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Meet them
The Lovebirds San Diego’s award-winning lesbian folk/pop band talks about love, life and the healing power of music.
Creed singer, Scott Stapp in recovery and diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Mystic Mickey uses Radio Salford slot to cheer thousands. (Apparently he has “bipolar personality disorder”)
Living & training as a bipolar narcoleptic: getting an accurate diagnosis.
Finding the grey: my life with bipolar disorder.
Woman thinks she has bipolar, almost divorces husband, then finds out it’s menopause. Aka menopausal moron self diagnosed with Dr Google and almost wrecked her life as a result. Let that be a lesson to… Etc.
Do you consider yourself to have a disability : A bipolar worker speaks out.
Joel Sax, Pax Nortona – bipolar blog of the year.
Bipolar shoplifter steals rampant rabbit vibrator. sez the toilet paper tabloid, the daily fail.
Internet dating – not everyone needs to know about my disease.
I’ve got that bipolar feeling

Vicci Gooding and her dog.
Human stem cells as fashion in aid of research into bipolar.

Watch them
Bipolar Marilyn Monroe died as a result of medical negligence.
Discovery Life Channel Commemorates Mental Health Awareness Month with Psych Week.
Hollyoaks spoilers: Cindy has undergone a transformation recently too, having gone from being the out-for-what-she-can-get maneater to a bipolar  sufferer.
Manic + Depressive a short, stop motion video.

Read them
Highlights of the 168th American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting: A Focus on Bipolar Disorder 168 opportunities to say, “thanks for the research grants; still no real improvements in treatment.”
How a Person with Bipolar Thinks (Natasha Tracy) : I like this post a lot, it’s incisive and I think it’s useful for bipolar people and their friends and families.
Children with bipolar: early intervention.
Long way down from manic to depressed.
Healing plants inspire new compounds for psychiatric drugs.
How to date a man with bipolar disorder.
Why bipolar disorder is often misdiagnosed.
What tools do you use to manage bipolar disorder? Feedback wanted on IBF blog.

I want to show you something I’ve talked about before in my country. South Africa generally has unemployment figures amounting to 35-40% of the population, I could go on listing distressing stats, but basically all I need to do is give you some context for the article, in terms of how many people are failing to get adequate help from the state.

Dying for drugs: Dire shortages of medicines at public hospitals and clinics are giving rise to fears of increased drug resistance among patients.

I try not to share too much bad news in these linkdumps, because the mainstream media is too full of it already and much of it is slanted, but South Africa Is my home. I love this country, I don’t want things like this to happen here. Meds shortages affect me, in that I have to go without stuff in my meagre budget, so I can pay around a quarter of my income every month for meds and psychiatry – but I am still a gazillion times better off than the majority of the population. And really, no matter how seriously you and I take bipolar, the crux of the matter here is that people like the 400,000 new cases of TB every year, are not getting treatment for a terminal condition.

The Stop Stockouts Project has far more detailed information.

Public healthcare in South Africa is vital and it’s more than laughable – it’s tragic.

Ode to Sadness (Pablo Neruda)

Sadness, scarab
with seven crippled feet,
spiderweb egg,
scramble-brained rat,
bitch’s skeleton:
No entry here.
Don’t come in.
Go away.
Go back
south with your umbrella,
go back
north with your serpent’s teeth.
A poet lives here.
No sadness may
cross this threshold.
Through these windows
comes the breath of the world,
fresh red roses,
flags embroidered with
the victories of the people.
No entry.
your bat’s wings,
I will trample the feathers
that fall from your mantle,
I will sweep the bits and pieces
of your carcass to
the four corners of the wind,
I will wring your neck,
I will stitch your eyelids shut,
I will sew your shroud,
sadness, and bury your rodent bones
beneath the springtime of an apple tree.

Wasn’t that the sweetest song about fear you ever heard?


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14 thoughts on “taking a linkdump”

  1. I know it is cold comfort, but drug shortages are not unique to South Africa. See: http://www.canadadrugshortage.com/ The motivation of pharmaceutical companies and the ineptitude of governments are major factors. Here in Canada the federal government has downloaded responsibility for the delivery of health services on the provinces while systematically cutting back funding. It makes access to services and funding vary widely. We are also the only country with a Medicare system that does not extend any coverage to drugs, psychological or basic dental services. If you are on welfare or have employee benefits you have some coverage. The self-employed, unemployed and part-time employees are not covered, neither are those, like my daughter, who work for very small businesses.

    We can sit and compare the complete moronic features of our respective governments and enjoy a good stoep rant. Won’t solve a thing, but when one cares about their country, it is important to be constructively angry.

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    1. It always shocks me that Western developed countries have such shitty care. If they do, what hope is there for us? What pisses me right off here is that the populations affected the worst have little hope of a diagnosis, let alone meds. There’s so much poverty and unemployment here, so much awfulness (one outside tap/faucet to supply a whole township etc. It’s bullshit and I am soooo in for the govt #stoeprants. I wish we would get our basic healthcare sorted, too many people die. Okay, I’m saving this for the stoep.

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  2. I read that article about the ” bipolar lady ” , as they referred to her, steeling the vibrator. Are they now going to add “”they like to steel adult toys from the local store” to the list of bipolar stigma? “

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  3. Looove that song and little Seussical dude. For someone who’s so miserable you sure know how to put a smile on a gal’s face. Reminds me of Ally McBeal and her theme song and the creepy ooga chaka baby. I enjoyed the lawyer dude’s Barry White theme song the most.

    I suddenly have the urge to be a cool lawyer and dance to Barry White in a restroom.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You took the words right out of my mente amiga mia and slapped them down; Was thinking the same thing. Not sure why I didn’t just type it. :)


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