do you like liking & being liked?

When you are sick and unhappy, I want to click a dislike button on your posts, or at least not click a like one. I try to comment as much as possible, and to only click like when I actually do like the content of the post. Empirically, I know that the click is also a way of saying I’ve read your post and you have my support – and I have no issue with the click on my own posts. Every single time I read sad and broken things though, I have an internal debate about it.


Click like! Bitches love likes.
No no no … I hate this post, I don’t want them to hurt.
Just bloody well click it, it’s like a virtual hug.
I think it’s like hearing someone is suicidal and reacting with a “yaaaaaay!”.
It really isn’t.
I take stuff at face value. I do not like those posts, not one bit.
But you like the blogger, so ffs just one freaking mouse click and they know it.
Low down, dirty sophistry!
Oh ffs just do or not do, there is no … STOP CRYING!

As a result, I’m inconsistent. If I’ve commented on a post that is sad and sore, I don’t click like. But … when I’m not up to commenting, either because my mind feels fried or my tongue tied, I click and don’t click like with random and (literally) gay abandon. Fucknose what my logic is either.

The result is useless too. When I don’t click or comment, you might think I haven’t read it, and/or that I don’t care. Not true, because I read everything on my newsfeed except stuff that triggers me badly. How are you supposed to know that though?


Im so ashamed to have an aspect that abuses caps lock and exclamation marks so shamelessly. Meh.


My default action whenever I experience confusion about or have an argument with a word, is google’s handy define: command. I thought the top definition would be a verb, but au contraire, it gave the preposition first, having the same characteristics or qualities as; similar to. Okay that works!

*mutter* But they made the button to denote the verb.

Okay, I’ve (as per usual) argued myself right back up my own colon in a cloud of over thinking, but I have (I think) decided (more or less) on a strategy. I’m going to click like, because I like you. When it’s a happy post, it’ll mean yey I am seriously stoked and when it’s sad, it’ll be meh, I’m so sorry. And both will mean I am just like you – human.


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39 thoughts on “do you like liking & being liked?”

  1. First of all, it’s still the 6th in the good ‘ol U.S. of A!

    Second of all, I was THE FIRST to like this post; I’m usually the, like, 20th, so YAY ME!

    Third, I’ve thought so many of these (brilliant, I must say) points that yu examine. So it’s cool to be on the same wavelength with you. I feel somewhat smarter. And I might even be more likable.

    Fourth, I’ve met the Fonz. I have a picture of us together and it’s one of my most sentimental possessions. He was very LIKABLE!


    p.s. I rented a film called “Shrink” with Kevin Spacey, who plays depressed, stoner psychiatrist. It’s pretty interesting so far, and there are some famous cameos in it, including one of my favorites, Robin Williams. I might review it after I finish it.

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      1. Sweet, we all know sometimes those twitter accounts are croony run right? So em, no comparing a tweet with lady’s real picture. Ok, whatever, it’s some jealousy left over of mine. I not got even an unclicked tweet :)

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      2. He narrated the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s rendition of “”Peter & The Wolf” @ the Hollywood Bowl when I was 10 or so. As you know, my Dad was in the orchestra, so I got to go backstage. Henry Winkler was the best kind of celebrity – warm & down-to-earth. He wasn’t dressed in his “Happy Days’ outfit. When I scan the photo I’ll post it on my blog!!

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    1. Lady, pointless getting jealous of the lady. Yet l must say, and also because my comfortable distance from the court so permits, that you said most of what l wanted to say :)
      Fuck time difference which gave you the opportunity to like and comment b4 me. By the way ,WTF is the loon u say u got his picture? Should I therefore conclude u r some celebrity I should at least try getting a picture with? U know, I like u, and if u r celebrity, then that triples the likes :)

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          1. Hrmmm I got pleasantly sidetracked as usual …

            1928 – 1st ever tv broadcast, usa
            1939 – operational tv stations in usa, uk, ussr, germany
            1976 – south africa gets tv
            1982 – cameroon gets tv

            The time line goes up to …

            2008 – liechtenstein
            2009 – png

            Then I got sidetracked some more, because while png makes sense, the wealthy tax haven of liechtenstein does not … but I couldn’t find the answer.

            Happy Days first aired in the usa in 1974 and kept going for 20 years. I can’t remember when it was on here, or how long for … 80s probably …

            You know the director, Ron Howard? He was in it too.


            1. My papa was one of the first in a very large circle, to get a TV in 1985. Although Cameroon got TV in 1982, broadcast went full swing in late 84. I was still 3yrs in 82, but l know we citizens followed the president’s speeches on the radio : ) people even still walked the streets with their radios by 85, to show off some class : )
              So sweet, l don’t know no Run Howdard !!!


