Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Libido

Severe trigger warnings here for blurred lines between foreplay and sex with adults and kids, in terms of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

I need help with my own reading and logic here and crowdsourcing seems the fairest way to achieve that. I am not going to respond to comments, I’m just interested in how YOU see it.

I couldn’t work out from the post, which confused me hugely, who was doing what to who at what age/s – the story seemed to change direction after every statement. I only know people with DID who actually won’t let their child parts online – because online can be freaking lethal for children (and for childhood sexual abuse survivors like me too), so I’m kinda lost here.

This is from a newer post:

recently my two girlfriends have taken over foreplay, especially KA. It’s pretty tame right now because for her it’s all about romance. But she wants our ‘romantic interludes’ as she calls them. Karen still finishes things, but it’s an entirely new thing for someone to want to be with me sexually.

The 6 little girls have never fully come outside to anyone except our son and me. Amy and Alley will also talk to their counselor. Other than that they use Karen’s voice if they want to interact with anyone. I can tell which girl is using Karen’s mouth, but no one else would ever even know my wife has d.i.d. if I didn’t tell them.
Our son though seems to differentiate them more in his interactions with them: Karen is his ‘mom.’ KA is his obvious favorite as they share so many common interests, and he is a great, doting big brother to the rest.
He and I can also call out any of the 7 girls at any time.
But recently the girls have been connecting with each other in such a way that they are FINALLY, 26 ½ years later, beginning to attend to some of my needs. It’s still not how a healthy husband or wife would do, but it gives me hope that there’s an end to this eternally dark tunnel.
Our sex life has never been normal or healthy. Karen is the only one willing to do it. And instead of having anyone beg to do it with me, for 26 ½ years I’ve been told how little she needs it while we do a few tired things ad nauseum…but on a more positive note…recently my two girlfriends have taken over foreplay, especially KA. It’s pretty tame right now because for her it’s all about romance. But she wants our ‘romantic interludes’ as she calls them. Karen still finishes things, but it’s an entirely new thing for someone to want to be with me sexually.”

Wait – these are the underage girlfriends who aren’t sexualised? Performing foreplay?? 7 alters come out. 6 are little girls. Maybe I am just lost. I found this on the about page:

“Karen is the host who relates to me as my wife, my first “girl.” Amy is my (insider) daughter. She’s the 9-year old full of life and exuberance. She and Karen control the bulk of the mental abilities. She’s the business woman and loves to crow that she is a genius to me! Alley(lieu) is now my sexy girlfriend. She was the defender who used to hate me but has learned to turn that passion to protecting others externally, not only internally. Sophia is my sweetheart/the youngest insider. She loves doing puzzles and connects Tina to all the other girls. Shellie is Alley’s little sister. She wants me to be her platonic boyfriend. She also is the mechanical engineer and bookworm of the group. KA was the inside mother, but now she is my second girlfriend. She’s the lover art/creativity, food and fashion. Tina is the last girl to come out. She had all the worst rules and trauma to overcome. But she has overcome so many things, and has contributed greatly to the group the more she has been healed.”

Loving My DID Girl(s)

(Trigger warning. This talk about sex is pretty generic, but please use care.)

My wife and I have been married for over 26 years. Sex has always been a source of stress for both of us. But until we began the healing journey for her dissociative identity disorder 6 years ago, I never understood the reasons for our troubles. This entry emanates from our personal experience, and I would love comments from others about their own experiences even if they differ from ours.

As I tried to do some research for this subject, I realized how little information was available on the internet that would apply to couples touched by d.i.d. I included a few links at the end of this entry, but I found the information very unsatisfactory.

I included Jung’s framework as a place to start this topic:

Jung’s definition of libido differed significantly from Freud’s… Jung was…

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30 thoughts on “Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Libido”

  1. It seemed to me, that the husband has only ‘non-sexual’ foreplay with two of his wife’s other ids, but that whatever he ‘starts’ with them, she; the wife, the adult personality ‘concludes’. To be crude here and I in no way mean it that way, (there is just no other way of putting it) its almost like wham, bam, thank you ma’am! for the wife. She doesn’t appear to be in on any of the earlier interaction, the foreplay, thats done with her alters, but she is the only one who has any ‘grown up’ sexual contact with her husband and that is only towards the end….. Jeese, poor bloke, and poor woman. Without the lead up, the initiating, the foreplay, the teasing, the buildup, all of the ‘good stuff’, the act itself can be quick and impersonal. Poor wife, and poor bloke! I thought I had problems!!

