this is not about you.

I repeat; this is not about you. You know I love you! This is gleaned from 15 years of blogging and reading other people’s blogs, is entirely subjective and mostly bad tempered. You’re welcome.


So and so liked your post before they had time to read the first paragraph.
Roll eyes and mutter quietly.
So and so clicked like solely to lure you to their blog without having to interact.
Hard to spot, easily ignored.
So and so liked your comment, but can’t be arsed to reply.
Comment to get comments and to get the balls of connections and conversations rolling. Oo-er!
So and so sits like a bullfrog on their blog, catching comments like flies, but never returning visits or comments.
That’s bad manners and arrogance; unless the content is seriously good, eventually it gets a big fat unfollow.
So and so followed your blog and when you visit theirs, you see they have 10k followers and fuckall posts. They’re lazily and insubstantially harvesting followers, that’s all. (However! If they have zero posts, they may very well just be here to read.)
Fuck that, I follow blogs where there’s great content and common interests. It’s the difference between steak and a big mac.
So and so arsecreeps for no apparent reason.
Hello Dobby, please accept this sock, kthxbye.
So and so copy/pastes the same old spam in as many blogs comments as possible.
Instant ignore mode. No reply unless I feel like releasing some of the grouchiness. It’s easier than shouting at bigots.
So and so doesn’t reply to your carefully thought out comments.
No moar comments for you, mofo
So and so posts 10 identical posts, to get them on to the newsfeed daily, without being intelligent enough to delete some afterwards.
#nofollow and no more visits.
So and so ends every single post with a carefully worded question to attract comments.
It’s irrational of me to be irked by it. I’m not justifying it, just making a confession. I ain’t doin’ penance though.
So and so says “I have a great/acerbic/sarcastic etc sense of humour in their bio and sometimes in posts too.
Please leave other people to compliment you on it; doing it yourself is like laughing at your own jokes.
So and so uses their blog to spew bigoted invective about minority groups.
Troll. Do not feed or engage.



I’m really, truly not aiming any of these at any of you. It’s all about the great unwashed and amorphous them beyond the borders of us. In terms of current irritations, they’re from blogs that show up in various tag newsfeeds, or that I land on randomly.

Bipolar blog specific
So and so arrives on your blatantly pro psychiatry atheist blog and spams you with videos of their journey to Jesus or instructions to stop taking meds and start worshipping smurfs to cure bipolar.
Shoo! And take your irresponsible and potentially damaging anti psychiatry bs with you. Encouraging people to ditch their meds could make them very suicidal indeed. Etc. I will not debate you, you’re an idiot.
So and so self diagnosed bipolar, or declares they are ‘a bit bipolar’ or ‘having a bipolar day’.
Piss off and shut up, respectively.



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51 thoughts on “this is not about you.”

  1. Well apparently I won’t be liking ANY posts any time soon as something’s gone horribly wrong with my like button (it opens an empty popup then dies). But I’m very grateful for this list! I only follow if I think i want to read, and I try not to be resentful when someone has just popped by to attract followers. What I never understood is… who cares about followers? I mean followers who don’t read. It mystifies me. I have changed name to this log that any followers that used to follow would have a hard time following… unless they actually read. And I write for me, and for anybody who might like reading, not for anonymous followers. I just don’t understand the mentality behind someone trying to get a big impressive number of people who won’t read them.
    Your blog is useful, and you are very funny. So there, I’ve said it. Thanks for writing!

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    1. Agreed agreed agreed! And I like your blog very much. And maybe the like button has been assaulted by peevish hacktivists, or committed suicide due to shame, or … yeah … just a little coding fuckup.

      Followers on free blogspaces … idk unless they’re actively selling something … is it an ego thing? Are they getting amazon book tokens every 500 followers?

      The net shifted from ‘content is king’ to ‘connection, community, conversation’ and when conversation means ‘things are interlinked only by actual links’, I lose interest entirely. Those people are very welcome to keep indulging in circular tours of their own colons – I still firmly believe that good content is the thing to aspire to. Regardless of links and SEO formulas, google algorithms still rank good content and mercenary content quite separately.

