12 thoughts on “bipolar symbols”

  1. Who dares to give you only one star?! Get rid of that damn rating thing. Why do people use that? I don’t get it. Love the slideshow and the lines/not curve drawing. Now I’m all stressed about my cortisol production. Thanks!

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  2. I like the graph one for the same reasons you mention … and also because it somehow reminds me of sailboats, and I like sailboats.

    OTOH, the heart-and-brain one is, from a graphics perspective, very nice looking, and I think it might well convey more meaning to the average non-bipolar-having person who knows little or nothing about bipolar, and conveying meaning is important (not that the sailboat-y one doesn’t convey meaning; it just requires that the viewer possess more information up-front about what it’s describing — it’s extremely meaningful for medical/neurological/psychological types and people familiar with BPD, but perhaps less so for those who are unfamiliar).

    Oh, dear. Once again, I demonstrate my complete inability to be unequivocal about anything that isn’t food :)

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    1. Oooh that’d be a great ‘logo’ – converted to resemble a boat more – as well as its meaning, it’d represent the choppy seas we all get assaulted by. As for unequivocal, I tend to argue a position until I argue myself right around to the opposite.

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      1. Ooh! Great point! I never thought of sailing as an analogy for bipolar, but it really is a pretty good one — especially since the sea is huge and fascinating and powerful beyond the scope of human control, rather like bipolar. Hmmmmmm….

        It’s heartening to hear that I’m not the only one who does that with arguments, btw. Sometimes it makes me understand the attraction of fundamentalism!

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