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  2. I have decided not to share this on my blog (for now), but I am a survivor of early childhood sexual abuse. I didn’t tell anyone about it for 10 years. Not my parents, not my priest (I love him dearly).

    I found this very interesting and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. I had to stop reading the original post…..I think the guys is far more fucked up than his wife is.

    BTW quite by accident I posted the same on his original comments thinking it was your lol. I don’t really give a shit tho.

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  4. BlahPolar,

    I’m sorry if you found my post triggering. All 7 girls in my wife’s system are part of my wife. The goal of healing is for them ALL to interact with each other and me whenever they want to. No one is ever forced to do what she does not want to do.

    And as for Placid’s Place’s comment, she doesn’t understand how d.i.d. works, at least not how my wife and I have chosen to interact with everyone and help everyone heal. Karen the host ONLY wants that part of the sexual experience. She regularly asks to skip foreplay because that is the part of the personality that she controls. The only time Karen, the host, gets turned on during sex is when the girlfriends insist on foreplay. We are not the only one’s on d.i.d. approaching sex this way. I know of other couples where the insiders are allowed to choose the part of sex that they enjoy with the husband.

    I AM very sorry you find my blog upsetting. I will understand if you delete this. But my girls love how I treat them. They are NEVER forced to do anything with me no matter what one is talking about.


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    1. Sam,
      This is CC. To let other readers know we do know each other and I do have DID.

      I am going to comment and would be interested in having a dialogue with you, as Blahpolar was concerned regarding your posts, and wanted other reader’s opinions.

      As to Placid Place’s comments, while she may not seem to have great knowledge of DID, and not many people do who are not involved with it or have it themselves, I feel she did actually summarize what your post said. Without understanding that it is child parts that are doing the foreplay.

      That would again, be my first question to you Sam. You are again saying that there are 7 girls. Of course, they are a part of your wife, they are parts OF her. Of her system, as you say, and I would say. You list them as 7 girls.
      -You refused to answer Chanel on our blog as to the ages of the girls. Which was a direct question to you.
      -You list on your blog the ages of 3 of the girls. One, Amy, is age 9. Two of them are between the ages of 1 and 3.
      -Simple math will tell you that leaves 4 girls.
      -IN YOUR WORDS….You say again and again, but I will use from above and is taken from your latest post… “THE SIX LITTLE GIRLS”

      So, again I ask, Sam…What are their ages??? Because as again from your most recent post and the one that has been reblogged, you say that TWO of the girls are your girlfriends, and that they ENGAGE IN FOREPLAY WITH YOU. Now, try to say however old the other girl is… although you have always intimated she was young…but what of the second???? Her age please? As well as the other two.

      You now say you have a plan with your wife..who you call “the empty host” and do not communicate with? Those are your words.

      I would be appreciative these simple answers if you have nothing to hide, Sam. Or be ashamed of. You have an anonymous blog and are not even speaking on it. You refused an answer before.

      The question before us is the morality and ethics of sexual behavior with children/and or child parts. I would refer to your above language which was written by you, as to where people are guiding there inferences from.

      I will be waiting for your answer.


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      1. Hi CC,

        I didn’t know that I had ‘refused’ to do anything. I apologized for triggering Chanel and asked her to forgive me, but since she didn’t respond, I moved on. I felt ignored. I’m sorry that you did, too; that wasn’t my intention.

        I don’t really see ages as very relevant when it comes to people within a d.i.d. network. Tina who considers herself 3 has organized over 50,000 digital cut files for the girls’ crafting hobby. What 3-year can actually do that? Her sister Sophia is also 3 and though she has the most limited skills in the group, she can still do things no one else can.

        Shellie who considers herself 4-5 is the only girl in the group that has mechanical aptitude and is the bookworm of the group…mostly digesting adult mystery novels. What 5 year old reads hundreds of adult books a year??? And she considers herself the ‘techy’ of the group.

