fun and games?

Graphically pleasing things, amusing things, interesting things. Enjoy! Lots of love, BlahPollyanna


Nick Barclay Designs’ minimalist poster series – symptoms of depression is available to download as A3 prints. source: (and my friend F)


The Weight anti anxiety pillow – “Its use imitates an intimate gesture, reminiscent of a hug from behind”.


Susan realised that the last time she got laid was 2007.

A map of depression around the world.


Grip op je dip (Dutch) – tips, networking, access to professionals.

Depression Quest interactive (non) fiction about dealing with depression. Pay what you want (or don’t pay at all). Controversy and review.


Actual Sunlight A Short Interactive Story About Love, Depression and the Corporation


How video games helped me overcome severe anxiety (World of Tanks)
Of course, it’s very easy to find opinions stating the direct opposite, but hey, we’re looking on the bright side.
Video games: medicating an anxious mind


Top ten terrific things about bipolar disorder. Yay.


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23 thoughts on “fun and games?”

    1. I was thinking vortex/abyss, but yeah I can totally see the bullseye too. I’m pinning one on my back though, I think being shot as a coward would be less stressful. Wow I’m doing so well at this optimism stuff.

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  1. Nice to read this in the morning…one of my favorites is the (kinda creepy) weight anti-anxiety pillow with the blah caption, of course!!!

    As far as cupcakes go, this household consists of obsessive cupcake makers. We keep making crappy ones no matter how many baking books we read and no matter how many episodes of “DC Cupcake” we watch. We are cursed! Perhaps this home is built on an Ohlone burial ground.

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