the merry perspiring flogger award

You know how I feel about rules.

Display the award on your blog. Will do.
Link back to the person who nominated you. Thanks Stephieopolis!


State 7 things about yourself. Alright.
Nominate 15 bloggers, link to them, and notify them about their nominations. Piss off bossy blog award. I nominate all my readers because they’re all awesome. Except I won’t nomimate anyone who doesn’t want to do it – you’re still awesome.


1. When I was a nipper, I won a medal for dancing the Highland Fling.
2. I am not Scottish.
3. I am in fact, of northern English and Irish descent (Galway).
4. My favourite European city is Prague.
5. I put my shirts on inside out frequently. Once I put a pair of jeans on inside out. Socks? Fahgeddaboutit. I am safe with hats and shoes.
6. My favourite way to wake is slowly, sitting on a step, looking at a good view. Well actually my favourite way is sex, but since I haven’t got any, the view will do.
7. I have eaten shark, croc, loads of different antelope, warthog, bushpig and zebra.


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9 thoughts on “the merry perspiring flogger award”

  1. Haha my dad calls me nipper. He did it more when I was a nipper. He has another name for my sister (girly).

    I love to wake up to my big dog jumping on the bed and licking my face. Or a cat paw to the face. Or a man arm around the waist. Or a woman arm. I’m really not too picky

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  2. Oh blah, I got behind in commenting on my beloved blogs in a timely fashion.
    I HATE that.

    I’ve been remiss with even my fave, tip-top blogs such as this one, Kitt’s and a few others.
    I think you’ll forgive me, though. Not sure if you noticed I mentioned in my “Do YOU think bipolar is a gift” post that your blog is one that should be selected. That’s in my Freshly Pressed complaint letter I didn’t send to the Happiness Engineer, ha ha! I was surprised to get a lot of comments & I haven’t read them yet, so maybe you replied! :0 No biggie.

    Instead of reading my blog comments, I’m reviewing blog posts I’ve missed reading closely over the past few days in an attempt to catch up. I don’t have a whole lotta of profundity to report here, but I giggled at your post’s title. I much prefer what you call the Very Inspiring Blogger award compared to it’s rather boring title. Also, in regard to your answers, my godmother (who I’ve known since I was 2) married an artist from Prague. She LOVES that city too! Their home base is the Italian countryside (tough life, yeah) but they adore Prague and they visit there often.

    You have good taste!

    There you have it!

    I know each day must be extra-rough in light of your sweet, sweet dog….
    thinking of you and sending you big, ‘ol, perspiration-free hugs!!!!!!


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    1. Hey there Dy – no need to apologise, I’ve barely commented myself lately, I’ve hardly even answered any comments on my own blog. You know how it is.


      1. My pleasure; I always mention you in glowing terms, of course. I have to read the rest of those comments!!!!! I spotted that Asher of the Beautiful Machine post that launched this whole thing commented twice, once as “Anonymous”, which he admitted! :) He sounds like a good guy and I feel kinda bad for going off.


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