let’s unpack a meme

Here is a positive and popular meme and perhaps I am a curmudgeon for dissecting it. I like the meme, so there. What I don’t like are factual and grammatical errors and so I shall blog and bleat about it to appease my needs. Original meme in bold text. I’m only going to fix the most glaring grammatical stuff, otherwise you guys would see how painfully pernickety I am about work. I can lay claim to all but the OCD diagnosis, I’d be grateful if someone would check that out.

Actually, fuck facts, my last linkdump post overloaded my google glands. I’m simply going to give you my very own biased reactions. Feel free to chime in too.

An issue with this sort of thing, methinks, is that what it lists is all universal and I don’t think it helps us get taken seriously. They don’t write lists like people with post nasal drip have well lubricated noses. Ahem. Who cares? Nobody, that’s who.

I just got done reading something about mental disorders, I realized something. Sometimes our worst traits, in reality could be our best. Maybe its* not a demon, maybe its** like a super power. I mean dont*** get me wrong depression sucks. Anxiety sucks. But read some of these facts I learned.
*it’s, **it’s, ***don’t

People diagnosed with Depression:
-Are usually smarter than the average person.
Oh yeah – genius IQ, if that pile of irrelevant shit matters to you. EQ? No idea. Common sense? Lots and none at all, as Bilbo Baggins said. I’m fabulous at all sorts and unbelievably inept at others. Intelligent is a big and diverse planet, methods of measurement tend to be skewed and stupid. On the other hand, if I revert to the time when UK English defined smart as things like well dressed, the answer is ‘sometimes’.
-Have a better perspective of the world
Not sure what this means. Anyone? If it’s referencing observation and empathy, I agree. Perception? Got that in metric fucktonnes.
-See situations more realistically.
Depression is negative by definition, realism’s intent is impartiality. (The glass is neither half empty of half full, it is simply 125ml of fluid in a 250ml capacity glass.) As for me, it ranges (like the rest of the world) from helium happy positive, through neutral attempts at being realistic, to grimly negative.

People diagnosed with ADHD
-Thrive in disruptive situations.
No. I thrive in completely disastrous crises only. Disruptive does my head in.
-3 times more likely to form their own business
No. If freelancing counts – yes. I hate management roles and am absolutely hopeless at them. I’m a damn fine 2iC though.
-embrace adventure.
No. Okay sometimes. I’d rather be peaceful the majority of the time though. So not a full on embrace, but we cuddle from time to time. Obvs that excludes all the adventures in impulsivity that mania brings, but that’s not so much an embrace as a bolting horse.
-Adapt* at multi-tasking.
*Adept. And yes.

People diagnosed with  OCD
-Higher level of determination
-naturally good memory
-Doubly as compelled to learn new things.

People diagnosed with bipolar
– 4x as capable in art.
Capable. Capable? Everyone can do art, a very few are brilliant, more are mediocre or shit. And the only bipolar stat I’ve read lately that involves quadrupling things, is that Americans with bipolar have 4 times the suicide rate of the rest of the country. I have zero idea how art-capability is quantified and measured, but it sounds tedious. Oh yeah. Me. Good writer, no other artistic talent, but have fun doing some anyway.
-intense creativity level
Yes. Either hyper super extra turbo creative, or morose, or asleep.
-increased ability in observing
Yes – but again that’s one extreme or t’other.

People diagnosed with Anxiety
-High levels of empathy and able to understand others pain and joy easier.
Yes – and introversion means that I’m worn out by it rather rapidly and require plenty of solitude. 
-understand things on deeper level.
Sounds like the previous one.
-doubly strong levels of intuition accuracy
Also sounds like the first one. Again with the measurement of the immeasurable though …
… a yes to all of them, with intermittent cases of no.


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23 thoughts on “let’s unpack a meme”

  1. Good afternoon Profesor/a Snarky. Do you find you’re* obssesive** attention to detale*** is heightened in certain moods or is it pretty much all the time? And do you constantly fight the urge to correct everyone?

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    1. Hahaha um cough welllllll ahem no I’m either obsessive totally and permanently, or completely detached. I choose my obsessions so that I don’t end up with too many. And no, I don’t get the urge to edit blogs :)

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      1. I’m kidding, as always, just trying to tease out the humour where I can. And that’s comforting to know re: editing blogs. Because y’know sometimes I can’t tell the difference between monosyllables and polysyllables ;)

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  2. I find your comment on anxiety and the ability to empathize leaving you exhausted and needing solitude very dead on. I guess maybe that’s why by the days’ end of dealing with the petri dish of humanity, I just want to be alone. Processing my own crap and that of those around me is soul draining.

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  3. Again this whole “promotion of good traits”‘ to get people to accept a new stereotype — instead of promoting to get to know a person regardless of health condition — makes me laugh on most days, cry others. You know. Stereotypically like that. But! I enjoyed your responses and find myself smiling in an off morning. Hopefully auto correct didn’t butcher my words. It needs a spanking.

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      1. Lately it has been stubbornly persistent in making me read as though I were typing intoxicated. Or maybe I am, lol.


  4. I always say, if a person can be sent to the moon, certainly a cure could be found for blahpolar….sorry, I mean (sigh) bipolar. I’m not paranoid or anything, but I’m sure there’s an evil conspiracy hard at work keeping us mentally ill people in our place.

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    1. A cure for blahpolar would be absolutely marvellous – I’ll have a quick chat with glaxo smith kline and all their little friends … *hollow laugh*

      Evil conspiracy = profit driven corporations funding all the brain research? Yup yup you ain’t paranoid.

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      1. Wouldn’t the “concept” make for a great summer blockbuster??? I’m going to think of a fitting title while I go work out….I bet you’d come up with something awesome!

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  5. So called mental illnesses are not new (though they have not always been pathologized – sometimes seen as charming, creative eccentricities). There must be genetic advantage, for those effected and their families who often carry lesser variants. Wipe out mental illness altogether, there wouldn’t be much left. Better to reduce stigma, suffering and pain for those most severely impacted. But then, what do I know?

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    1. I’d get rid of mine entirely if there was the option to. I read something a while ago about disorders and their possible usefulness in evolution, it seemed far fetched. And if waaay back in the day, a schiz or bipolar may have had his role – but quite likely an early death too, given the long term effects of untreated disorders. 5000yrs of knowledge re bipolar and It’s still a total mystery. I think that means we are stuck with it forever. Tenacious little bastard.

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  6. Ugh I HATE these sorts of memes. I got asked once in secondary school whether being so permanently hyper made me creative. I said no- being so permanently hyper made me tired eventually!! Throwing people into more stupid boxes does them no good. X


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