      So there.

      And thanks very much!


  2. I (LOVE playing devils advocate) am guilty sometimes of using like as a bookmark- generally my third cup of coffee hasn’t kicked in and I can’t concentrate past the first paragraph which I actually liked like LIKE liked not ‘like’ liked.

    It’s strange- I’m a child of the Livejournal generation, it seemed relentless spewing and ‘journaling’ were encouraged, likes weren’t even in the picture and there was no stats page- you could feel like you were stood on a cliff screaming at the seagulls but it was okay because you knew people were out there. I miss that. I miss MSN. I miss humans. I haven’t quite taught the cats to talk yet.

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    1. Do you remember Xanga?

      I’d forgotten about the bookmark factor, thanks for pointing that out – I’m gonna amend the relevant gripe to include that exception.

      I love love love the cliff/seagull analogy.


        1. Lolz…I’ve shifted from total internet whore to sensible and moderate user. Finally! I think it took two decades. I loved twitter, but the speed of it and my own manic tendencies make it a destructive option for me. And then I read an article stating that it could even trigger psychosis – and although mine are fairly benign, I ain’t going looking for them.


  3. Recently I got a spam of likes from one source. An odd source. One entry that made partial sense. Okay. Weird. Moved on.

    The one huge peeve I’ve had since starting this blog is people telling me how to “cure” the bipolar disorder. I’ve been messaged via contact form by all manners of religious people and / or shamans, etc trying to get me to believe in this or that for healing.

    It is VERY harmful. I know better, but some people don’t. I found an entry by someone a while ago. Post sounded suicidal. Someone made a comment about how this or that would heal them and the person was buying it. Some people are desperate enough to believe.

    I do have a religious faith, but I believe in science. My faith helps my soul. The science helps an illness. Telling a patient (any kind) to ditch their treatment is irresponsible. Taking advantage of someone’s desperation to sell them false hope is atrocious.

    They make me want to cook them in a cauldron.

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    1. I’m lolling at the cauldron. Kindly video it. Hehehe …

      My belief system is science and chaos. And the cure thang drives me freaking bananas too. Apart from being nutjob hippy shit on the whole, it’s revoltingly arrogant too.

      Brb buying cauldron.

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      1. Make sure it’s one of those like old fashioned ones which have been used in witch caricatures.

        Isn’t it so revolting? It’s like a slap in the face when someone spits their hippy shit. Like no, son. Go ahead and do your thing. Let me take my meds (that help me not cook you right now.)

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  4. I love your list! And wow, 15 years of blogging? Impressive. You are ALMOST as good as Google ;) Truly, you’re like Encyclopedia Britannica-Livinguh-breathinguh-walkinguh. I’ll try not to be annoying, but I can’t guarantee it ;)

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    1. Rofl I’m sooo not. I’m really good at copy/pasting though! You’re never annoying. Neverrrr. Try harder :P

      Yes … 15 feckin years lol. So many blogs. So many words.

      And tyvm for loving the list.

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  5. This isn’t about me???? I am so not reading your blog anymore! :)

    Actually, I don’t do any of this social media stuff and the like button has always confused me. Now I get it. Way for people to shamelessly self promote and lead you back to their lair. Explains a lot. I get likes but rarely comments. I always assumed it was because no one can be bothered to interact but hey, now I realize…the internet is like junior high.
    I am so glad I don’t care about popularity. Or clicking buttons willy nilly to make myself popular.

    (I do however reserve the right to describe my sense of humor as sarcastic, kinda like a skull and crossbones on a bottle of poison.)
    Nice rant. I dislike the like button even more now. Unless it’s sincerely clicked. Can’t be arsed with insincere fakes trying to sell me their latest mental illness cure of accepting the giant space clam as my personal savior while doing jumping jacks and singing Macarena.
    (That shit is dangerous to mentally ill people.)

