Group Torture

I really love this post. It made me think and wince and even LOL for real. You should read it. Srsly.

Mocking Bird Down


When I was in rehab, I detested group therapy. Partly because I have never been good at listening to other people talk about pain when it is so ‘obvious’ what that person could or should have done – and then those that simply like the attention so the waterworks come on instantly…  and also because somewhere in my own self destructive march towards hell, I forgot how to be kind.

There are two people that I remember vividly – and for different reasons. One was a real victim, and the other was a douche bag that was only there because he would lose his inheritance if he didn’t. The real victim was an older woman who had attempted suicide by drinking a bottle of jays fluid, and I think she swallowed a whole lot of pills. Her son found her… and when he told his father, he finished his gold…

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4 thoughts on “Group Torture”

  1. I hated group therapy in the bins. I’d rather have root canal. Or an all-day mammogram! Yep.
    While I always want to read whatever you share (***especially*** when you say it’s worthwhile and made you even LOL for real!), I might pass on this one, & hope you understand. I don’t want any reminders. I’ll always be traumatized from the seven times I had to go to the hospital.

    BUT….I love my new women’s support/social group I created!

    Huge difference! Night & day!

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