech and expression of her soul as anyone else.
    Hiding the truth about mental illness will not help anyone.

    Thank you for reblogging her post.
    Annie <3

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  2. The bubble gum thing had to do with people wanting things to be artificially sweeter…

    .I guess you caught that but sometimes I don’t know if I make sense….
    But of all people you usually start with the assumption that I mean something that makes sense in my brain….

    I am not always sure what happens between my brain and my mouth but….

    I get comments about ” looking on the bright side” and ” getting a better attitude” on my poetry blog.
    It really annoys me because poetry is an expression of the soul….a purging if you will…
    How the hell can poets write good poetry if we have to worry that our true feelings might be too dark for someone.

    I am not asking for everyone to like it. That is not the point. It is a way of revealing truth. The more people want to cover up truth…the more imprisoned people will become in their own darkness.

    There are plenty of Fluff Blogs to read……

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    1. You do make sense though. Occasionally it happens in a circuitous way, but that is how all human being think – and I think you write your thoughts verbatim. It’s cool.

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  3. I know right….first Annie is not talking at all for weeks…then she is talking toooooo much…..and now she is referring to herself in third person for godsake….!!

    Maybe you accept me anyway. <3

    I am really upset about that poor girl feeling targeted though. I would hate to see her stop blogging and have nowhere to tell people how she feels. It never ends well…..

    I have to just stop because I am upset and feeling righteous indignation and that is the primary emotion thathat will make me keep going….and going…….

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      1. Okay. I will have to turn down my date with Satan to eat pizza and crunchy potato chips then. Although I thought it would have been an improvement on some of the dates I have been on in the past…..

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  4. oh my flying spaghetti monster. I hate a noisy eater. And the other day I sat in numb silence listening to my wife smacking around her food. bleah. fuck me, (please) why did I not notice this when we were courting? I swear, it’s possible grounds for justifiable homicide, or at least a temporary insanity plea. remind me later to say something when I’m not in this luna(r-)/(tic) phase or whatever. I don’t want anything to enhance the impact. I just need to say something, in a pleasant, constructively critical way.


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