A Young Student Athlete’s Depression, Hidden on Social Media

tw suicide.


The day after Madison jumped, Jim walked to the top of the parking garage. He read the phrase, She had wings on. He spoke with Madison’s friends. He compiled clues.

Then he stopped. He could spend his life trying, in vain, to make his child whole again, he thought. Or he could work to keep others from breaking apart.

The Hollerans are trying now to deliver a new message: It’s OK to not be OK. It’s OK to show people you’re not OK.

Kate Fagan, at ESPN, on Madison Holleran, a University of Pennsylvania student who committed suicide in 2014 at the age of 19.

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7 thoughts on “A Young Student Athlete’s Depression, Hidden on Social Media”

  1. Tragic. Read about this suicide from Facebook link. Can identify, for I was an overachieving suicidal college freshman once. But… I sought and received help. Ultimately, I wanted to live and chose life.

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  2. I rarely post publicly on Facebook, but thought this long post deserved it. Will check out the Long Reads blog too, though doubt I’ll often get the time to read them.

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