  2. Oh that’s what “like” is, I’m “like” you!

    totally OT, I am struck by Happy Days’ happy face! It does not look like that no more. It got frozed into that sad hush puppy look that at one point in time passed as cool (the moral of the story: It’s too late for me to change my look)

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  3. Okay now I am totally confused. I have commented without “likes”. Now that I tend to write bookish blogs I get less likes than when I wrote bleeding heart mushy stuff (not that my heart is not still bleeding, I just got tired of trying to get the stains off my laptop). Oh yeah, I find adding a photo increases the likes with no idea if the post got read. I tend to “like” thoughtful book reviews just because they are so much work to write and little intelligent commenting always helps.

    So let me know if you want a “like” or whether my undying love will be enough. :D

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  4. I click like because I don’t always have time ( or the words) to comment. I still want people to know I am reading their posts and someone out there is following along good or bad :)

    As usual you made me laugh which is good for the soul!!! Thank you

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  5. I love the Fonz photo! It’s such a coincidence (or is it) I added a photo of him in one of my recent posts. I hear your dilemma on to like or not to like. I see it as an acknowledgement. Like you I don’t feel comfortable “liking” heart-wrenching posts, but it’s more like an “I see you and your pain, I hear your suffering and you have my attention (and) compassion, empathy, affection.”

    The Fonz is a pretty popular guy…like the epitome of cool…but I can’t really think of a modern-day Fonz…anyone have any ideas?

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  6. I click like when I like a person or when their post is very personal and emotional. There seriously needs to be a “dislike the reason for feeling so shitty and I’m sorry you are feeling this way” button. But I have a feeling there might be more “dislikes” that “likes”. And everyone seemed to always feel better when The Fonz came into the room, stopped, and did his iconic “Eeeeeeeaaaaaaaayyyyyy” with his two thumb up. So why can’t there be a “Fonz likes” button?

    ps-I use SHOUTY letters ALOT-so much so that my phone automatically caps SHOUTY. They make me feel like I’m being heard and getting my point across-because no one listens to me in my walking life. I think that’s how I want to say it

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      1. Thanks! Sometimes we just need simplify the answer 😊 I wonder if there’s someone that can make a “Fonz likes” button? OOOOO-with his iconic “Eeeeeeeeaaaaayyyyy!” That’d make everyone feel better! 😄

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  7. I have another confession to make (I’m confessing a lot these days…) I don’t care for Likes they can be sweet but I “like” to know different points of view on the issues I write about and a “Like” says nothing about it but a click. I too click Like at posts when I am too tired to comment or my brain is having a bad day, it’s easier and it’s a way of allowing myself to be a little lazy when I have so much to read on other blogs and I feel overwhelmed. And yeah we saw happy days here too! 80% of the movies and tv series are American yes, those were very laughing days with the Fonz 50’s style.

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    1. I like confessions – though I must say that yours wouldn’t fetch much if I tried to sell it to the tabloids :/

      I am the same about likes, I think. When I’m halfway human, I try to comment on as many of the blogs on my newsfeed as possible.

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      1. LOL Maybe you don’t know half of them… And maybe you shouldn’t! You are too innocent to know how naughty I am. But now I know what to expect from you! Selling my sins to the tabloids?! I have to run to my panic room!

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  8. It’s a funny thing to think about, and yet I think everyone who blogs does. Another very popular blogger made the point that he tries never to like a post unless he really likes it. I find that if someone has be so completely, and undeniably truthful regarding their subject matter I will hit the like button. I have a huge respect for people who take that kind of a risk! I do however very much appreciate those who actually only hit the like if they feel the content of the post was worthy. It’s a great learning tool especially for “Nubes” like myself.;) G-uno

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  9. I totally relate…how do I “like” a post about cutting one’s self? But I want them to know I read it and empathize…wish there was a “love” button in the shape of a heart

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  10. I hear ya! Loud and clear…. feel that same way. Such stess LOL. Seriously tho…. sometimes it is! I think we all know you are there tho… :)

    Sometimes I have to just step away. I have been Holy Hell sick this week and couldn’t do anything. Now I’m going through and looking at posts and I still don’t feel well… eeek. I don’t know….

    Thanks for being there!!!

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    1. Thanks and I’m glad you’re there too. And I’m really glad I’m not the only person getting angsty about the like button :D

      Hope you feel better/stronger soon!


  11. I just wish there was a “read-it” button! That way I could let people know I’ve read their blog, I’ve heard their words, I’m reacting to their pain or joy, or despair. And If i liked it, I can press the like/love/ ‘Nah’ button. Sometimes, even if you blog for yourself its nice to know that another person somewhere has read your words and understands what you have written.

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