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Bless me bloggers for I have linked; it has been 11 days since my last linkdump … blahblahfuckthepopeblah en so aan und so weiter etc. And today’s soundtrack is all Krizz Kaliko, who is bipolar; there’s an interview somewhere down there too. I’ve spammed you guys with his song about bipolar a lot, frequently, often – but now you’re getting spammed harder. I looove this guy. Before we get all neurobiological and philosophical, and by way of introduction …

Mental Illness NOS

Digital Dog Research, under the auspices of the Black Dog Institute, which does R&D relating to mental illness and suicide prevention. Although a fair bit of it is specifically for use by Australians, it’s well worth a look wherever you are.

Thanks to RoughGhosts for this fascinating one … Madness and Meaning (Paris Review) Depictions of insanity throughout history. “Modern psychiatry seems determined to rob madness of its meanings, insisting that its depredations can be reduced to biology and nothing but biology. One must doubt it. The social and cultural dimensions of mental disorders, so indispensable a part of the story of madness and civilization over the centuries, are unlikely to melt away, or to prove no more than an epiphenomenal feature of so universal a feature of human existence. Madness indeed has its meanings, elusive and evanescent as our attempts to capture them have been.”


For those who have dwelt in depression’s dark wood…their return from the abyss is not unlike the ascent of the poet, trudging upward and upward out of hell’s black depths and at last emerging into what he saw as “the shining world.”

—William Styron, Darkness Visible

‘My life feels bleak, but should I dig up a painful past with counselling?’ – answered by an agony aunt called Virginia and some of her readers.
Depression affects children too.
Australia: When your bloke needs to ask for help“Admitting you need help is not weak, it’s brave. Far too many people suffer in silence and it’s time everybody stood up and helped each other.”
Facebook can both improve and worsen symptoms.


BipolArt & so forth

Film: The Chest is a dramatic short about three dysfunctional siblings battling over their father’s possessions after his death. Elias plays Oliver, whose manic depression is worsened by his egotistical brother’s taunts.
Theatre: Next to Normal – Chicago: Elgin Summer Theatre Auditions – May 18-20, 2015
Music: Mary Lambert and a New Generation of Musicians – erasing the stigma of mental illness.
Music: Passion Pit’s Michael Angelak “I was really pretty lost.”
Memoir: See Saw by Yasaman ZadehIt imparts a simple, yet profound, message regarding bipolar disorder: bipolar disorder is real and painful, but there is a way to live with it and control it so that it does not overtake your life.
Textbook: Aysegul Yildiz and Pedro Ruiz, “The Bipolar Book: History, Neurobiology, and Treatment”

lrg_p19jojgulvsehc6m1umhl9e15du91429976187Bipolar NOS
USA: Katie’s Story“Her cellphone was making odd noises and her radio was talking to her, addressing her by a whispered name. A high-pitched sound sometimes pierced her right ear. She heard Italian music and voices in her head. After dreaming her mother was about to die, she rushed to warn her. In another dream, a voice told her she was Jesus.” Part 1 of 3.
USA: Weld County couple rides the bipolar roller coaster
“Rebecca remembers lying in bed, crying and saying “please” over and over again while in the throws of the depressive phase of her bipolar disorder.”
Throws. Not throes?
South Africa: How I learned to love life with bipolar disorder
“My confession is this: I have bipolar. Two and a half years ago, at the age of 29, I was hospitalised while in the throes of what is known as a manic episode. It was my first, and will hopefully be my last.”
Throes. Lekker my bru.
Micronesia: Mindful Musings – coping with bipolar disorder.
“I am a normally fast talker but in this current state I can talk so fast it’ll make your head spin and spin, you’ll think your head might actually spin right off your neck.”
USA Call Me Crazy – Quaker Valley grad has unusual approach to bipolar disorder awareness.
UK Bipolar Disorder – a young person a story.
Australia Bipolar bears less of a stigma for Peter (I wonder how he rates polar bears).
Canada: Death spurs mental health project (Saskatoon)
USA: Living hippie, oops I mean healthy with bipolar disorder – actually it’s a sensible bit of writing, I just couldn’t (and by that I mean didn’t want to) resist the cheap jokes. Cuz cheap is how I feel. Um. That’s not true either, the song title just crawled unbidden from the memory palace.


d12377b9fda8db0768d0fc3395cd59c0Everything is (still) Bipolar
Self Care Warfare – stop saying that about the weather.
Bank of Canada Governor Poloz – is downright bipolar.
Alex Olson Pro Spotlight“Since Jay Adams officially set the mold, skateboarders have been a flock of bipolar misfits. They have been the weird kids, the fuck-ups, the awkward …”
Illustrator Maira Kalman on democracy and happiness.
Statoil doesn’t want to be bipolar. (I don’t want to be bopolar either.)
Why a Bipolar World Seems Inevitable (They mean the USA vs China.)
Most Bipolar ft Polaris (house/emd).

