singaporean bipolar & depression quiz show

I’m not going to review this one any further than to say zomg I LOVE it. Feel free to come back and agree or lynch me. Please check it out, regardless of whether or not you’re bipolar. I started the day feeling rather crappy, but more stable. I am now grinning my ass off. If any of you see my ass, I’d quite like it back.*exits stage left followed by a bear*

Ang Yong Guan (psychiatrist):

Body SOS 2 小毛病大問题2 Episode 2 Depression 抑郁症 and 3 Bipolar Disorder 躁郁症. Hear Hong Hui Fang 洪慧芳 talk about her Depression (抑郁症) in Episode 2 and Qian yifeng 权怡凤 speak about her Bipolar Disorder (躁郁症) in Episode 3. She was very frank in sharing her symptoms which allowed me to suspect that she could also be suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder (边缘型人格障碍). She readily agreed. What are the features of Borderline Personality Disorder (边缘型人格障碍)? See the video clip.

Please take note of the Vivaldi.

IMG_6364_hired gun_peter lloyd_as
“psychiatrists are not hired guns”

You might also enjoy the episode about Emotional Bank Accounts (in English). I opened an EBA immediately.

Ang Yong Guan

I love this dude. Please note that the second video really isn’t comic at all – it’s utterly fascinating and really sad. He rhymes in his warm up bit and then gets serious. Here’s his official website and he blogs too. He was in the military, I have zero idea whether that is a good thing, a bad thing, or just a thing. If there are any Singaporeans reading this, I’d really love your take on him. If it turns out he’s really crap, I promise to die of embarrassment on the spot. Or the stripe. Whichever is nearest. If nothing else, I love the fact that it gives us a chance to get an insight into something other than Western developed countries’ psychiatry and zeitgeist.


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16 thoughts on “singaporean bipolar & depression quiz show”

  1. That was really fascinating. Am hoping to go to Singapore one day and it was really interesting to see that (yet again) Eastern Medicine seems to understand the interconnectedness of these things much better than compartmentalized Western “Medicine.”
    But then that’s why I’m currently having acupuncture for bipolar.

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  2. I would love a U.S. version of this show! I could be the host and include some surprise mystery guests, like a $cientologist and a Sasquatch and of course a Unicorn!


  3. I had an odd sense of nostalgia listening to the happy Mandarin voices and faces. Which doesn’t really make sense considering when I lived in China I got really depressed and I didn’t finish my teaching contract cos I had to get the fuck out of there and just go home. Love the video actually xx and amazing how much Mandarin is swimming around in my subconscious :)

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      1. I was there for 7 months, March – October 2004. Yes, culture shock was intense. I think that’s part of the reason I fell into a deep depression.

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