New Frontiers in Depression Treatment Research

This is a very cool video indeed; looking at depression and bipolar from psychiatric and neurobiological angles, we find out what new research is happening. New drugs, new approaches and in terms of electricity – a possible pacemaker sort of thing.

Out of a Great Need

Here is another great Brain Waves interview from IMHRO.  If you would like to participate with a question, you may do so at this link .

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13 thoughts on “New Frontiers in Depression Treatment Research”

  1. I’ve actually heard of this pacemaker type thing before. I’d need more hard data on the pros and cons but…If I could have a normal ish life…I’d do it in a heartbeat. And if the behavior remained the same, then I’d finally know I’m just a lousy person.It would be proactive at least.

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      1. LOL. Treatment resistant sounds about right from the pharma point. I’ve made great strides in personal change. It’s just unfortunate that mental illness doesn’t care if you want to be a shiny happy people, it just makes you a miserable dysfunctional trainwreck.

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