Helpful apps for bipolar, depression and other mental illnesses. They’re all on Google Play, but in case you aren’t, I’ve linked directly to the developer’s website where possible, other download sources if not. Please give me a headsup about other good apps. In fact, I’d love to hear what you use anyway. Thanks!


Personal Progress Tracker – app synch with website, you can share the data with your shrink. It tracks mood, meds, exercise… and more. It’ll suit you if you want something in depth.

MoodDiary BETA – this is the Mood tracker I use, simply because anything more complex irritates the pics out of my goldfish style attention span. (no ads)

Mood Mapping  – understand your mood.

There are all sorts of apps like Mood Gym that apparently train the brain and improve life. I don’t have the patience.– bills itself as a game – track moods while competing. Makes my face go like this: (-.-)

CareZone – manage your meds (or your family/a group) and doctor’s instructions on this app.

Remember the milk – manage loads of other crap on your schedule. I downloaded it entirely for the name and the sweet cow face icon.

Mood tools depression aid. 4 components are available singly too. May contain traces of mindfulness. Has guided meditations and is 100% gluten free. Phew. (no ads)

Blue light filter – kinder on the eyes and brain; I only use it at night.

Solar clock: circadian rhythm – syncs the Solar time with your Local time and shows important events based on Circadian rhythm.

There are a lot of apps to assist/define your various cycles. If you want help sleeping, there’s plenty of things like white noise generators. A lot of the various sleep/night related apps could be negated by turning off the electronics and going the fuck to sleep.

Medscape – news, drug info, tools… A serious and seriously good app (and website).

7 cups of tea – one2one online emotional support (free).

Phases of the Moon – since it’s fact that the moon affects the mentally ill, it makes sense to keep an eye on it. This app is fun too.

Green Ribbon doo-dad – the green mental health awareness ribbon on your screen.


Interesting reading: Cellphone therapy: New apps help track and treat mental illness

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13 thoughts on “apped”

  1. Supecool list.
    Good to see “Mood Mapping” there (I have the Kindle version, not the app)

    Dr. Liz Miller, Mood Mapping’s creator/author & Britain’s 1st female neurosurgeon,
    was the only med-free subject in Stephen Fry’s documentary “The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive”.

    Fun fact: Dr. Miller agreed to write the foreword for my other book. I was so freakin’ thrilled.
    Sadly I backed out of that publication deal since the entire book was based on my living med-free & achieving some semblance of stability and you know the story of how I relapsed, yadda yadda yadaa.

    Despite all that, Dr. Miller is an amazing person who has lived for over a decade without meds. During those years she worked part-time as a gp. She’s extremely careful with her lifestyle and she’s not out to convert people to be med-free either..

    Well, maybe for this next book I’ll stalk, I mean bribe, I mean ask Stephen Fry for a blurb!

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  2. This is great. I tried a few in the last but didn’t really feel them. I also had paranoia and didn’t like to sign up for things with my name or email when I wanted to try it out first.

    Later I just couldn’t keep up with putting into in the apps. I’ve never been good at consistency.

    But technology brings us great resources indeed! I use a Yoga App to save money and embarrassment from an actual class. XD


  3. This is interesting. I will have to check some of them out, on my next day off. Many times i am not sure how I feel. I almost always feel depression looming in the background. It comes closer, it engulfs me, then it just kind of hangs out threatening me and making me feel like I have to fight to keep above it.
    Because of the PTSD being worse lately, I cannot tell what is what, really. Anxiety is nearly constant, and gets worse in waves.
    It seems like it has been a while since I was in any hypomanic state. I remember spending the whole night cleaning the house a couple of months ago, but then it was gone by morning.
    About 6 months ago, I was in a hypo manic state that lasted for a week or two. I was very brilliant and had all the answer to the universe figured out. I wish I could be as brilliant as I felt then.
    Maybe these apps would help me after some of the PTSD calms down.
    I don’t know how it would interfere with the mood checking.
    What do you think about the PTSD and anxiety / being confused on the apps ?


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