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How to Spot a Manic Depressive Person (wikihow)
– this is pretty good. The only niggle I have with it is their only mentioning psychosis as a symptom of extreme mania. But I think it’s useful not only for spotting bipolar, it works for keeping an eye on symptoms too.

Alternatively, I guess people could become bipolar twitchers and creep around with binoculars and a handbook. “I’ve just spotted the rare ultradian bipolar 1 with psychotic features talking to Odin!” squeaked Barry. “Photo or it didn’t happen,” answered Marge.

Bipolar patients with mania/mixed episodes who quit using cannabis do better than their counterparts who continue using the drug, new research shows.

I quit smoking weed before I was diagnosed bipolar. Also alcohol and (mostly) caffeine.

In the first study of its kind, Canadian researchers are investigating whether probiotics, the good stomach bacteria that aid digestion, regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation, may in fact be a treatment for those with bipolar disorder.

This interests me; I take probiotics semi regularly (very regularly indeed when I had the foul lithium acne) and my shrink said it’s a good idea to take regardless. It’s not easy to find live culture yoghurt round here, but I buy it when I can.

The first REM sleep period not only begins too early in the night in people who are clinically depressed, it is also often abnormally long. Instead of the usual 10 minutes or so, this REM may last twice that. The eye movements too are abnormal — either too sparse or too dense. In fact, they are sometimes so frequent that they are called eye movement storms.

Eye movement storms! Rawr! They go well with the brain thunder, methinks.

Recent YouTubery:
The Bridge (2006 documentary)
– although it’s all about suicide and focuses mostly on ‘successful’ suicides, we also get to meet a bipolar guy who jumped and survived.
If these walls could talk: stories behind Toronto’s psychiatric patient built wall
– awful, dire, horrible, stilted and robotic narrator. Fortunately people with perfectly normal speech are interviewed and it’s very worthwhile watching.


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  1. That’s interesting about the probiotic study. I started using one about three months ago (because I started an acne antibiotic that kills eeeeeverything) and I have been surprisingly level for the past ~2 months. I also started a different antipsychotic. But I like to think that my hippie pills help too. :)

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