{things unspoken, unsaid, unsent}

I wanted to tell you
. that I was boarding, that I’d landed,
. that I saw two giraffe kick,
. that hyaenas called,
. that my ink answered.

I wanted to show you
. . elephants crossing the river,
. . the bushbuck doe tiptoing to me,
. . impala lilies and bush willows,
. . the tail that I drew on my arm.

I wanted to say
. . . that sunset reminds me
. . . that uMadingeni is always yours,
. . . that always is too,
. . . that silence scars, that loneliness burns.

I wanted to say
. . . . hello,
. . . . howzit,
. . . . hi,
. . . . hi.

I wanted you
. . . . . to be where you always were,
. . . . . pushing me around, laughing
. . . . . when I pushed back,
. . . . . days that were easy (no matter what).

I wanted to say
. . . . . . goodnight,
. . . . . . sleep tight,
. . . . . . that dreams of a different flavour
. . . . . . and iKhwezi Lokusa are yours too.

I wanted to say
. . . . . . .  that there’s a hole in the world,
. . . . . . .  and it’s shaped like you.

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battlescarred, bright, bewildered, bent, blue & bipolar

32 thoughts on “unspoken”

      1. Thanks Marie. I am very excited and the journey will be worth it I am sure. A total of 21 hours flying plus 17 hours on the bus… but to visit our friend Blahpolar will be worth it I’m sure!

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  1. So so powerful. Mama Blah I’m certain is all aglow with pride in her baby Blah. This really knocked the wind right out of me.

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        1. Google can always say it better than I can, and I liked this theory best:

          Originates in Ireland. Donkeys (or “asses” or “jackasses” as they are called in other parts of the world) do not naturally sit down on their rear ends. In fact, it is an extraordinary achievement to get one to do it. “Talking the hind legs off a donkey” is a literal translation of the Gaelic, which actually means “making a donkey sit down on its rear end”. Thus, when a person can talk the hind legs off a donkey, they can talk so much, they can do extraordinary things.

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  2. I love the poetry. I love all the pics, and my favorites are the first star and the firey red sunset that looks like a red ocean.
    Why can’t I sleep? This is as bad as it gets for me. The friggin sun is shining through my window. 6:29 am.
    This is terrible. I have stuff to do today. I am going to be a friggin ZOMBIE.

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