December 7th

I want to introduce you to a blog I follow.

In diagnostic limbo somewhere from BD to SZ, Elizabeth transcribes the voices she hears, without commentary. It’s a very interesting blog, more so once you’ve been following it for a while. I get voices in psychosis way, way less than she does and I find myself having all sorts of intellectual and sometimes emotional responses to her posts. Their posts.

I’d be very interested to hear from my blog friends with DID, whether there’s any similarities between the way Elizabeth’s voices interact, and the way your alters do. Any of the rest of my brethren-in-psychosis (*rolls eyes at self*) experience multiple voices?

Thank you.


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8 thoughts on “December 7th”

  1. I experienced inner/me voices arguing when I was knee deep in suicidal ideation from my topamax. Looking back I would compare it to Gollum from LOR. One voice told me to harm myself (specifically that killing myself would be seen as an accident) and the other tried to argue back with logic that I shouldn’t (because everyone would know I did it on purpose). It was fucking nuts. I had a completely different personality. Never had I experienced it before, and after a few weeks off our good ol’ topamax I haven’t experienced it since. I am now back to my neurotic, mentally ill self ;)

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  2. I use to experience multiple voices and was originally diagnosed with bipolar NOS mixed w/psychosis until Feb 2008 where it was changed to schizoaffective disorder bipolar type– which is part bipolar part schizophrenia. The voices are now (mostly) controlled by medication

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