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They say I have a linking problem, I say just one more link (for the road). Who you callin’ lunk?! Another week, another linkdump, and they seem to be getting longer. As usual, the comments in italics are mine.

“Similar to ‘love,’ normal is a term that falls astoundingly short of expressing the wide range of human emotions and experiences.” (Lachlan Nicholson)
This is how real people define normal



When My 8-Year-Old With Bipolar Disorder Asked if He Could Dye His Hair Blue
Dating & single parenting my son living with bipolar
Part I: Parenting Insights for Those Who Have Bipolar Disorder
10 Tips for Supporting Children Through a Spouse’s Mental Illness
Grieving father: Stop jailing people for mental illness (tw: suicide)
What we learned during CNN Parents’ chat on mental health and addiction.
Was it attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder? Obsessive-compulsive disorder? Bipolar disorder? Asperger’s syndrome? Theodosiou says she’ll never know for sure because as Daniel started abusing drugs, he was never sober long enough to really get to the root of the problem.
Mother who lost mentally ill addicted son: The system is ‘broken’
When mental illness affects your family
He is 14 and hears voices. He’s been hospitalized more than 20 times. Stephanie Escamilla is tired of seeing the country focus on the mentally ill only when there’s a national tragedy. So she and her son are telling their story — of a family on the brink.
She had an epiphany. “I thought I hated my son,” she says. “But then I realized it wasn’t him that I hated. It was his bipolar disorder.”
My son is mentally ill so listen up & Video
More than a men’s issue, paternal depression affects us all
Milana’s more pressing fear then was that Mamma, with undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia, would make good on those frequent threats to kill her, her three siblings and their dad. Or that Papa might kill Mamma first. Or that Mamma actually might drink the coffee Milana poisoned.
Author reveals childhood of horror behind suburban facade (tw: abuse)
10 brutal truths about being married to a bipolar person.
Bipolar Mums online community.


Amateur radio helps teen with disabilities
Teens With Chronic Mental Illness Are Less Likely To Finish School And Find Jobs.
Taking charge of your mental health.


Interview with a woman diagnosed with bipolar 1 (2 parts).
Why I Never Disclose My Mental Illness On The First Date.
Ties that Bind – When love is all you need. (Human stories from a Portland shantytown)
Retired CEO reflects on life with bipolar (Charleston)
Black and minority ethnic people are shortchanged by mental health services
Dwight Kiefert, a Republican from Valley City serving in the state House, clarified in an interview Monday that while he leans toward the belief that homosexuality is a mental illness, he is not sure because he is neither a doctor nor a psychiatrist. – What an utter dickhead.
ND legislator calls marriage equality ruling a victory for the mentally ill

This one’s for you, Dwight…

Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Uses Schizophrenia As A Slur, Gets It Wrong. another douche
According to statistics from the South African Federation for Mental Health, 23 South Africans die every day as a result of suicide, the 8th highest suicide rate in the world. In light of Mental Illness Awareness Month in July, it is critical for South Africans to be aware of this tendency in order to seek treatment sooner rather than later. There will be expensive marketing spin, but nothing will change, it breaks my heart.
Mental health must be a priority for South Africa
Psychiatric drugs save lives and promote healing. And water is wet.
The lithium we have on Earth now — part stardust, part primordial dust and part earth dust — is a constituent part of our planet, one that sometimes shapes personalities. The thought occurred to me that maybe my taking lithium prophesied a lithium-dependent future, connecting it to a past when our world was birthed in fiery lithium explosions. Maybe that capsule filled with a salt, the one that allowed me to function, tethered past, present and future together. But then, extravagant prophecies built on the miraculous powers of a prehistoric element reek of mania. (Jaime Lowe, I don’t believe in god but I believe in lithium)
Why Iowa should open the jailhouse doors and release those with mental illness. It’s a crying shame that that statement needs any justification at all.
Psychosis isn’t catching but burnout is a risk for many caring professionals. People are stupid enough to think psychosis is contagious? Where are we, the Middle Ages?
The high cost of being bipolar.
‘Movies can teach so much about psychopathology and psychiatry, including diagnostics, issues of medical ethics, the stigma of mental illness.’ – Anthony Tobia
Shedding Light on Mental Illness Through Movies and Social Media
A psychologist’s perspective on post-traumatic stress disorder.
Is depression a mental or physical illness? Unravelling the inflammation hypothesis.


A letter – to my pre-bipolar self.
Mental illness and weapons. are a dangerous combination.
An endless road to reintegration for mental health patients. (India)
Concerns on Mental health literacy (Malta)
Ethiopia: ‘Socialization Is a Good Sign for Improving Mental Health’


10 Ways to Curb Mania and Hypomania. There were a few that were new to me.

I’d like to see an article addressing the terrors of getting a job in the first place.

