a-z challenge: q

Uninspired again – here’s some qrap for you. Beep beep boop.

Quokka - cute overload & a nonstop smile.
[caption]Quokka – cute overload & a nonstop smile.

Noise is okay, I see people so rarely, that I talk nonstop when I do. But most of the time …

shhh-librarianShhhh Q is for quiet … The older I get, the more quiet I want. I can easily spend days alone, not even listening to music. When I do play music, eardrums do not burst; this from the brat with a poster saying, ‘if it’s too loud, you’re too old’ on her wall, once upon a long ago. It’s a natural progression as far as I can tell, one minute you’re whizzing from club to gig to rave to festival; the next you’re sitting listening to birdcalls and nattering to your dog. I love quiet almost as much as I love silence.

Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA)


Some people/organisations define the Q in LGBTQ as ‘questioning’. Some saunter paste that with barely a glance, and proceed to keep it way, way sexier.

“Queer is an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities that are not heterosexual or cisgender. Originally meaning strange or peculiar, queer came to be deployed pejoratively against those with same-sex desires or relationships in the late-19th century.” (Wiki)

Oh LOL, Suzi Quatro … “in the underpass / I wanna feel your ass” Perhaps not the most profound lyrics ever (especially as most of it consists of its title and some beeps), but it’s a sweet old fashioned chuckle and Ms Quatro was always easy on the eye. BRB looking for an underpAss.

Questions, I likes ’em. You guys know it, because I leap upon memes containing questions with all the alacrity of a shark on blood. I like answering questions and I like asking them too.

Queen – and Mister Mercury will always be missed.

Quentin Tarantino – need I say more?

Quiver Tree (Kokerboom, Aloe dichotoma)
Quiver Tree (Kokeboom, Aloe dichotoma)

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30 thoughts on “a-z challenge: q”

  1. You likey questions? Will Geico insure my pegacorn? Will I need a special license for it since it flies? What’s the deal on pegacorn parking? What if my mental illness is contagious, do they make anti depressants for pegacorns?
    Can I go to prison for slapping people with fish?
    Is smacking a unicorn a crime against man or a crime against mythology? Or is it euphamism for some bizarre sex act?
    Enquiring minds wanna know!

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  2. Fuck unicorns. Not literally, and not with corn either, both results are…oh god why am I picturing this now?!

    Oddly enough I find I have the same “talk rarely but verbose vomit” issue, at least around dates, maybe I’m a lesbian too I don’t know, I used to do that joke before it was mainstream.

    Have you seen the new filmumentary about Mercury’s life? “The Great Pretender”? Not very 3G friendly, but insightful.

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    1. Lol bas … I’ve missed you. Pls check msges and mail me the lastest you-know-what? Thankies. I haven’t seen the Mercury thing; my wifi connection is decent at last…


  3. Love the perma-smile animal. The Quotsa song is sad and romantic – lovely. Tarantino’s talent is tantalizing. Who doesn’t love a nice ass in an underpass? And why do they call it a “quiver tree” ?

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    1. Forgot to answer this and remembered it while looking at other trees. Its branches are somewhat cylindrical, and the San people (who you may or may not know as bushmen) used to hollow them out to make quivers. Either that, or the trees are constantly terrified …


  4. LOVE quiet.

    Guess I will have to start a blog post so I can hear the boop sound (I always have the sound off – yes I prefer the quiet)
    Star wars was a QT movie?
    “Don’t stop me now” – I thought it was gonna be another song (different song title) but I can’t find it, oh woe is me! Do you remember a pop-ish song with “Don’t stop me now” being repeated thru the song? I searched the web and the web failed me :(

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  5. Question Blathority! Lookee at these comments – some of them are almost as good as your own writing, jeez Louise!

    Has anyone else asked yet about the mystery woman “TINA” and if she has read these A-Z posts?
    Did I miss something obvious? (I probably did!)

    p.s. I can ONLY write if it’s 100% quiet. I love quiet!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Loads of ’em are loads better :)

      Erm. This year’s challenge is dedicated to Tina, who died. There’s more info on the challenge website, but I haven’t read it.

      Now now, don’t get all flustered about it or I’ll topple your teapot.

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