a bipola-rage linkdump

I collect relevant links over a week or so, and the moronic and annoying ones are always the majority by a mile. As an exercise in … something or other, this time I’d like to show you what really gets up my nose. Without showing you my nose. Don’t read the rage category if you’re feeling shitty, it’ll only make you feel worse. In fact, just don’t click any links. I like a good rant, it’s very therapeutic.

Ah humanity … (I will do a totally cheerful one next time; now there’s a challenge and a half.)



Jonathan Malkin: man tells world how depressed and bipolar people are ideally qualified to succeed in business entrepreneurship. Man fails to tell world his exact diagnosis and the severity of his illness. blahpolar is mildly irritated and links it purely to be passive aggressive about its inadequacy and generalisations. One wonders if man has psychopathic traits as well.

Why am I talking like Tarzan or a racist spaghetti western version of an American Indian?

Treatments more complicated for people with multiple mental health illnesses (video)
And in other breaking news: water is wet.

Yet another shitwitted description of bipolar weather. Need I say more? Thought not.

Bipolar solicitor lost €242k in a ‘classic scam’ no need to mention his bipolarity at all. The cause of it was stupidity. Who the fuck hands over any cash at all to people from a country hugely notorious for 419 scams, without doing all the research in the universe first? Has he been living under a rock in a desert?



Fux News fux up again, by panic mongering about Stevens Johnson Syndrome being a side effect if Lamotrigine (Lamictal), without a) giving the info that it’s also a rare side effect of ibuprofen, some antibiotics and so on, and b) spelling it correctly. The fault lies with whoever prescribed the meds for not saying in the incredibly unlikely event of your developing SJS, you will very quickly get blisters in places like your mouth and eyes. If this happens, get to ER asap. That’s how my psychiatrist put it anyway – no GP has ever mentioned it, however. It is also wise to habitually research the meds you are taking. FFS.

Home remedies for bipolar disorder – not only are they irresponsible enough to make no mention of consulting an MD, they claim that bipolar can be cured by herbs. There isn’t even any evidence of herbs fuckingwell alleviating bipolar. People like that … eh, I’ve done this rant many times already.



There are no words strong enough to express just how unjust, abhorrent, racist and heartbreaking this is. This is nothing like the heartrendingly frequent reports of suicide by cop. This is evil. The family released a video of it. Don’t watch it.

Dallas police shot a mentally ill black man on his doorstep because he was holding a small screwdriver, a newly released video shows.

‘Aggressive’ East Surrey Hospital nurse struck off for bullying bipolar patient once again, I have no words. Okay there’s one. Bitch.

And remember – bipolar is never awesome, and only bipolar people get to make bipolar jokes.



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19 thoughts on “a bipola-rage linkdump”

      1. Blah can I talk to you about something? I have been missing because I got into a car accident and sustained a brain injury. Now I’m having psychotic episodes. Just a few minutes per day randomly. And in trying to find a doctor, no one will take me seriously. Even my dad, a physician, thinks it’s “because I’m bipolar.” This is such a slap in the face to me. I’m literally seeing my pets turning into Dr Seuss characters and having word salad at the bank teller… and NO ONE will take me seriously. I KNOW that something happened to my brain during the accident because I am not the same but no one is listening!!! Help! Also I hope you are well I have not read any blogs


        1. NO LIKE! have you gone to the ER? You need to have a CT asap! If it is your bipolar it is – but you need this ruled out. Poor you :( I miss reading you, in fact, I mentioned you in a roundabout way in one of my blogs recently. Take good care of you!!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Aw thank you! I will catch up on yours for sure! I will catch up on all my :): bloggers hopefully tomorrow. I have been starting a new job and trying to act like my brain hasnt been exploding on me. I went to the ER after the accident but they just did light in pupils, I was a little confused but hadn’t had psychosis yet. They determined that I had had a brain injury but not a concussion but did not do a CT scan.

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            1. Hope you will go back to the ER, just tell them you need to rule out a traumatic brain injury. Write down your symptoms before hand so you won’t forget (maybe just print off what you wrote to Blah. Your sweetie can probably help you add to the list). Don’t let them deny you :( Take a tough friend w/ you if you need to. I have a friend who walked into an iron pipe 3 months ago and still going through post-concussion symptoms, she had to stop working (not to scare you) and have PT and OT, she is just now about ready to go back to work.

              Here’s the post where I sort of mentioned you :)


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        2. Hello mate so sorry to hear the bad news – roughghosts (he comments on my blog often) would be a v good person to chat to and he won’t mind at all. I agree with K about going to the ER as soon as you can and ffs please be careful you don’t get any knocks etc when you’re around the horses.

          And please keep me updated when you can.

          Very gentle hugs and love for you.


  1. Omg. That wolf. Yes.

    Yesterday my friend said to me “ugh! I have been thinking about texting this guy, and then I don’t want to text him and then I do!…. Im being so bipolar.”

    I was just like :| She didn’t appreciate my “Sounds more like your an idiot” joke…..infact, not sure she got it. Ho hum, the difficulties of having Aspergers and no filter ;)

    Whilst I am on the bipolar “scale” I don’t have an official diagnosis of type I or II yet. Still waiting for more assessments (laaaaaaame) However, some of these articles are unacceptable.

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  2. I saw the screwdriver thing and got sick. I could have talked that guy down and I had no gun, mace, or pepper spray. What the hell!!!!????
    Nothing against racial/ police troubles, but what about mental illness/police issues? Why are we not on the news every night? Why does no one march for us?

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  3. That wolf is my spirit animal. Even if these topics are rage worthy, it’s important to be aware of just how much we have to go as a society in regards to mental health.

    The other day someone randomly said: “you’re being so bipolar” and I’m like “congratulations fuck wit — you guessed right. Here is a poisoned cookie as a reward.”

    Didn’t have a cookie so I handed them a rock.

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  4. When I clicked the home remedies link, it went to “20 Animals You Didn’t Know Existed” (bee-low) Weird


    Then again, maybe it’s good I was unable to locate it, because if I found out the name of the “home remedies for bp” contact info/ author, then I just *might* have stooped to dropping some very angry, potty-mouth-infused comments.

    That’s how this Teapot rolls sometimes – especially if the dumbass is stupid enough to leave out the “consult with your doctor” part! ;)

    On a happier note, I ADORE the wolf meme you created. I’d wear a t-shirt with it emblazoned upon it, or carry around a coffee cup with it as logo in a heartbeat.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaahahahaha …. I wonder if that was one of the links a friend gave me and I forgot what link was on my clipboard … strange link, a few of those were a bit disturbingly euw.

      And here is the correct link:


      I’m glad you pointed it out lol.

      And now my brain is going – well, a teapot has some rolling potential, most of them are rather round, but then the whole roly poly process would be sadly thwarted by the inherent handbrakes of handle and spout.

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