postmodernism can kiss my mulish ass

I’m either headed for PMS or a mixed episode *grin* you’ll see what I mean if you read this post. Sorry I haven’t answered comments lately, just had a rather rough few days – no train smashes, I just get silent sometimes. Thank you for your beautiful words about grief etc.


Chin up, stiff upper lip, pull yourself straight and fly right, straighten your spine, tally ho, onwards and upwards, get stoic. That is almost always bad advice. What it’s telling you is that you must be unbending, unyielding and immovable, which would make you brittle and that will make you as vulnerable as you were before all of that straightening and stiffening. You can make up your own simile and be something that bends but doesn’t break, if you want to. Really though, unless you are (like) a doormat, you’ll probably get by with a mixture of being yourself and accepting help.


There’s a movement out there squeaking don’t label, don’t pathologise, don’t other us, just accept us blah blah blaaahhh. Such people have totally ‘bipolar’ views, on the one hand it’s all I love you just the way you are and on the other, get this book/course it’ll change your life, self, behaviour. Whut? You can’t have both, unless you alter the manifesto to say accept us while we adapt to become more like you.


I will admit here and now, to being otherwise, contrary and as stubborn as a mule. Apart from driving directions or work, I will probably resist instructions. Passive aggro is my thing. All I’m saying, is that the gung go approach doesn’t work on me. I imagine it’s frustrating for whoever is trying to help me. I’ve tried to change; I just end up with a fireball inside me, just waiting for an excuse to erupt and close airports. I’m not proud of it, although it has done me as much good as bad.

Warning, unhelpful advice ahead.



I will say this yet again too. Whenever I hear someone suggesting meds free treatment for bipolar, I want to gnash my teeth, then cry. In case any of you irresponsible fools are reading this, nutrition and psychology cannot fix a NEUROTOXIC problem. They also cannot stave off BRAIN DAMAGE, EARLY ONSET DEMENTIA AND EXCESS CORTISOL PRODUCTION. I loathe caps lock, which ought to give you an idea of the extent of my weepy, gnashing attitude.


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41 thoughts on “postmodernism can kiss my mulish ass”

      1. I wonder how people can be so callous, unsensible and arrogant. I would almost call them ‘stupid’…


  1. I believe that a good rant from time to time is an essential part of therapy. I love, well love/hate, how obviously ludicrous and callous those ”helpful” comments are when applied to physical ailments but that people just keep doing it and doing it… to those with mental health disorders!!! AAAAARGH!

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    1. In my part of the world, society and l mean the majority, are trying to think of mental disorder as an illness like physical illness ‘colleagues’. It was and several do qualify it as pure witchceaft or something you deserved out your over ‘sinfullness’.

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      1. Here too, on the whole and esp outside of us privileged middle class types. And even if you do want treatment, there aren’t enough psychiatrists and meds….. eh, you know how it is. However, I actually do wish they’d sort out emergency and trauma stuff here first.


      2. Marie even here in the good ole USA there is that attitude, in fact my own preacher has suggested it as the first thing to look at re depression and anxiety, and he has NO clue re mania “say wha’ now?” lol … I am trying to edjumicate him …

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  2. Like, like, like, like-like, like, like. Like. Oh, what? You can’t like a post more than once? Well, I’m sure with all the talk they soon will have a “love it” or “like it” choice to choose from. And for this post, I “love it.”

    It coincides directly with a post I just made (unashamed plug). I write about accepting myself (really, go read it!) with bipolar disorder. Just accepting it. Not trying so hard to change it. Not trying so hard to fix it. Just managing it.

    And that’s really all it is: you manage it. You deal with it. You cannot “fix” it. It IS just like that comic strip up above, pointing out all the times people make suggestions or try to help – those with good intentions but no knowledge of the disease. Who see you crying and wonder – what does she have to cry about? Who see you not taking showers or not taking care of yourself in general and think – why doesn’t he just take a shower and eat right and exercise and not be such a downer.

    It is hard to ask for help. It is hard to know when you need help. I, for one, loathe asking for help. But simply suffering in your own brain is not “managing it.” You just have to figure who is out there that will offer the right kind of help.

    For me, it’s you and this post.

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    1. Thank you so much, you lovely blogger you. I shall be over to your blog forthwith. Btw please take the www out of your wordpress profile url, I know it works fine on computer etc, but my very stupid phone app refuses to go there. Gah!

      I think we need a dislike button too. Not only for idiots, but those posts when our friends are going through tough times and clicking like feels weird, when what we really wanna say is something like, “fuck bipolar”.

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      1. I think the dislike button should be labeled as “Poo.” Then you can “poo-poo” someone’s post, recognizing and acknowledging the fucked-up-ed-ness of what they are going through.

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  3. P.s. (I’m not trying to tell you what to do, but I’m just giving you an out) – don’t comment back. it’s too much work! Just read my comment and if you like it, like it. If you love it, love it. But don’t feel the blogger pressure to write back something equivalent or thoughtful. In fact, you can even hate it and I won’t take offense. Cause I get it. Peace.

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      1. Oh good – relief! I was trying to figure out how to change it. By the way, if you know how, let me know, I don’t want others to have that problem finding my glorious posts.

        I used my phone to look up blogs and I realized that I can spend HOURS reading from my phone cause it’s so much more accessible. I didn’t know there was an app. I’m getting it on my phone ASAP. A sap. As ap. Peace.

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        1. In your dashboard under edit profile, I think … or settings maybe … it’s so long since I’ve used my laptop. The WordPress app is great for reading, rather shit for posting. Peace to you too.

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            1. The gates of Bethlehem (Bethlam, Bedlam) hospital gates. Idk if they still have that on them, I know they did back when it was called a lunatic asylum. It may have orig been in Latin. Idk … I read fuckloads and then promptly forget 90% of it.

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      1. as to the sulking etc.. no problem, ever. I have been concerned for you but I know you don’t want us fawning all over you.

        Thought of another topic: Contracting not to harm oneself: Effective? or no? ;)


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          1. I do. Except sometimes the posts that are particularly full of scriptures. Unless there’s old testament in any piece of writing, I usually find my mind just wanders off. No offence tho *points to ADHD*

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  4. A pharmacy tech actually said “have you tried just living your life without this?” when I had to pay $250 for my antipsychotic once. He is new. I was in a really good mood that day so I just joked about having to go to the loony bin without it (except I’m dead serious — it has happened). He was kind of flirting with me? I don’t get it.

    I’m also sick of the parade of suggestions. “Maybe you should work out, sleep less/more, eat healthier, get your house inspected for black mold” etc.

    Maybe I pay my doctor enough for advice? Just maybe?

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    1. Gawwwwwwwwd it’s so fuckwitted innit? Most times if I stumble across those attitudes here on WordPress I don’t go near it. There’s enough bullshit already …

      That pharmer clearly was/is an idiot.


        1. yeah they’re the tricky ones, it just isnt always possible to escape it. Sometimes it’s fecking disrespectful – I know they mean well too, but who lives it and researches it. We do.

          *polishes horse, sword and armour* right. Let’s go hunt some muggle*


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