31 days of bipolar: day10

31 days of bipolar meme

10. Do you tell people you’re bipolar? Why/why not?

So far just close friends and nextofkin. There’s only one person I wish I hadn’t told, because now I don’t know who she’s told (and she will have done). Not worth worrying about though.

The reason I haven’t spread the word any more than that, is simply that I rarely talk to anyone except those close to me. I’ve also done enough very public activism, advocacy etc for queers and I’m middle aged and burned out at this point.

And that’s it.



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20 thoughts on “31 days of bipolar: day10”

  1. I’m not sure if you were just musing, or whether we are supposed to answer the question you have posed. In case we were, here it goes…..
    I told family, who had very mixed reactions. (But, hey, they’re my family – they have to love me; blood and all!!). I told some very close friends who were all cool about it, at least to my face. I told co-workers, because it was reaaaallly obvious sometimes when I was kinda schizo and went all Michael Douglas (from Falling Down) on them. Embarrassing having to say sorry to an office full of people after you’ve gone postal on some poor unsuspecting chap…. Then some of my posts on wp got shared on Facebook and that meant every person I know could see and read the damn posts, until I figured how not to share on that platform. Got lots of words of support, but everyone says nada to my face though. But I’m over being all “look at me, I’m bipolar” I’m over advocating for anyone else’s rights, it takes so much energy just to get through the day sometimes, I don’t have any left to help anyone else. I think advocacy is the preserve of the young, the very rich, the very passionate and the sainted! I’m none of these. So I pretty much keep it to myself these days when I meet ‘new people’. Here, I can share because I don’t have to explain how I feel, we all just ‘get’ each other..

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    1. Don’t forget that advocacy online is also a thing.

      Very good to hear your answers, Mr Douglas ;)

      It’s definitely not a homework assignment or whatever, but I always secretly hope people will either do the meme, or comment their answers on mine. I’m more interested in other people’s answers than my own, obviously.

      Thanks again :)

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      1. You are a breath of fresh air; your posts are just so informative, intuitive, entertaining, sometimes farcical and even have me seriously loling!!! You’re a meme generator. I often think, yeah! why didn’t I think of that! Kudos to you! :) :)

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  2. I wish I never have told anybody that haven’t known me as a depressive from the start. No good and some bad has come of it. I need to start from the beginning or not at all :(


    1. Well, what’s done is done and you still have a remarkable and global circle of friends, all of whom love you to bits and in terms of the mb ones, do so with full knowledge of your depression.


  3. I used to tell people when I was doing well, as an indication of how healthy a bipolar person could be. Now that I am damaged goods, no further harm can be done. It is an explanation.

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  4. That’s funny you say that re having done enough advocacy – I have done a lot of it re my alcoholism and my faith – and so I am tired when it comes to bipolar. But also private, this is about as “out” as I get about it. I feel bad sometimes bec. there are many opportunities to be involved and help the “cause,” I mean, part of “self-help” is helping others, but I just do not have the energy to do that anymore, other than 1:1 when the opportunity presents itself. I also STILL have boundary issues, so helping others often results in my getting pulled under!

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    1. No point getting triggered or compassion fatigue; you cannot and shouldn’t even think about advocacy unless you can do it and be ok. And who knows, you might do some more one day. And 1:1 is still very important.


      1. I hope I can. :) I guess that is what was different re my alcoholism, I achieved some pretty good sobriety/stability, but the dangdest thing – putting down the alcohol caused the bipolar to say “OH YEAH? Advocate THIS!”

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  5. I don’t tell people, not anymore.
    Reactions in the past have been laughter, fear abd ignorance. The few friends I have told in the past that have reacted well always end up bailing when I have a real low or they realise how big a part of my life it is.
    My long term partner is the only exception and is the only person I’m glad I’ve told.
    I don’t know if I will change my stance on telling people, I kind of hope so but going on past ecperiences it’s just not worth it.
    RGW xx

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  6. I’m in a weird place on this, myself. Like, sometimes, it just happens — I’m in the middle of a conversation, and it’s like the words leap out of my mouth before I realize what’s happening, “I have bipolar disorder, and…” Bizarrely, as out as I am about being queer, etc., I am less out about the whole bipolar thing — which I guess says a lot about how I perceive the prejudices of the culture surrounding me.

    Being burned out is a perfectly valid reason to take a break from the relentless pursuit of disclosure (which really does seem pretty relentless sometimes).

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  7. I tell most people I meet. After a lot of trial and error I give the person the opportunity to see I’m not a raving loony. This can vary between a few minutes and months (depending on what vibes I get from the other person.)

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