31 days of bipolar: 12

Do the meme.

12. Who was/is your favourite doctor (any kind) and why?

Happily I have had way more good than bad doctors, but telling you my favourite one is very easy. First place goes to my current psychiatrist (I say things like that the way other people say current job or boyfriend or whatever). After a gap of about three years, we picked up where we left off almost seamlessly. For months afterwards, she stood between me and giving up entirely.

She’s the one who diagnosed bipolar and all its joyous modifiers for me, by the way. She laughs a lot and is open about bipolar running in her family.  She researches a lot and part of any appointment consists of one or both of us saying did you read … She also charges me for shorter appointments than I get and gave me 45mins free when I was too skint to pay. She says stuff like if it’s a choice between medical stuff and shoes, I buy the shoes. I know there’s a shortage of psychiatrists pretty much everywhere, but it’s even shorter here, because there’s no medical school and things are fairly basic around here anyway. So I feel very fortunate to have such a good, kind and on the ball pdoc.



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7 thoughts on “31 days of bipolar: 12”

  1. Sweet,

    From what l have read about this your shrink, l knew she’ll pass the exam on your dear list with flying colours in today’s post :)

    I think she is the same one who prescribed the Lito right? And only a GOOD one will have the modesty and yes even humility, to change the prescription and all. She laughs a lot and is open about BD tunning in her family… WOW! You are lucky and should stay so and l wish both of u well :)

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  2. 45 minutes with a psychiatrist? Mine is free but I am lucky to get 15. My favourite doctor is my family doc, Dr J. He treats many of the transfolk in the city, I was his first FTM many years ago and his entire office is super respectful. Through this breakdown he has been much more help than my psychiatrist.

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  3. One of my GP’s was as much of a friend as is possible in the circumstances. They came to meet me on their day off to establish weather I needed a crisis support team to help (fortunately they weren’t called for.) They shared my passion for photography and always took time to chat during consultations. Unfortunately they moved abroad but I was very lucky to have such a professional, dedicated, friendly, funny, interesting and supportive person on my side, looking out for my best interests. On the whole I have had excellent GP’s and incredible Psychiatrists. I believe that the fact I’m still alive is testament to that :0)

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  4. Sa-weet! sounds like you found a winner! mine is pretty ok and the one before her I had from 2003-mid 14, which is always a bonus when you don’t have to repeat everything! which I had to do from 85 to 03 bouncing dr to dr :( He was pretty good but as I’ve said I have to basically tell them what I need them to do lol. Well at least they listen …

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