happysadwtf linkdump

If you’re particularly desperate for bipolar celeb news, Carrie Fisher has lost weight for the new Star Wars. Well there’s a minor celeb thing that irritated me so much I put it right at the end.


Speaking of pirates (not that anybody was), here are two things my broke ass can’t find to watch and review without moolah:

Happy things:

“For me, I’m successfully living with my bipolar disorder — I’m not defined by it.”

You just have to keep the right people in your life. You have to keep people that care about you. You need to keep people that will show you the light, that will find you in the dark, no matter where you are.


Sad things:

Reading while depressed often leads to me going over the same paragraph with nothing sinking in whatsoever. My inability to soak up details or become fully invested in the story produces great frustration because I know how much of a voracious reader I used to be.

Maria believes that positive misconceptions are just as harmful as negative ones. “I’ve been called a crazy psycho b*tch by numerous people,” she says, “but there’s also a large number of people who see bipolarity almost as a quirky personality trait: ‘Oh, she’s bipolar, she’s so wild and kooky!’ Both views are equally damaging, and leave me feeling equally inadequate and insufficient as a human being.”

But Agidi-Jeffs was experiencing severe depression, manic episodes and suicidal thoughts, and shortly after the video was filmed, he was hospitalised and spent four months in a psychiatric hospital.


WTFuckwit things:


My autocorrect refuses to learn that after the word manic I add the word depression more often than not. I have to type depr otherwise the idiot gadget wants to make it manic deposit.

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18 thoughts on “happysadwtf linkdump”

      1. I am much better. Actually basking in semi homelessness. Moved my stuffs out from that whatever last night and shoved some in a friend’s garrage. Gave away much. Hope to get a room l visited this sunday. For now am off to spend a few days with my cousin. Am trying to beat anxiety.

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        1. Hugs. I’m glad you’ll see a family member and I hope you get the room. Very sorry to hear that things are tough. And I hope the anxiety behaves itself. How bad is it?

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  1. so can I sue people for calling me bipolar

    because I’m pretty open about being bipolar

    (killing the stigma by being openly bipolar and not doing soap opera bipolar person things)

    because I’m always tryna make a buck to get more girl powder to put on my face region

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  2. They show Carrie Fisher in the current BP Bipolar Magazine and her trainer got her too skinny… ETC is right! Leia is now grandma age – she doesn’t’ t have to look like Jabba’s sexy girl toy no more!

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  3. OMG I’d like a manic deposit ie. Someone manically depositing huge amounts of cash into my account… Haha
    Maybe if I join the class action that would happen? ;)
    Hope y’all have a good day.

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