    Now I am off to lick some smurfs, snort some sea monkeys, and create a “like” button that determines sincerity and electrocutes anyone who pushes it with impure intentions.
    Or I may just shower.
    I’m lazy.

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    1. I did a post about the like button a little while ago and the general consensus of the commenters, it ought to be changed to a Fonz button. I do click like at times, but I over think it and sometimes wonder if people might comment/converse more if there wasn’t that button….

      I’m looking forward to seeing your new like button. Please never ever show my your tongue or nasal passage.


    1. A cool version or not? I quite like hymns sometimes, despite my atheism. Christian spam just don’t seem right though … mind you, I had some cure bipolar by applying jebus spam recently.


  6. lol. This is like four hundred times worse with makeup blogging. So many “I followed you follow me back?” spam comments.

    The bipolar blogging community gives my blog some class. And you are all class. Some sass.

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          1. hahahaha

            you would enjoy how I’m planning on dropping the c*** bomb on my last manager who is withholding my paycheck

            but the c*** bomb is really a majestic word and she doesn’t deserve it

            (writing c*** because some people have very strong opinions on that word)

            what about lawsuit bomb


  7. Honestly, Blah, I may call you Blah, right, I feel as if we could be on a first name basis by now… Well, anyway, as I was typing… I’m going to have to use this post as advice to myself on how to rein it in, how to focus my blogging efforts. Although, I notice that you comment ALL over the place. I’ve actually started to just “Like” some of my favorite blogs (which you poo-poo here) because I’m a bit overwhelmed at the present. Then again, I know that this is not about me… or, is it?

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    1. It’s definitely not about you, your like are meaningful, not whorish. And of course you can call me blah. And I don’t think there’s anything amiss with your blog activity. So there.

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  8. This *is* about me, isn’t it? Because: 1) A bit paranoid, not so well at the moment, and 2) Apparently I don’t know good internet manners. Does someone following you = not good manners if you don’t follow back?

    Like Kitt, I sometimes “like” without commenting due to feeling a bit overwhelmed at times. Then there’s the times WordPress seems to hate my comments, and throws such a hairy fit that, after several attempts at commenting, I give up.

    Anyway, *no one* online cares about me enough to pray, sing, lead me to Jesus, tell me to grind and then ingest dried unicorn shit, etc. (Nonunicorn) shit!! I was already feeling unloved as it is …

    Btw, that link to the cooking pot? You may or may not be surprised to hear that I’ve seen that sort of pot for sale in many a hippie and/or occult shop.

    And finally…that second troll is very cute.


    1. Well now Sheila North, of course it’s all about you … not. Not even close. Besides, my little rant is certainly not netiquette, it’s just me sounding off as usual. I should have made it clearer in the orig post – I only follow back if I’m inrerested in the blog.

      WordPress might be sending comments into the blogger’s moderation queue, not just eating them up. WordPress can be batshit though.

      I would like to formally invite you to grind up some dried unicorn shit etc etc and be fully cured and so forth.

      One woman’s cauldron is another woman’s cooking pot eh?


      1. Awww…don’t know whether to be relieved, or disappointed.

        Good to know that I’m not the only person who thinks WordPress can be batshit.

        Many thanks for the offer re the unicorn shit. I am now concerned however that this may be against my vegetarian ethics, such as they are. Does mythical creature poo count as meat?

        Anyway, feelin’ the love. Cheers!

        Re cauldron, indeed. I have always admired those pots, but with restraint. They can be quite pricey.

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        1. If we assume that unicorns are herbivores, or even rainbowvores, dessicated mythical poo shouldn’t conflict with your ethics. If they eat dragons and small children, yer fucked.

          If the potjies were lighter I’d post you one. (Potjie simply means little pot.)

          Liked by 1 person

  9. I am both worried, and impressed, by the amount of thought you have put into this.

    I’ll go with rainbowvores. Because it sounds impressive. Also, sparkly.

    Liked by 1 person

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