        Amy is 9. She currently runs a facebook group of 350 women. She teaches them how to create digital files and how to use the software of many of the major players in the diecutting world: MTC, SCAL, Inkscape, Sillouette, and others. She also is the business woman of the group, having run various mystery shops so they have their own source of money and can feel independent. And she loves to gloat to me that she is a Mensa level genius. I always joke with her that she’s going on 30 and will be the first girl to marry me especially as she is specifically trying to connect with Karen at a much deeper level.

        KA my first girlfriend considers herself 12 ish. She is a member of various adult fashion blogs and has completely renovated my wife’s (everyone’s) wardrobe such that all 7 of them now like it. She helps Amy run the crafting group. She’s the artist and photographer of the group and loves to look pretty.

        Alley also considers herself 12 ish but she likewise is a member of various adult forums for married women and young professionals. She always plies her young, professional friends anytime we have technical issues and she loves to engage me about current events, politics and other things.

        And then Karen is the last ‘girl’ in the group, the host, who considers herself the age of the body.

        I’m really not sure why you are fixated on the ages of those in the group. I find their ages are completely irrelevant in my interactions with each of them. All but the 2 youngest girls drive the car. Amy and Karen do all the heavy-weight mental activities. Alley now defends those within and without the group. And in the end I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever cross their boundaries even though they ALL know that I consider them each part of the woman, Ka’ryn Marie, I married 26 1/2 years ago.

        I’m also sorry that ‘the empty host’ is so upsetting to you. Did you read that post or simply fixate on that phrase and never get past it? The one therapist that does follow my blog thought that post was extremely sensitive to a difficult subject. I love Karen. It’s NOT her fault what the d.i.d. has done. And if you could see my journal you would see that I am extremely careful NOT to blame any of the girls for things that they can’t control, but which is simply an outworking of the d.i.d.. If you read my journal, you’d also see that in many ways I consider myself very similar to Karen: an empty shell of the man I used to be.

        I am not sure I understand this comment: The question before us is the morality and ethics of sexual behavior with children/and or child parts. ???

        The goal for someone with d.i.d. is for ALL the dissociated parts of the person to be connected and be able to work together as a healthy, mature person. D.I.D. arrested the development of 6 of the girls in my wife’s network. Now we’ve restarted the clock and as the walls are torn down, they are growing, maturing, and some day they will ALL marry me. Already the two girlfriends have exchanged Promise jewelry with me, stating their intentions to marry me when they are ready. Even though I never partook of the loose morality of America when I was dating and was a virgin when I got married, what about you? I’ve read enough of your blog to know the answer. Then why are you upset if ‘parts’ of my wife who are now young ladies and spend ALL their time on the internet with women who are 20 and 30 somethings and have been my girlfriends for more than 2 years, are now beginning to be curious about sex with me? Isn’t that the goal of someone with d.i.d., to reconnect all the broken, dissociated people within the network, and then become a fully functional adult? I won’t apologize for wanting to be married to ALL of my wife some day.



        1. Sam,
          The question here is not you apologizing for wanting to be married to all of your wife. In fact when you have ever commented to me, you never talk of your actual wife.

          The question is not of my own lifestyle choices. Please do not play the manipulation card here for people who do not understand DID. You have come onto my own blog and lamented to me about your own misgivings about your Christian faith. That is not the issue.

          To answer your question on ages and children/child parts. When I was 5 and 6 years old I could read adult books Sam. Actual age of five and six. When I was 9 I am sure I could have done the things you are relaying here. People with DID have extremely high IQs.

          The question at hand is whether or not these are child parts. You describe them to be.You are telling me that is what they say their ages are. Children can drive. Twelve year olds. OK. Am I to take that they cannot do these things you are describing at age 12. To me adult sexual foreplay is not appropriate. I can have that opinion. I did not make it up, you wrote it.

          You are convoluting everything as usual. Attempting to not answer direct, simple questions. You know you ignored Chanel’s question. I could copy and paste it but why waste the time?

          You go to different DID bloggers and directly ask for their child parts to email you. Why is that? I witnessed it. I am watching you, Sam. You can care to answer that or not. But I saw it in comments.