Mental illness and work: Dealing with it.
Flexible workplaces help people with disabilities, impairments and mental illness.
Mental Illness in the Workplace.
Virtual training helps vets with PTSD, mentally ill nab more jobs


Hip hop

How Hip-Hop Could Actually Be The Key To Beating Mental Illness. With a baseball bat yo.
University of Cambridge: Hip-hop music can help people experiencing mental health difficulties.
Hip-hop culture is a powerful vehicle for raising awareness about mental health. It is rich with references to psychiatric illnesses that have not been explored, dissected and documented until now.
Hip Hop Psych
Stranded in a Mob: Depression and Rap in 2015 How Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Heems, and Future are destigmatizing mental illness.
Two words: Krizz Kaliko.

This is not mental illness
This section leaves a sour aftertaste.

Hate is not a mental illness. It is an inversion of fear of the unknown other into an illusion of power. That’s a heady cocktail for people who feel powerless. It’s an easy score these days, freely available online.
Hate is not a mental illness
Racism is not a mental illness
Why It’s So Important to Stop Conflating Racism With Mental Illness
There is absolutely no medical or scientific evidence linking mental illness to sexual orientation. Such unfounded personal opinions do no good to members of society who may be combating mental health issues.
It’s not about mental illness: The big lie that always follows mass shootings by white males
While in the 1970s it was believed that there was a connection between mental illness and terrorism, the current dominant belief, purported by Martha Crenshaw and others, is that terrorists are mentally healthy and rational. This dominant belief has recently been challenged by some publications, such as in particular Kamaldeep Bhui’s work on the connection between depression and isolation and radicalization in UK Muslims, as well as a number of other studies that inquire whether suicide bombers could actually be suicidally depressed, for example.
Mental illness and Terrorism

It rhymes with society.

“The blues are because you’re getting fat or maybe it’s been raining too long. You’re sad, that’s all. But the mean reds are horrible. You’re afraid and you sweat like hell, but you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Except something bad is going to happen, only you don’t know what it is. …” — “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Truman Capote

If depression is a “black dog,” Kat Kinsman writes, then anxiety is a feral cat.
Living with anxiety, searching for joy.
Anxiety, you’re not the boss of me

Tl;dr they haven’t solved any problems yet.

What Causes Bipolar Disorder? Aside From Genes, These Are The Things Most Likely To Increase Your Risk
Psychosurgeons burn away mental illness with lasers.
Korean and American Researchers Isolate Genes Triggering Mental Disorders
CHMP Backs Three Generics for Major Mental Illnesses (tl;dr cymbalta, abilify, lyrica)
A Blood Test for Mental Illness in Women?
For women with bipolar disorder, sleep quality affects mood. Sleep quality affects the mood of every human that ever was.
Military women who develop postpartum depression are more likely to be diagnosed later with another mental illness and are at higher risk for considering suicide than those who dodge the condition, according to a new report by the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center.
Study into older people and mental health support.
Mental Healthcare Big Data Warehouse Illuminates Care Trends.
Comorbid anxiety ‘a crucial target’ for treatment in bipolar disorder. Half of us get it.
Genetic Underpinnings of Intermediate Phenotypes in Psychosis

Stigma of the dump
The tl;dr of this entire section can be summed up by saying that people with mental illnesses are treated like shit. It’s not news.


Survey shows up shunning of the mentally ill.
Mental health tags damaging and unhelpful.
This Campaign Is Shattering Stereotypes About People of Color With Mental Illness.
45 Truths People With Bipolar Disorder Wish Others Understood.
8 Misconceptions about Mental Health and Mental Illness.
Crazy talk: The language of mental illness stigma.
My anxiety is only exacerbated by the fact that Muslim and Arab culture does not easily accept mental illness, often chalking it up to some sort of spiritual deficiency. I have been told by well-meaning but, frankly speaking, ignorant Muslims that if I just prayed harder, Allah would remove this trial from my life, or that my sins are the cause of my episodes of depression.
Muslim, bipolar and still unmarried.
Living with a bipolar spouse. Also a Muslim article.
Mental illness discrimination common in New Zealand.
Black Canadians and the fight for mental health awareness.

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35 thoughts on “pour me a link”

  1. GREAT dump! They always are!

    Maybe, if I may be so audacious, my latest post could be in the next dump about my postpartum bipolar disorder/perinatal mood disorder and how it doesn’t get respect. ;)

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Regarding the previous post (I’m too lazy to go over there – pathetic, I know) you had some absolutely hysterical lines (puns) in it. Ahhh, shit. Gotta go there so I can cite them. They were nestled here and there when readers could least expect them amongst the serious stuff. You really outdid yourself, although I know it wasn’t your intention! Like with the other greats, pain brought out the uber-witty in you! ‘)

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Mmm, I think the unicorn got it anyhow. I could compose a post about how Cape Town could be negative for one’s mental health (most remarkably for exactly the same reasons as my blessed burb – the two cities could be mirror images in many respects) and you could link it but I won’t pay you. Said post is still under mental construction.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Still debating whether my reflections will hit a blog post or make a better short story. This city almost writes itself! Don’t worry, you will get my unedited reflections. ;)

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  3. Ha ha ha ha, unicorn is back, almost makes me not wanna comment so it gets smacked.
    Yeah, you link too much, but as long as you don’t link and drive, what’s the problem? ;)

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      1. Ughh, not those idgets. Last time I got a fire breathing dragon so it could light my cigarettes for me and those damn animal rights people were all over me for taking advantage of mythical creatures for slave labor, pfft.

