in the name of princess leia of planet bipolaria

May the fourth be with you.


Here’s a … uhm … tribute?

Dat Klimt …


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26 thoughts on “in the name of princess leia of planet bipolaria”

  1. Ha ha! Making me smile on a day I’d quite like to just jettison myself through the nearest Death Star’s escape hatch…without a spacesuit. That Klimt is weirdly beautiful…cheers for this.

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      1. Hmm, so the Klimt nagged at you eh? I fink that’s a Freudian slip. What you fink Jung lady? Parapraxis anyone? Yes please – wif jam and black peppah on the side.

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      2. Cheers. I know we can’t avoid death and taxes, but must US taxes be so horrible? As in, “Open the airlock, Chewie, I’m outta here”, kind of horrible? I was already round the twist…then I found an even twistier bit of the pre-existing twist. If you know what I mean. Which, I kinda of hope you don’t.

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        1. No idea about American taxes… Actually I’ve got eff all ideas about any of them. Death and taxes / death to taxes. It’s been a long day, sorry if I’m making less sense than usual. Everything else you said reminded me of pretzels.


  2. Love these.

    I really needed to see something this mega-awesome at 6:30 AM after barely sleeping and then “dealing” with a giant spider in the bathroom. Good morning…not! The spider was the biggest one I’ve ever seen. (I fear spiders. A lot.) I’m just glad the girls were sleeping & missed out.
    Wish I had a light saber with me!

    Thank you for the warm meme fuzzies! :))))))))))))))

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  3. I love Carrie Fisher so! As someone who had ECT totally save her life not once (after my Dad died) but twice (after I relapsed off meds) it ROCKS to have Princess Leia behind me. Fuck the ECT haters!

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  4. I can’t even blame PMS or perimenopause for that outburst….sorry!
    Earlier today I read a now-former-Facebook “friend”‘s put-down of ECT, and that really pissed me off. Thank God I can distance myself from her permanently.

    Swinging a bit on ye olde mood swing today! On the brighter side, I did see a really cool photo of a couch that looks like Chewbacca – have you seen it? If not i can look for the link. Xo

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    1. Being off fb is definitely good for me, but it does mean I miss the cool memes. Sick of people’s ignorance and outspokenness about psych stuff. As if having been sad once or something, makes them an expert on bloody everything.

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      1. Well, on second thought I bet one of the kids would throw up on it (or I might….) or Lucy might want to mark it, come to think of it – and then the hamsters would frolic in it when they inevitably escape again…..and any or all of that would be NAAAAAAASTY! ;)

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  5. Princess Leia, as she is often called, is in fact a beautiful British actress. Ik saw her once of twice in another movie.

    There is no such thing as Princess Leia. Luckily we always have the big unicorn in the sky. :D


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