31 days of bipolar:13 & 14

Full meme here.

I managed to delete the scheduled post with a long answer to question 13 and I cannot be arsed to do it again, so it’s getting done briefly here.

13. Who was/is your least favourite doctor and why?

The GP who gave me venlafaxine. Not her fault, but it caused incredible costs and chaos in my life.

14. What would you say to your younger self if you could?

Listen hard, or I’ll kick your arse.

Either check out right now, or do the opposit of everything you do. Don’t move so much – 55 homes and a similar number of jobs will not help you. When you find a decent therapist, stick with it. Get a good psychiatrist asap. Say yes to in patient treatment if you’re offered it. Don’t drink too much. Don’t take ecstasy or coke or crack or ketamine or acid and you might as well avoid weed too. Work on the insomnia as soon as possible. Stop thinking of intercontinental flights as solutions.

Don’t tell your mother any of it.

Now, write down these lottery numbers …

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13 thoughts on “31 days of bipolar:13 & 14”

  1. venlafaxine is my shit. but hey, we’re all different. and i think I’m trying to do what you are telling your younger self to do. no drugs, lots of therapy. lots of trombone and face painting.

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  2. I would tell my younger self to deal with his gender shit before knocking himself into a state of manic psychosis. But what to do about those kids that might not exist? There is always a rub.

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  3. What’s the difference btw ass and arse? Well just wondering and always good 2 know. Ok now, l take the advice to your younger u ( and some applies to tiny marie of yesteryears ), l appreciate ur candour. I have a pen ready to take down the lottery numbers too u know :)

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  4. Would it be lame if I went back and answered the questions on 31 days on my blog? I may have already asked that…

    I’d tell my younger self that you shouldn’t define yourself by your job and that you will learn without a doubt who your true friends are as an adult because all this high school social BS means absolutely nothing.

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