31 days of bipolar: 4

The meme lives here.

4. How do you feel about people who diagnose themselves online and then treat themselves for bipolar?

If you’re enjoying manic depression, you haven’t got it.



I think they’re melodramatic malingering munchausen muggles. We all know that Dr Google will give you any diagnosis you want, and that online quizzes are far from accurate. Beyond that, bipolar is a bitch to diagnose and the average time it takes is 13.2 years. Even if a psychiatrist thought they were bipolar, they would go and see a psychiatrist about it. 

I love this quote about faking bipolar:

I mean who the fuck would want to. why? its bloody fucking horrible we all know that, why would someone do that. it’s not like claiming incapacity benefit like long john silver is it. least he got a fucking parrot

People don’t even do the research before they decide their moodswings = bipolar affective disorder. They get their definition from a fuckwitted and media saturated public, who thinks weather is bipolar too. I’ve read people saying omg and then I went totally psychotic and when I’ve asked exactly what happened, they seem to have mistaken a tantrum for psychosis.

Article: faking it: how to detect malingered psychosis (a very interesting and worthwhile read actually).

They get so much wrong and generally seem to stick to the myths and misperceptions. They’ll complain about their moods changing all day, every day. They’ll tell you that mania is pure fun. They’re either attention seeking fools, or in really in need of psychiatric help (but not for bipolar).

A very mixed bag of answers to someone asking how to fake bipolar disorder.


A note to the fakers:

Treating it yourself is a joke, without a lot of experience to get you to that point. Faking treatment is ridiculous unless you’ve read a pile of books etc. I’m fine with you wanting to fake my disorder, as long as you’re willing to go through all the same pain. And that includes having to try out fucknose however many meds and their attendant side effects. Thank you for flying Bipolair; please enjoy the itching, aching, shitting, puking etc. Or perhaps flip through the DSM 5 again and choose a less severe issue to start with, then work your way up to the big boys like bipolar and schizophrenia. Get a cheaper one too, you’d be shocked at what bipolar costs you in money, along with the huge impact on every other area of your life as well.

You’re insulting, offending, belittling and disrespecting us. You’re contributing to stigma against mental illness, which has seriously negative effects on an enormous amount of people. You really haven’t thought it through properly and you’re pissing me off.

And could I trouble you to stop using BPD as an acronym? It belongs to borderline personality disorder. If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you enough time to type out bipolar, BD is acceptable (some even use BAD).

Good luck with your performance, gimme a yell when you do cancer.



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47 thoughts on “31 days of bipolar: 4”

  1. In my mind a truly bipolar person would not be inclined to self diagnose via the internet. A truly depressed person lacks the energy, a hypomanic/manic person does not see that *they* have a problem at all. That’s why, sadly, too many are diagnosed after the noose is removed. The “worried well” take up too much of a limited psychiatric resource while the truly ill cower in corners saying “what the fuck?”

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    1. That, my frozen friend, is a bloody good point. When I worked for a psychiatrist many years ago, I used to check out the dsm iv fairly frequently. It amazed me how many disorders I qualified for. Just like dr google. I seem to remember caffeine addiction being a disorder. Har.

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      1. Funny thing is I do not meet the criteria for gender identity disorder because it follows very rigid gender scripts (tomboy, plays with trucks, won’t wear a dress, attracted only to women) leaves out us less masculine gay men. And guess what, my transition solved that problem, so what does the dsm know anyway?

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        1. Yeah the dsm is crap … so crap. Did they change gender dysphoria to gender identity disorder? Well whatever the ferk the dsm says, you’re in the right skin now. *shoots the dsm*

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            1. Yes it should definitely be seen as a physical issue, now that they have (hopefully) (in the 1st world anyway) stopped trying to treat the brain for it. Sigh. Where’s the logic?

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              1. BTW, Was the psych you once asked me about Aubrey Levin? Another ZA misfit doc to land in my town. I only recently found out a bit of what he was up to in your fair land. Here he was was sexually assaulting male patients at the forensic assessment program (and his wife bribed a juror).


                1. Yes … dr shock … using ect to ‘cure’ homosexuality – and that’s one of his milder crimes. Asshole. I’m glad you guys caught up with the …. no swearwords are bad enough. I had to write about him some years back, researching it made my flesh crawl.