          Apparently, I am not the only one who has negative feelings about your behaviors with an individual with DID, who has child age parts and you are the one who is writing about the behaviors. Not me.

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        2. First of all, thanks for your feedback. Some background on me – I do not have DID, my only real world exposure to it is 4 friends and an ex. I’m not going to address the issues I blogged about, because I said I wouldn’t. My reasoning there was that I’d like to hear opinions without personally getting into a debate or flame war about your actions. I want to discuss words here.

          Secondly, I’d just like to point something out with regard to the following. It could be seen as irrelevant to the matter at hand, but I think it’s important to look at nonetheless.

          From your blog post about USOT:

          “Sex. In the beginning Tara, Alice and T each begs Max to have sex with her. T is the out-of-control ‘slut’ but both Alice and Tara seem sexually normal and even provocative.”

          From your comment to CC:

          Even though I never partook of the loose morality of America when I was dating and was a virgin when I got married, what about you? I’ve read enough of your blog to know the answer.

          The latter is an incredibly cruel and insensitive thing to say to someone with a history of rape and childood cult, ritual and sexual abuse. It echoes what victims of child abuse are usually told by paedophiles and abusers, which can be extremely triggering and destructive.

          “In human sexuality, slut-shaming is the act of making a person, especially a woman or girl, feel guilty or inferior for certain sexual behaviors, circumstances, or desires that deviate from traditional or orthodox gender expectations, or that which may be considered to be contrary to natural or religious law.”

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          1. Blahpolar,

            since CC has now blatantly called me a pedophile, I hope you will let this comment stand that I have NEVER, EVER had sex with anyone except my wife. I am upfront about that in multiple places on my blog. CC is disagreeing about our method of healing and she also doesn’t realize how VERY much further ahead of her we are in the healing process. We are near the end of the healing journey. She still doesn’t even know everyone in her system and is in an unsafe home environment; and she seems unable to understand that huge difference. Only in the last couple of months have the girlfriends shown ANY interest in sex: 7 years after we started this healing journey.

            It saddens me that CC would slander/libel me by stating something patently untrue and something that if people took her literally could get me into legal trouble.



            1. Why are you talking to me about CC? If she was taken literally, it’d be that she felt that she was reading about something LIKE veiled paedophilia. It was also very clear that the matter was about DID and child parts/alters. She didn’t libel you (libel is written, slander is spoken).

              Anyway, it’s totally not my place to speak for her and so I am going to stop right now. All I will say is this – discussing children and sex and foreplay as linked concepts, will trigger people like me. Always. Without fail. I don’t know whether you have ptsd, perhaps you know what it’s like to be triggered. I was freaked out – and I haven’t had an abuse flashback since 2011, my remission is pretty good.

              Eh, anyway.

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            2. Sam,
              I am not in an unsafe home environment, number one. I have written posts of being unhappy in my marriage at times. I will be direct.

              You can molest a child by simply touching them. No intercourse necessary. HOWEVER, I did no such thing as slander nor libel you. I simply said that I myself never preyed on children and or child parts, while commenting to my “loose American morals” that you said I have.

              I simply linked the information to this blog…and said that people were free to make their own decisions regarding your behaviors. I am not confused. You are again doing the “save your ass” card. But everyone can make that decision for themselves when they read what you wrote.

              Also, why not comment this on my blog? Why are you commenting it on here?


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            3. Please tell me where CC called you blatantly a pedophile..that would be NEVER. Not one time. Ever.

              Therefore, by writing the she blatantly called you a pedophile everywhere you can cry to but on the blog post on which you are claiming said happening what are you possibly doing, Sam? Also, look up legalities of DID and sexual abuse, which has been covered on our blog, you moronic ass. But, you don’t have to, do you? Alex

