demystifying bipolar

Dr Jane Erb M.D. & members of DBSA (Boston)

It covers the following questions:
How is it diagnosed?
What are the range of symptoms?
How is bipolar treated?
What to look forward to?

It explains very well, just how complex bipolar is – that it is a spectrum of illnesses characterised by changes of mood. Dr Erb answers each question and then the bipolar DBSA members (including, I was glad to see, a gay guy who didn’t hide that fact) give their personal experiences. It works well and would be a great resource for the newly diagnosed and anyone caring for, living with etc, someone with bipolar.

The doc also explained degrees of bipolar really well and said that the most severe cases made up 1-10% of the bipolar population.

The party in my head wouldn’t stop, I was living on carbohydrates and caffeine and ideas.

Before there were treatments for mania, people actually died of things like dehydration and malnourishment as a result.

Depression is pure pain.

There’s also a really good rundown of the meds we take and what they do and how they’re combined. The patients’ comments on their meds were good to hear. I liked Jane Erb, the psychiatrist; I’d totally trust her to treat me.

The last segment was very positive, even where the victories would probably seem very minor to many people. It should clarify the extreme levels of emotions to people without bipolar when one guy beams happily and says he wakes up ‘not depressed’.

It might not enlighten you much, bipolar friends, but you might want to send the link to your own friends and family.

(I watched it on YouTube.)


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12 thoughts on “demystifying bipolar”

  1. Unfortunately I’m on a mobile connection with limited data so can’t watch lengthy YouTube videos. I do understand that guy who beamed with happiness at waking up one day not depressed. So true for me too!

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