Why People Get Tattoos

“As people, we are regularly on the edge of an existential panic. Becker said that if you were to see the world realistically; just how vulnerable and totally insignificant you are, in terms of the cosmos, you’d go crazy. So you constantly need stories that build up your self esteem and make you feel significant, which is, of course, what culture provides.”


OK, changing the subject a little: Tattooing has been around for thousands of years, we’re even finding early humans with tattoos. Do you think there is something inherent to human nature that makes us want to tattoo ourselves?
Sure. The cadaver that was found frozen and preserved in the Alps, which I think is about 5,000 years old—he’s in a museum in Italy, you can drop by and say hello—the latest research shows that his body has quite a few tattoos on his skin. They tend to be abstract designs. Based on their locations, it’s been hypothesized that they were there to distract from uncomfortable physical things like arthritis. Or possibly, that they have some kind of magical significance. If you think about it, from a certain point of view, as all of our behavior tends to be very magical in some ways. Imagine that there’s some special power in…

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10 thoughts on “Why People Get Tattoos”

  1. Tattooing was, still is, very significant to identify the hierarchy of a person in their tribe or in confronts with their enemies. Or tell that person’s history regarding their antecessors and their identity. Many reasons to want ink in your skin, some religious others just a trend. For me, it’s not important the reason. I don’t know if it’s that simple “what culture provides” because there is still a lot of stigma about tattooed people.

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  2. A limerick for you:

    Marking your body with ink
    As long as it’s not purple or pink
    For a butch woman hot like you
    Many a ranter, ravers a few
    Who gives a fuck what people fink

    Bonito dia :)

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  3. Normally I like Vice, but this has a really judgmental tone about it – i think the only person deciding if the tattoo is good should be the tattooed person.

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