              1) n. to publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person or his/her reputation, by tending to bring the target into ridicule, hatred, scorn or contempt of others. Libel is the written or broadcast form of defamation, distinguished from slander, which is oral defamation. It is a tort (civil wrong) making the person or entity (like a newspaper, magazine or political organization) open to a lawsuit for damages by the person who can prove the statement about him/her was a lie. Publication need only be to one person, but it must be a statement which claims to be fact and is not clearly identified as an opinion. While it is sometimes said that the person making the libelous statement must have been intentional and malicious, actually it need only be obvious that the statement would do harm and is untrue. Proof of malice, however, does allow a party defamed to sue for general damages for damage to reputation, while an inadvertent libel limits the damages to actual harm (such as loss of business) called special damages. Libel per se involves statements so vicious that malice is assumed and does not require a proof of intent to get an award of general damages. Libel against the reputation of a person who has died will allow surviving members of the family to bring an action for damages. Most states provide for a party defamed by a periodical to demand a published retraction. If the correction is made, then there is no right to file a lawsuit. Governmental bodies are supposedly immune to actions for libel on the basis that there could be no intent by a non-personal entity, and further, public records are exempt from claims of libel. However, there is at least one known case in which there was a financial settlement as well as a published correction when a state government newsletter incorrectly stated that a dentist had been disciplined for illegal conduct. The rules covering libel against a “public figure” (particularly a political or governmental person) are special, based on U.S. Supreme Court decisions. The key is that to uphold the right to express opinions or fair comment on public figures, the libel must be malicious to constitute grounds for a lawsuit for damages. Minor errors in reporting are not libel, such as saying Mrs. Jones was 55 when she was only 48, or getting an address or title incorrect. 2) v. to broadcast or publish a written defamatory statement.

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    2. Hey Sam, I didn’t mean to cause offence. I’ve often battled with trying to explain my own illness to people and I get nothing but a blank face or worse still a ‘disbelieving one’… I don’t understand your wife’s d.i.d. and I don’t understand how you interact with your wife. That being said, I can’t judge (no one can) until I walk a mile in your shoes. I don’t find your blog upsetting, I find the different illnesses/diseases/mental conditions some of have to live with and go through on a daily basis fascinating. We are as so different, yet in a way all so alike. I wish you and your wife the best, I hope that it all works out well and that whatever happens that you both cherish the love and respect you have for each other….

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      1. Let me also be clear and say I have not suffered any sort of abuse as a child, had I done so my attitude might be different. I can understand why reading this blog could illicit a strong response from those that have been abused as a child or even as an adult. I don’t understand DID, All I know of it is what I have seen in movies. I assumed the ‘parts’/alters/other personalities did not know the other existed, that someone is the dominant and there is always some sort of battle between alters and someone has to be triumphant for the person to ‘heal’ properly. I know!! Hollywood nonsense I am sure. Let me also be clear and say I find any sort of abuse of power to be utterly revolting/intolerable/unforgivable and indefensible. I think I should just shut up now!


      2. You are a nitwit…do NOT call me fucking fascinating lady. Having DID is NOT fascinating nor is how you fucking get it. Ya wanna walk a mile in my shoes? You would be fuckin quivering in your cool aid drink by the time we were through. -alex


  5. Blahpolar,

    thank you for your constructive criticism. When I wrote “out of control slut” it didn’t sit well with me. I should have changed it then. Thank you for pointing it out. I did not intend to slut shame anyone and I changed that phrase in my blog today as soon as I read you comment. Please forgive me. I hope it is not offensive now.

    As for the rest of the comments. I’ve been misread, labeled a pedophile, and all kinds of other things when I first started my blog. If you want to read thru my blog, 119 posts, you are welcome to do so. I’m tired of defending myself to people who want to believe the worst of me. I’m sorry I have offended or scared any of the littles that I talk to; that was never my intention. I know how fragile they can be when they first come out, and I also realize all the defenders are on high-alert for the slightest sign of something that seems amiss. My wife’s defender was that way too, and it took me a long time to gain her trust and each of the girls.

    I’ve been pulling back from the wordpress community anyway as my wife is nearly done with the healing journey. I wish you all good healing thoughts.



  6. I think one of the commenters on the original post said it best, when talking about his own similar experience. He said “the Littlies are off limits”.
    That is exactly as it should be.
    Otherwise its like saying that it is ok for a “normal” adult to have a sexual relationship with another adult who has “special needs” that mean mentally and emotionally they are more like a child. But that is not ok. One is vulnerable and cannot make choices/decisions etc that require adult maturity or at the very least the awareness and understanding of someone who has at the very least 16 years of “normal development”. Any parent or social worker would agree that it is not ok. I have worked with such “vulnerable adults” and they do have professional support systems to guide them through life and to protect them. How is a child alter any different?

