Scientocracy: A Step Beyond Voting

Help wanted: people to test app.


So yesterday I made a very simple little web application that I call a Scientocracy. It’s not pretty at the moment but I’m in need of testers to make sure that it works. It’s probably only going to be up for a few days if it ends up slowing down my computer because I also need to do work on this computer.

The idea is that you can write anything about your life in the text box, whether you need a new car, you need money, whatever problems you may have and like to be solved. Type as much as you want and my program will analyze what you say and prioritize it. The goal is to make a list that we can send to politicians federally, state-wide, and even locally so we can help get our problems solved.

I heard that only 18% of Americans actually vote, so maybe…

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3 thoughts on “Scientocracy: A Step Beyond Voting”

  1. More money? Better car? Um…I asked for a program to help mentally disabled people find employment within their skill set so they can be independent without fearing their livelihood hinges on their illnesses being “fixed.”

    Maybe I should have gone with the money or car, more liable to happen.

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