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I know I’m depressed when I wear the same clothes so long, they dissolve.” Tc Castelli


Lord Stephen of Fry, the patron saint of bipolar affective disorder (pause for applause) is getting married. Awwwwwww yay.

Successful and Schizophrenic – Elyn R. Saks
Deconstructing schizophrenia among Australia’s First People – Paul Brown
Panic, bipolar and the blind professionals – Paul Brown.
Dyane’s feature @ DBSA – fellow blogger
Childhood Guilt, Adult Depression? – Jenny Chen


Bipolar Disorder in Popular Media (09:07)
Baring it all: how I lost my “self” dating someone with bipolar disorder. (34:10) – girl-on-girl misery … start at around the 12 min mark if you get bored with her explaining why she made the video. Actually don’t watch it lol. It’s not actually overly negative in ways you’d expect, it’s just so up its own ass. Briefly amusing, but I only made it to 21 mins before dying of boredom.
Up/Down (1:23:23) – documentary (2011) Early on they hit the streets to get people’s perceptions of bipolar (lol) “they get angry, then they get happy, then they get medication.” “They’re a pain in the ass to live with.” “It’s a split personality kinda thing guess.” Of course there are sensible ones too, but they’re no fun to share with you. Tis a decent documentary (bipolar primer), mostly conversations with bipolar people; watch/share with confidence. Did you know that native Americans used lithium springs for treatment?
Maria Bamford – Crazy Meds (12:10) I wasn’t blown away – comedian chats and jokes about her bipolar, and pimps

Different bodies respond differently to different medication; finding the magic potion is pretty much hit-and-miss. This seems obvious, even simplistic, but it’s the only consistently true fact in treating mental illness.
Elyn R. Saks – The Center Cannot Hold


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13 thoughts on “linkdumpius maximus”

  1. I didn’t watch the video. You explaining how bored you were detered me. I must say your quote about medication is spot on. I was just reading up on this sort of thing before I checked my blog. I was counting the meds I’ve been on and considering ECT as I went through the list.

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    1. I thought I shouldn’t watch that vid … then curiosity overtook me … and she was trying hard not to be nasty, but was far too fuckwitted to manage that.

      Yeah the meds quote resonated with me too.

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  2. WOW – thank you, thank you, for linking to my DBSA/Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance spielygag!!!!I just tweeted it to the masses in hopes to bring more folks to the brilliance that is bahbipolar.

    Good for Lord Fry on his nupitals…..I like him so much and hope he writes yet another memoir! I’d love to crash THAT wedding.

    Back to DBSA – I have to say that I wish I used a picture of me with Lucy instead of my silly selfie that I took frantically to capture a haircut I had just gotten. To see what I REALLY look like (no makeup, no shower for probably 3 days & dirty hair, plus a gorgeous “sexy beast” as Kitt calls Lucy) visit here:

    ALSOOOOO I emailed you yesterday. I messed up sending it the first time and got a return, so I just wondered if you spotted it?

    Once again, many thanks for brightening up my morning. I feel more complete now that I get my daily dose of blahpolars. I shit you not. XX

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    1. I saw the photo when it was published (and clicked like) – you and Lucy both look lovely and relaxed. Going to check email folders, I tend to forget that. Thanks lots for the tweet. :)

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  3. DAng – just took a looksee at the pic of Fry with his cute, young comedian fiance, and hell – I’ll marry the both of them. Who cares if I’m already married and that I’m a straight woman? I certainly don’t! It will make a great TLC television series: “Bipolar Bigamy, Fry-Style!” ;)

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  4. I love the pic of Fry with is amazing technicolour umbrella.. So damn cool… But I just love Steven Fry too… Good for him at last.

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