sappy birthday, kurdt

1967-1994 Legends never die.

All quotes from This is Your Call: The Life and Times of Dave Grohl


Kurt was a human being. And maybe it’s selective memory, but I don’t want to think of him as some brooding, suicidal genius. He was a fucking nice guy. But I understand. That’s how legends are made …
Dave Grohl

From day one, Kurt was somewhat of an enigma. He came in and said, “Hey, my name’s Kurt,” and he loaded in his amp and his guitar and then he just sat in the corner and didn’t say anything for about half an hour.
Butch Vig


I don’t wanna have any other kind of job, I can’t work among people. I may as well try and make a career out of this. All my life my dream has been to be a big rock star – just may as well abuse it while you can.’
Kurt Cobain

Kurt was an artist, and as much as he was a brilliant songwriter, that passion and creativity made its way out of every pore of his body. The apartment we lived in was an experiment: you walked in and there was sculptures and paintings, there were turtles and medical books and Leonard Cohen records, it was chaos. But it was, like, “This is Kurt.”
Dave Grohl

Kurt Cobain’s last interview was with Rolling Stone magazine on January 27,1994. When the writer asked him, “One of your songs that you cut from In Utero at the last minute was I hate myself and I want to die. How literally did you mean it?” Cobain responded:

“As literal as a joke can be. Nothing more than a joke. And that had a bit to do with why we decided to take it off. We knew people wouldn’t get it; they’d take it too seriously. It was totally satirical, making fun of ourselves. I’m thought of as this pissy, complaining, freaked out, schizophrenic who wants to kill himself all the time: ‘He isn’t satisfied with anything.’ And I thought it was a funny title. I wanted it to be the title for the album for along time. but I knew the majority wouldn’t get it.”

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5 thoughts on “sappy birthday, kurdt”

  1. I lived and breathed nirvana in their heyday. Now so do my children. Jaie and his big brother especially. Jaie seemed to make a point to play any other music when I was around, than something I had raised him on. After his death I discovered my youngest son is/was a living memorial of my musical tastes. And I hope one day this will be something I can smile about. Atm it just makes me cry.


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