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              1. I’ve decided what one person does to their monkey, (or their unicorn, or their chicken for that matter) in the privacy of their own home, is probably best left as their personal business. If I stick my nose in it (…) I might end up getting egg, or something, on my face (metaphor, really, what WERE you thinking, people?). On the other hand (…) , when one does such things in public, like in front of the kids, or on TV or whatever, I don’t necessarily support that sort of behaviour.


  4. I almost didn’t click on the CEO story but I’m glad that I did – I found it interesting for a couple main reasons.

    The CEO is a woman in her late 70’s. I liked the fact that a woman CEO is profiled – that’s rare. This quote was of particular importance to me as I’ve never heard of this drug before – have you?

    “I take six different medications, but this is the one that keeps me stable. I take Verapamil, a calcium channel blocker. According to my psychiatrist here, there are about 100 people in this country who take this drug for bipolar disorder.”

    I scrolled to the comments section. The 1st one was written by a dweeb named Harold Maio. This scumbag has virtually harassed me in the past. He’s retired, which is too bad since that frees up time for him to find any mental illness-related article that mentions the world “stigma”. Then he flips out about how terribly it is to use the word “stigma” in the comments section.

    Da fool wrote a derogatory comment in a newspaper article written about me. This was back when I founded DBSA Santa Cruz and I started free support groups for moms with bipolar. He trolled on my blog too, and when my husband emailed him (H. posts his email everywhere) and told him never to contact me again, the $%^($ ignored him. (sorry to vent!)

    The second comment was much more coherent & intelligent. The writer discusses how the CEO got premium treatment (she met with a head of state etc.) and how most folks with mental illness don’t get that chance – the writer also brought up how there should have been a medical professional’s take on Verapamil. She wrote more stuff and this is a grossly paraphrased version; you guys might want to check it out! :))))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a local website, wasn’t it? Still good to see someone of that age and gender featured though, I agree. And nope, I’d never heard of verapamil either. I hadn’t read any comments there at all, so I returned… Prince Harry didn’t make much sense to me tbh. He needs to be marked as spam wherever he comments lol. Mother Sun’s comment was good, I agree. Comments on formal articles here are often (usually) just threads of hate speech and invective.

      I then bored myself shitless googling verapamil

      http://www.drugs.com/pro/verapamil.html (basic info)

      I struggled to find recent hard evidence, Natasha Tracy wrote a couple of posts about it btw.

      A couple of quotes:

      Verapamil, which has been used as an alternative to lithium in acute mania produced a greater decrease in heart rate as compared to lithium. The risk of bradycarida occurring in such patients being treated with verapamil should be kept in mind. The baseline electrocardiogram should be done and heart rate should be monitored during the treatment. It is further suggested that other cardiovascular depressant drugs should be ruled out while using verapamil as an anticancer drug.

      (I wish people would say exactly what form of bipolar they have in articles, obviously not everyone reaches acute mania stage).

      ” Another add-on: verapamil has been around for a long time but has received renewed interest as an option during pregancy, and for women at risk of weight gain and metabolic changes from other mood stabilizers; it may only work when added to lithium, though.”

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Dang, friend, a discussion of verapamil could be its own blog post! ;) (hint hint) LOL

        No, really, thanks for this reply as I found it very interesting!

        I wonder how They come up with these crazyass med names. I only mention thais due to my exhausted state…just now I gazed at the word “verapamil” and realized it starts with “vera”, my grandmother’s name and doesn’t it also mean truth?

        As you know, these marketing goblins slip words into drug names or words that sound like other words (Zoloft = loft = lofty = rising up = mood elevation) & of course Wellbutrin (well = more obvious, of course; you’re well if you take our freaking drug!) I bet there’s a paper written on the subconscious effect of drug names! How’s that for a total digression? :)

        Liked by 3 people

          1. I’d rather write about CRUISEVOLTA! C’mon, you know he’s real! ;)

            I just wish I had a photo of CRUISEVOLTA!

            I wish I could use Photoshop or some other high-tech program to merge
            Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s faces together to create one freaky $$$$ visage!

            p.s. I love digressions, I must admit…

            Liked by 1 person

  5. Fabulous links. I especially liked Parenting Insights for Those Who Have Bipolar Disorder, 10 Tips for Supporting Children Through a Spouse’s Mental Illness, and 10 Brutal Truths About Being Married To A Bipolar Person. In fact, I plan to reblog, paraphrase or quote them in the near future.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. “[blah] on the rocks! ain’t no big surprise. / pour me a [link], and I’ll tell you some lies. / nothin’ to lose,/ so you just sing the blues, / all the time.”~Neil Diamond Knowing a song from 1980 doesn’t mean i’m “old,” does it? I wonder how many song writers DIDN’T suffer from periodic depression or Bipolar. I’ll write you the article about Job Terror. Give me a minute. But it’s going to come from personal experience, not “research.” Unless I can find some data.- DM

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Neil Diamond?! What did I ever do to you? *barfs*

      Excellent re the job terror thing, I’m too terrified to even attempt to write that one, I kid ye not.


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