a-z challenge: f

Without further ado, I pick Faith47. I’m lazily and wisely letting the art speak for itself on this one. She has done utterly amazing work in poverty stricken zones like Khayelitsha, as well as more standard street art spaces worldfreakinwide. She only ever produces seriously wonderful stuff. Yassss I are a shameless fan. If you find her official website a little sparse, there are other flavours to try.




She’s on FaithBook
Street Art Utopia (fabulous selection of her work)



And so on. She’s from Cape Town, but she’s a global megastar as far as graffiti/street art is concerned. Google will get you a metric fucktonne of interviews, articles, exhibitions and so on. Her work speaks for itself though. In a way, this is a silly post, because actually all I need to say is Faith47 and point to google (or maybe even a street or gallery near you) and hopefully she’ll delight you as much as she does me. Not that she does me. Okayyy so – talented and intelligent and good looking; one would think that was enough bounty, but no. Follow me, this requires a new paragraph.



Let me introduce you to her husband, DALeast


… and their son Cashril+


Ikr? It’s totally cool, street art royalty of South Africa and beyond – please feel free to own all the ups and props and talent.

Please note that although I’ve used street imagery in this post, there is a whole lot more … art, illustration, comics …

To induce hypomania, all I need to do is get excited about art, lit, music, film. Simples.


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14 thoughts on “a-z challenge: f”

  1. Reblogged this on Dear Billy…. and commented:
    Had to reblog this because this is just an awesome discovery! Sometimes I feel ashamed at knowing so little, but sometimes I am happy to know so little, because I discover something like this and it blows my mind.


      1. Honestly, when I looked at those magnificent creations, it made me think of how well my father played violin – both the art and music are genius-caliber, ya know? Xo

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