Mental Illness Memes

Meme meme meme meme memely meme … (from the hit show Two and a Half Memes)

Stop me, before I meme again? If you see anything you like, please help yourself. Fitting rooms are here, here and here. In the event of a crash, benzodiazepines will drop from above. Place them in your own mouth first before helping others. Thank you for flying Mixed MetaphAir.

Now that’s what I call a shrink. I’d probs get distracted and then all I’d tell him is, “You’re such a good boy.” Not to mention going eep meep at the adorkable teeny chair.


They aren’t (clearly), but I hope yours are.


I’m hypo or mixed right now – I can tell because a) I’m punny again and b) you have no idea how hard I am resisting the urge to pepper this post with emoticons and exclamation marks. (!!!)



Uh huh, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.


Please … I’ll do anything, just …


I tend to defocus my eyes, or stare from one to the other, wondering how anyone looks into people’s eyes, plural.


No explanation necessary, right?


Fly the (un)friendly skies …



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14 thoughts on “Mental Illness Memes”

  1. Oh this is great! Never stop meme-ing. I love the eye contact one cause I do that too! It is so hard to look someone in the eye and I end up missing half the conversation because my internal monologue is going” Just keep looking, just keep looking, ah dammit you looked away, look back quick you look guilty, well shit now they know your weird”

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  2. My sister made me go to the mall today for the boxing day sales. So bad. So bad. So so bad. Managed to find an instrument shop and hid with my head in song books til I calmed down, but before that was moments away from an incredible festive meltdown on an escalator.

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  3. yes I liked the ref to the benzos!! Altho I don’t get one but once every 3 months for a medical procedure (and boy do I like that day!) Wish my hx of addiction I don’t dare mess with them.

    Hope you made it through Christmas without too much a-doo-doo

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