Sister Maria Euthymia

pertaining to a normal mood in which the range of emotions is neither depressed nor highly elevated.
Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.


I did an image search for euthymia and got a page full of nuns. Well, a nun, numerous times. She nursed prisoners of war and defied the nazis by giving equal care, no matter what nationality the patient was. (source)

I had intended to explore the concept of euthymia and how to achieve it (wtf would someone who apparently had continuous cycling bipolar since childhood know about it), but then … ooh look, a butterfly.


The next quote is tangential, but I like it. Google translate isn’t very good at German, obviously the sentence structure fries its brain:

One who knows in Rwanda as in his waistcoat pocket, which is the country and the friendly people closely connected, Bernhard Tenckhoff is.

Don’t google 25 year old blocked pore.


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8 thoughts on “Sister Maria Euthymia”

  1. Nuns eh? Looking for yourself on the graph? Remember the Clash:

    ‘N’ every gimmick hungry yob digging gold from rock ‘n’ roll
    Grabs the mike to tell us he’ll die before he’s sold
    But I believe in this and it’s been tested by research
    He who fucks nuns will later join the church

    Death or glory becomes just another story
    Death or glory becomes just another story

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  2. Okay a question… if you will indulge me and your love of research. Firstly, I never knew one could be in remission with bipolar. Only learned that once I started blogging. Now in reference to your post, could Euthymia be considered remission?

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  3. If/when a cure for bipolar is found, wow – SO MANY people who don’t have bipolar will be pissed off! The people who love to hate those with mental illness will have to find a new hobby. And I’d pay THOUSANDS of dollars to see the looks of frustrations on their faces! Yep, I’m demented, but dang – I love that fantasy!!!!!! ;)

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