  2. Ditto everything roughghost has to say. One thing I that really rang my bells is how people seem to take bipolar as some minor psychiatric problem. Oh, how I wish this ignoramuses (ignorami?) could live in my brain and suffer all the meds crap for just one of my bad days (or weeks, or months…)!

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  3. Great rant! Some people are such babies. They are so comfortable in their lives that they have no idea what suffering is. The things they complain about are pathetic. That is why i try to avoid the conversations at work. I can’t bare to listen to what they think of as ” a hard day”

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  4. Oh and btw, I have a really big issue with people calling the weather ‘Bipolar’. I don’t know why that is, but I actually deleted a few off of facebook because of it. Maybe it’s my issue, but it stings me deep for some reason. Maybe because they are making light of a serious struggle some of us face everyday. I always want to respond with ‘You want bipolar!? I’ll show you friggin’ bipolar!’

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  5. Here it is!! Hahahah f. Perfect and hilarious, (and I´ve seen The Dude many times) perfect combination.

    I was somewhat irritated and very angry with a Documentary about Bipolar Disorder Hosted by Stephen Fry (actor) called; The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive.

    I don’t recommend anybody to see this doc. Who was suggested to me by my best friend, in an attempt to understand more about what I go through every day.

    I think it’s a scandal to pass the idea that if we could press a “miracle button” that would cure us from this disorder, none of us would! Let me just say that most of them are more manic than depressive…

    And even though Stephen Fry is like 70% manic, he doesn’t take any meds for his condition, there for that’s what we see, people being manic addicted and loving it!

    Like I said, it’s “cool to have Bipolar Disorder” because we see celebrities with this disorder and they don’t want to “become “normal”, because “normal” is boring”. Whatever normal means…

    Kill me now…

    (Sorry for the long comment)

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    1. re “If you’re enjoying manic depression, you haven’t got it.” — hear hear and “if we could press a “miracle button” that would cure us from this disorder, none of us would!” — riiiight.

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  6. I, too, hate that this diagnosis is thrown around so non-nonchalantly. Unless you have truly experienced what it means to have this disorder, you don’t have the right to use it in your every day vernacular. People are ignorant, though. It has become the new “it” word in describing every whim and fancy and it makes my skin crawl.

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  7. Mania is pure fun though isn’t it? I also enjoy hiding scars, loosing jobs, freaking the feck out of my family, and blacking out when I accept my mother in law’s offer of wine with dinner.


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  8. can people also stop using bipolar as an adjective (as in the weather). and I get very confused at BPD use as well.

    but I think people who say they are bipolar are just misguided by what is shoved at them via the media. or seeking attention, which they might need for something else.

    but yeah I agree with everyone, the stigma sucks (I lost three out of four non contracted big band jobs not long after explaining side effects from meds making me loose lipped, have blurred vision, and lacking focus) (while others in the band were kept on through cateract surgery…). hearing the word bipolar out of context makes me flinch. and twitch. ~*it makes me act so bipolar omg I am like happy one minute and then I stub my toe and I get sooo upset*~


    word vomited on your blog my bad

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    1. *gestures graciously around like an air hostess* please regard my humble ablog as your verbal vomitorium. You rant like I do and I like it.

      Ok now I need to go beat up some big bandleaders. Big band leaders. Thingies.



  9. It seems llike Bipolar Disorder is the trendy diagnosis of the moment, getting it’s 15 minutes of fame because of famous people admitting to having it. It’s a double-edged sword, because on the one hand you have this overuse of Bipolar. But on the other hand, having famous people admit to having Bipolar helps decrease the stigma.

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  10. I’d give my right kidney, left lung, and both hands to be “normal” … I cannot fathom why anyone would want to even pretend they are sick. I don’t like my family worrying whether I’ll kill myself today. I don’t like thinking about how my kids are affected by having a “crazy” mum and if that’s going to ruin their mental, emotional and physical well being as adults. I don’t like losing my job because I cannot physically get out of bed because I cannot deal with life. I don’t like having no money to pay the rent because I went on a bender and bought buttloads of shit I just don’t need but apparently had to have. I don’t like having to take medications that fuck with my weight and make me feel like a disgusting fat whale. I don’t like knowing that my relatively stable moment could come crashing down at any time and the cycle could begin again. For me It’s like playing russian roulette – and I fucking hate gambling at any time, let alone with my life.

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  11. So, so good. I cannot even add anything better said than those who have commented and your punch to the gut post that I hope everyone reads that needs to. Standing ovation in my living room for this one. Thank you for this.

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