testing, testing, depression please

It’s not like I need to test for depression; I know I’m way, way down, deeply depressed and anhedonic. I just wanted to see what that looked like. I did two short tests, because being faced with 101 questions made me feel exhausted before even attempting it.


(Or a glass of whine.)

And of course, now I can throw myself a pity party and compete in the suffering olympics with confidence (or a nice cocktail of an inferiority complex blended with terror).

Depression screening test.


Depression, anxiety and stress test.


Bazinga. Achievement unlocked.


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31 thoughts on “testing, testing, depression please”

  1. So you needed to answer 101 questions to confirm that you are depressed? I bet I could score higher on the anxiety and stress and let you keep the gold medal for depression, that is if I was inclined to answer 101 questions. But it sounds too stressful…

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      1. Sweet, seriously l need to do those tests too and try figure out how much more ‘weight’ to loose or add? My shrink isn’t helping and l just cancelled my appointment for tomorrow. I know am well (much better than many of us in the house) but l am not consistent in staying better or whatever


          1. She rambled and made me feel like my own shrink. I am not so badly after a diagnosis right away but I do agree I need to feel my bucks are appreciated for their hard earned value. I will look out for another one for sure. Thx dear :)

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  2. I’m sorry to read that you are in the grips of nasty depressive episode. I can relate. Clinging to the idea that there’s any point to breathing and wracked with horrid anxiety at the same time. I hope your depressions are not long lasting. Mine usually last 2-3 months before morphing into mixed episodes. I don’t know you but if you need support you can contact me personally at palardysuzanne@gmail.com. I promise not to be inappropriately chirpy and make jokes.

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      1. it gets better…… and then worse….. and better…. and worse…..and better…..and worse!!!!! You get the picture!! Love the first image, even in depression, your sense of humour makes me laugh! You must be a riot in a good (stable!!) mood!!

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  3. “Liking” to show my support, not because I like to hear you are depressed. I tend to take these tests too, when depressed, or at least I ask for confirmation from people so I can hear it loud and clear. It’s my way of getting it over with faster I guess. Mania is a whole different story. Once that strikes I am in complete denial. I don’t want anyone to burst my little bubble. I really gotta learn to stop that one of these days.

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  4. Yes, “at least we can do something right.”

    I was trying to figure out what the sign language was saying, going, “now that’s an h, and an r, and an f … oh.” lol I failed the test haha

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  5. Have you tried mindfulness?

    Ha, just kidding. Just wanted to get your goat and maybe superficially cheer you up for a fraction of a second.

    Sorry you are feeling so low, though. (big hug)

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  6. I’m sorry I had to lol at the “glass of whine” … when my seven year old daughter gets upset about something being unfair – I always find myself saying to her “at least offer me some cheese and crackers with that whine”.
    I’m sorry that depression is getting you down. Hugs to you.

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    1. Lol kk. Have you seen the beck hopelessness one? I read an entire research paper about it, that finally concluded that ot could in fact be reduced to one question: do you have any interest in the future?


  7. bah, I take those little tests all the time too. it’s like, I freakin’ know what the results are going to be. but sometimes it’s comforting to know that it’s true, and that I’m not just weak and making it all up. ::shrugs::

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