bipolar: Illustrating manic depression

Say hi to Adi Aguilar from the Philippines, he’s an illustrator and he’s illustrated the thing that changed our lives forever – bi-fucking-polar. He’s done it bloody well too, in my fake-humble opinion. I went through the images quite a few times; the first time felt like a checklist – the image titles will show you what I mean. Yes, mhm, yup, yeah… The man whose twitter profile says “fond of bipolar disorder” (weeeird), has the following to say about his Bipolar series.

Many people might think it’s just a simple mood swing but to those who have Bipolar Disorder, it’s a roller coaster ride to heaven and hell. This illustration book is a tribute to all bipolar people and even to those who struggle from depression and mood swings. We might not have a better knowledge about this disorder but I hope we are willing to widen our care and understanding not just to those who are bipolar, but to different people as well.

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I feel anonymously honoured by his tribute.


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8 thoughts on “bipolar: Illustrating manic depression”

  1. It is good that artists, musicians and poets are finding ways to make the internal struggles something that can be experienced through the senses. It is helpful to people with mental illness to see and hear depictions of the invisible suffering.

    Perhaps it breaks the barrier between invisible and something that others can experience with their senses and get a better understanding of that just verbal descriptions from wikipedia.

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