What the actual fuck?
Nigeria: Ada’s gang-rape hoax : A case of bipolar disorder? This one is wrong on so many levels, it’s tough to know where to start. The supportive paragraphs at the end really don’t compensate for all the shit spewed before them. Kill it with fire.
USA: Another family tells the police that their suspect is bipolar, only for the police to shoot him anyway. And then the cop doesn’t get indicted. This seems to happen seriously frequently in the land of the free. The UK chucks their loonies out on to the streets, America shoots ’em. You first worlders will reach the ‘uncivilised’ levels of my own country if things keep going the way they are. I’m not having a go at you, I’m dissing your last 50 years worth of governments.

Apocalypse 2:Humanity: 0

Roll credits … and here’s a song for us all.


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31 thoughts on “don’t think, link”

  1. My child, for penance take a moment for my personal favourite cover of Manic Depression (not the best recording but all I could find) by Kings X. This came out a year or so before my manic psychosis. I must have listened to this band’s version 100 times after I was thus labelled.

    Some interesting stuff here, but I can only cope with a few links at a time before I start to feel overwhelmed.

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  2. Great links, I’ll check out Krizz!

    I bought Lynn Hodges’ book “Living with Bipolar Disorder” (she’s the one in the USA/Healthy Living With Bipolar Disorder link) years ago & it was a decent read.

    The “USA Call Me Crazy – Quaker Valley” link didn’t work for me. :(

    Finally, and most importantly, what’s this about a week of no Blah in June????
    Did you already write about this somewhere (I’m sure you did) and I had my head in the clouds????

    I don’t think I can handle that long of a break!!!!!
    Whine whine whine howlllllllllll!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahhhhhhhhh – the mystery is solved! I hope kbailey374 sees this as she was curious as well. I’m a Jew (technically) so I will worry about you for the rest of my life, as that’s what Jews do. And yeah, I was away for 2 weeks and you know how much that sucked and threw me off!!!!! Never again. I had blahpolar withdrawal as bad as any bp med, I tell ya!

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        1. TWO WEEKS, homeslice, TWO! I’ve heard that you mentally ill folks can’t understand math, so I will help you. Two weeks is double, that is to say multiplied by two and well, basically shush, you’ll still owe me a week after I get back.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Hey, you’re writing to someone who forgot the sequence of the letters of the alphabet!

            p.s. Craig has a new name; if he writes another book he shall use it.

            “Gwill of the House of Fëanor”

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          2. p.s. Lucy is now “Elinoic, Queen under the Mountain” – I could use that Middle-Earth Name generator all day long, my Precious! fuck the laundry & dirty dishes and essential stuff!


    1. I am confused and I also can’t make this not reply to Dyane (not that I have anything against Dyane)

      Yeah you didn’t write about June, was that a test to see who reads your posts?

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      1. Ha ha – I know you don’t have anything against me! You and I have passed the test, kbailey374, I think! ;) Hopefully our friend here will enlighten us soon……

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                1. I changed my name 7463 times to get that. My own method is: quenya or sindarin translations for elves, anglo saxon one for human, for hobbits, just say a whole lot of English garden style words in a Dorset accent and for orcs, simply burp incessantly.

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        1. Ok, now I can’t make it not reply to the unicorn. Dur-RAT! Blah what have you done to us? Or should I say don’t to us? (and killing me would not be the worst thing some days! Pardon me for saying so!)

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  3. You are an amazingly prolific reader :)
    I really should read a book once in a while… (listens to Blahpolar shudder at the Not Reading Books thing)
    No, really I think I used to read them…I do not always remember my past about everything. I did graduate from college so I must have had to read.
    I am going to read something, because you inspired me.
    I will look through the link dumps and pick something, unless you decide to pick something for me.

    I will let you know when I finish a whole book and we will have a blahpoloparty…and give Annie a lollipop or a sticker or something.

    Just trying to avoid sleep now. with a silly notion that if i do not sleep.. then i will not wake up and have to deal with my anxiety about tomorrow. ..but something is telling me that my logic is a bit fucked up.

    Maybe…could be…sleep or no sleep. .tomorrow will come. ..ok that thought made it worse…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesssss I will think up a silly award name for when you’ve achieved your goal. Yey. I don’t care who reads books and who doesn’t, as long as I can read as many as possible. Haven’t touched one in at least a month at this point btw. I’m too bookpolar to read at the moment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am not sure why I do not read books anymore. There is some kind of mental block. I will have to think about it.
        But yes, I am going to get one of those things….
        a book.
        No, really, I have hundreds of books here. But I want to read one of the ones from your link dumps and then we will make a badge….can you imagine if i posted that on my blog?
        “I read a book” badge LOL
        That would do wonders to make my blog credible. LOL
        Hugs and smooches,

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Aha aa OK I can choose you something. Either Too Bright To Hear Too Loud To See, by Juliann Grey, or Madness by Mary Hornbacher, or All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews.


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