the tweets of gus van sant

Please allow me to introduce you to one of my verymostfavourite corners of the internet.

With 13 tweets since 2009, Gus van Sant’s Twitter feed is not exactly difficult to keep up with. There are plenty of twitter accounts that aim at enigma, but they rapidly become blatantly slick marketing ploys, all dressed up in the emperor’s new clothes.


Mr van Sant, on the other hand, appears to use his for the most wistful and poignant set of subtweets ever. 


I can still remember my delight when I first saw his account – I don’t do twitter anymore, but I went to catch up on the van Sant feed this morning.


I was reminded of my favourite of his tweets, by his films, which I’d been binge watching.


I like the fact that’s he’s queer and revered.


He was good friends with River Phoenix.


Three of his films are a trilogy about death.


These tweets make me wonder some things, and presume others.


I really like it when average looking people show their heart, depth and talent in such lyrical ways. Neruda is another of those.


Sighs matter.


Love matters.


Nothing matters more than love does.

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5 thoughts on “the tweets of gus van sant”

  1. My favorite is the jellybeans one, of course. Thanks for sharing – it’s fun to read about totally unexpected things such as Gus Van Sant’s tweets! You’re my #1 internet talent scout!

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