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    1. I’m really sorry moongazer, I’m using my phone and the stoopid app won’t let me and for some reason I can’t get in using a browser aaaand it’s 2.30am and my brain has died. It shows up in your 2nd comment, which people will see too. V sorry though…

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  7. Wow this is interesting post and comments.
    I come from the position of Sam’s where I am the husband and most times the therapist of my wife with DID.
    There are a few points I am noticing that might help to be pointed out.
    As I have heard from those with DID no two cases are alike. So everyone expecting that Sam’s wife DID is similar to your DID seems to be short sighted.
    What I see is that opinions are coming from two different perspectives.
    From the DID perspective you are all aware of your parts and their ages.
    From the non DID perspective I am not aware of all my wife’s parts or their ages.

    Yet accusing or implying of anyone with a spouse who has DID that they are taking advantage of their child parts is cruel and mean.
    So I can see why Sam might have gotten very offended.

    I think permanent celibacy is the safest alternative when having a spouse with DID. That is what I practice and it is not pleasant at all.
    How many people do you know who can do that for an extended period of time?
    Also what happens if your spouse switches during the act because of something triggering. Do we know as outsiders who it is that is coming to the front? So many nuances of this whole issue to be thought about and most of them disturbing to me.


    1. Ya wanna defender, ya got one now, you pathetic piece of shit. Grow some balls and quit crying to everyone everywhere about CC and her claims but where CC wrote. There is a profile for that ya know. I am not sayin which or what kind so no libel here…maybe it is the fairy fuckin godfather. No one cares. That is all written and re-written to make you look good. Stop the bullshit Sam. No one has said a word about you since our post. We did not tag team you either. This post of yours was reblogged without any teaming up on you. We don’t operate like that. So grow a pair of fuck off and keep writing your little blog. -alex


    2. No, I don’t care. I asked the questions I wanted to, read all of the answers and that was all I wanted from it all. I read the changing journey post – thank you for the link.

      There is a big difference between being questioned and being accused.

      I’m done here; I am not even vaguely interested in cliques or a flame war.


  8. There’s a good reason why therapists can’t have people who are connected to them as clients.

    I posted questions and I explained in great detail the reasons for those questions.

    This is the motivation – not accusation, from my post:

    “I need help with my own reading and logic here and crowdsourcing seems the fairest way to achieve that. I am not going to respond to comments, I’m just interested in how YOU see it.”


    1. Blahpolar, I never saw your questions as an accusation which is why I have tried to thoughtfully respond. I am deeply sorry for any harm I have caused anyone by not updating my About page sooner. I can completely see why my more recent posts when compared against my About page would have been triggering. I wish I could fix things between me and CC/Alex, but maybe it’s just best if I stay out of this blog and hers from now on.

      Again, I truly am sorry,



  9. I read your entire post, but I am honestly not up to reading all (or any) of the comments. I can imagine that this is a very, very emotional topic for many. And that is from someone who DOESN’T suffer from DID.

    I have had (online) interactions with people suffering from DID.
    I am positively stunned that I had never before considered the implications.
    How would one’s children interact with you? Would it be appropriate to expose them to alters?
    A number of forums (not DID-centric, but with sub-threads and so forth) don’t allow alters. This always made sense to me, in terms of that, for those who don’t truly suffer from DID, an alter could be an incredibly convenient excuse.
    People not allowing their alters online also made sense in the context that sometimes these alters engage in behaviour that they don’t approve of.

    I certainly never thought of the implication on one’s sexuality.
    How would one’s husband / partner react?
    How do you enjoy a healthy sex life with alters that are minors? I wouldn’t allow my child in the room while being intimate, so wouldn’t this bring about the same sort of instinctual response?
    Would minor alters be traumatized?

    I’ve always seen people as multi-faceted. Or multiple versions of themselves. Actually, not going to explain my entire theory on the subject, both because it is a bit science-fictiony and because I don’t quite know how.
    When it comes to DID, I have always wondered how it all comes about. I know, traumatic event, involuntary reaction, all of that sort of thing. But I still don’t really understand.

    Very appropriate trigger warning…

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