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The featured image is the only fun you’ll have with this post.

I was put right off an article with a title I really liked, by the use of the acronym BPD for Bipolar Disorder. As always, my factchecking hackles leapt up and hauled me over to google. I found it listed as BP, BD, BAD and … BPD. So much for my pissy little assumptions. (More about the various uses further down.)

Bipolar Disorder: Managing a Complex Condition Michael R. Page, PharmD, RPh

It’s a good article and I like the pharmaceutical angle a whole lot. Tis enlightening.


Naturally I then vanished down the rabbit hole and learned a whole load more cool stuff along the way. I say ‘cool’ in the full knowledge that I’m a nerd. Also, acronyms are a major part of editing PhD theses, working papers etc* and so I have involuntarily developed an interest anyway.

About.com said this:
Definition: BPD is an acronym widely used in health and mental health literature to reference borderline personality disorder.
BPD also frequently denotes bipolar disorder, which is more frequently seen as BP, and now sometimes as BD.
Another mental illness abbreviated as BPD is Brief Psychotic Disorder.
As you can see, using abbreviations can be tricky in the psychiatric setting. On this site, “BP” means bipolar disorder, and “BPD” means borderline personality disorder.

More bonus lessons learned:
14 medical uses of the acronym BPD, including Bipolar Disorder.
BP appears to be a commonly used one for Bipolar. This PDF lists BD as the acronym of use in the DSM 5.
DSM 5: Bipolar Disorder: No longer included in Mood Disorders but is now a new category called Bipolar and Related Disorders. Mixed Episodes is removed and replaced with a new specifier, “With Mixed Features.”
Wikipedia says that BD means twice a day (from Latin bis in die). It lists BAD (Bipolar Affective Disorder) too. Btw I always double check the collective unconscious of Wikipedia.
One I’d never seen before, BPAD Bipolar Affective Disorder. When I looked further, the most recent respectable source had listed it way back in 2001.

A rapid screening diagnostic mnemonic for Bopolar:
D: Distractibility (low concentration, easily distractible)
I: Insomnia
G: Grandiosity (feelings of greatness, superiority, uniqueness)
F: Flight of ideas (multiple ideas expressed together in his speech, making it barely understandable)
A: increase in goal-directed Activities (continuous search for pleasurable activities: spending money, hypersexuality,
    smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs,…)
S: pressured Speech (rapid speech, talking too much, almost unstoppably)
T: Thoughtlessness (high risk activities: sex, projects, drugs,…)

Manic Depression(Bipolar Disorder) Symptoms in an Acronym


This one went all audio on my ass and startled me somewhat. It’s from some ‘nursing quizlet flashcards’.
FIND is an acronym that stands for frequency, intensity, number, and duration, and is used to assess behaviors in children.

And then I got bored and stopped.

Zomg you made it all the way down here! *amazed face*

I guess this post is a fairly accurate representation of the way my mind works, although I left out the part where I went to make a sandwich and suddenly thought is lettuce a vegetable? And it is indeed. More specifically, it is a leaf vegetable. You’re welcome.

*I totally said that to let you know that I wasn’t always an unemployed sick asshole.


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11 thoughts on “bp bd bpd bad bar bar bar bar barbara ann”

  1. love that second image :D

    I keep seeing BPD used interchangeably for the two conditions as well, has been confusing at times.

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  2. Reblogged this on my spanglish familia and commented:
    Brilliant blogger who provides the mental health community with reliable and up-to-date information on bipolar disorder as she manages her own recent diagnosis. NOTE TO NORMAL PEOPLE: PLEASE READ!! If you take away anything it’ll be the acronoyms describing manic and depressive symptoms.

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  3. That diagnostic manual can be a scourge at times. Remember the days when homosexuality was considered a mental disorder? I can never quite shake that one, even if it no longer applies and never applied to me. It just changes with society’s acceptance which doesn’t do a bit of good toward helping me.
    The research links were indeed interesting and educational. I’m always getting therapy shoved at me but it really doesn’t help when your basic issues are the mental, rather than psychological damage, stuff. I never cycled less or more in therapy as opposed to out of therapy.
    The meds, though…Yeah, that could well be where my biggest detriment has been. This area has well, crap, for shrinks and they do not believe in thinking outside the box much in treating mental illness. Which means I am at their mercy and their tried and true methods fail me and I am the one who suffers.
    The education is appreciated, as I live it so much I often tune out any developments in the field, including that DSM. Now that borderline and bipolar criterion mimic each other so closely, it’s almost a blur to differentiate. I just know my moods are generally untriggered by outer stimuli. And I have far more mixed episodes or depressions than I do manic episodes. (Small victories.) And while the doctors dismiss side effects, it’s a big issue for me and it’s nice to read literature that actually mentions it as a factor.
    So…You have educated and entertained me for the day. Thank you, kindly.
    And keep clicking that “bipolar die in a fire” button. Power of suggestion and all. ;)

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    1. There’s a rather wonderful book about the DSM, it’s called The Book of Woe. http://www.salon.com/2013/05/05/the_book_of_woe_psychiatrys_last_stand/

      Yes re the homo stuff – and since I am queer, it always pissed me off. Worked at a rehab for a while too and used to flip through the dsm iv and gasp at bs like caffeine disorder etc. No wonder real disorders don’t get a fair whack.

      I’m like you in having more depression and mixed than mania – fun fun fun.

      Tis after midnight … so I’ll say thanks and it’s my pleasure and goodnight and bipolar die in fire :)


  4. I read the comments then forgot what I wanted to comment. I think I want a sandwhich…sammich…fuck im just hungry. Im BP 1 with mania, depression comes once a year. DSM is too technical jargon that causes my eyes to cross and my ears to fill with fluff. Lost my train of thought again..damnit…im still hungry. “Feels like im GOING to loose my mind!”

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  5. Do you ever have days when you hear the word “bipolar” and it’s like fingernails scratching a chalkboard? I just think it’s such a stupid word!!!! Bring back manic depression – if it’s good enough for Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, it’s good enough for me! ;)

    (Or even re-name it “blahpolar disorder” as “blah” captures the depressive element so well!!!!!)

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