me me meme

Thanks for the great questions, Bipolar1Blog.

1) Do you like to read and if so what genre?
Yes yes yessss I love reading. I like, in no particular order, speculative and post apocalyptic fiction, biographies, history, cowboy stuff, meta fiction, Scandinavian noir … eh, this genre thing is always problematic for me. I read a lot and I read widely; reading = breathing. End of.

2) What is a/the story you’d like to tell?
I can’t think of anything, I have words and fragments of thoughts, but no stories. Anecdotes, I’ve got those. Hrm … i n t e r e s t i n g . . . *disappears into own navel*

3) What is your history of mental illness?

4) What is a perfect day for you?
Balmy weather, no deadlines, no anxiety.

5) What is the hardest thing you’ve done?
Learned to shift my own wishes into genuine ones for other people, instead of making it all about me. “I wish …” can and should be analysed beyond the simple statement of it. It’s been possibly my most significant lesson learned so far. Well, that and how to fry bacon.

6) Do you have kids?

7) What advice would you give to your younger self and what would you say to your older self if you were sitting next to them?
– go see a psychiatrist immediately.
– wtf are you still doing here?!

8) Do you like to cook?
I’d enjoy it more if my kitchen was bigger than a matchbox, but not to any creative/passionate extent.

9) City or suburbs?
Nooooo. A hermit’s cave for me tyvm.

10) Did you go to college and if so what did you study?


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23 thoughts on “me me meme”

    1. It sounds a whole lot more pretentious than it is (which is totally why I used it) – aka Scandinavian crime fiction :D

      I’ve kinda got a cave, with my little cottage and it’s big quiet view – a hermit’s gotta have net access!

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        1. There are a bunch of ‘hermit’ blogs that I always think are a bit fraudulent. Apart from virtual communication still being communication, one blogger had a wife. Perhaps they didn’t know the word ‘antisocial’ :D


  1. Coincidentally, this pegacorn lives in a hermit cave, too. My kitchen is the size of a toy car, though, so I have a bit more room for nuking, frying, and baking stuff. I think tonight will be a nice smurf and sea monkey casserole with a side of prozac.

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  2. “Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”

    Oscar Wilde

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