31 days of bipolar: 7

full meme here

7. What are the worst things someone can say to somebody who is bipolar?



(Lol … tyvm dogsarebestpeople)

I know how you feel.
Everybody has mood swings.
Those pills aren’t good for you. (I read a lot of serious, peer reviewed research, I am not an idiot.)
I don’t know what to say.
Are you going to cut your ear off? (Okay I made that one up.)
Would you like to come to dinner/a party?
Oh please come to the dinner/party.
I’ll give you a lift to the dinner/party.
Please fill in this form.
Look into my eyes …
Would you like a line of coke?
Sleep is for pussies.
Have you put on weight?
Have you always had that twitch?
Could you answer that phone for me?
Hi! Just thought I’d pop in!
Give me an answer NOW.
Seatbelts? Fuckem!

The thing is though, on the whole, the people I bother talking to irl don’t talk shit like that and where they’re uncomfortable is only because they care about me. Friends might cause a couple of eye rolls (as I do to them), but they’re minor eyeball vibrations, not the full Marty Feldman.



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15 thoughts on “31 days of bipolar: 7”

  1. The “just thought I’d pop in” and the “surprise” made my anxiety level go up just reading the words. I Hate when people do that to me. I am very clear about asking people not to just show up on my doorstep. It seems like a reasonable enough request. I cannot just suddenly be in the state of mind to deal with socializing with anyone. I had a friend that would not stop just popping by and I had to end the friendship. I felt a tremendous lack of respect for my space and my right to set boundaries with him. Just because someone likes when people just stop by their house, does not mean that I have to.
    Thanks for the great posts

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  2. For me would be; someone that knows you have Bipolar, looking at you waiting for you to do something “bipolar”.
    2nd; Seeing how people hide behind your disorder to make themselves innocents when they f.y up, but still want to look like they are the most sane and perfect people in the world, but you are the one with “problems”…
    3rd; When those who use your disorder in their favor, thinking you are weak for having a mental illness, put the most responsibility in your hands when they need you, and have no one else caring for them, and then when they don’t need you anymore they continue to treat you like shi…

    4th; Treating you like you belong to them because you need financial help every time you fall, because of your disorder.

    And the most painful, someone already said this here, the Silence; when you need help and no one says anything to you when you need the most.

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  3. What about have you tried… mindfulness??……?….


    But seriously “Are you sure your meds aren’t bad for you” / things along those lines make me want to scream. My meds save me. Do I hate “big pharma”? yes. But I also love the research they do/the meds they put out. I just hate that one of my meds is $250 (with “good” insurance!). Without: $2,700. Yes. Pigs. /rant. Full blog rant coming soon on that one. Because I might have to cough up full price today if the conversations don’t go well. Cast a spell in my favor.


    Also, if I open up to you, don’t say, “that explains the time you ______ and then you got all upset about _____” bitch I was drunk

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    1. Oh yes, the encouragement to go off of my meds. It is odd, isn’t it, that people try to convince you OFF your meds. They have no idea how long it took doctors to convince me ONto them in the first place! “But you’re in a good situation now. You don’t need them anymore.” O_o I’ve been depressed for more of my life than I’ve been non-depressed. I kind of doubt the meds are going anywhere.

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  4. For me, the most shudder-evoking on your list was Give me an answer NOW!!!

    Here are a few I hear a lot:
    * Since you are so self-aware about your challenges, you have no excuse for not plowing through them. (I.E. “So fix it already”)
    * Everyone has problems! You’re no different than anyone else, and they’re succeeding. You just tell yourself you’re messed up, so it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy.
    * Why would you get depressed again? Look at all the things going for you.

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