in a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill.

So simple and concise. How serious is seriously? What’s normal? Insane is not a word I want to ‘reclaim’ or have applied to me – it’s far too vague. Unlike many people, I am a firm fan of labels (language = labels), but they need to be accurate labels.


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19 thoughts on “Mindfluff”

  1. Insane is a term which such negative connotations that it simply contributes to the stigma. I would concede that I was not “in my right mind” in my final weeks at works earlier this year. That I was suffering from an illness. But to say I was “insane” would seem to me to preclude any return to normal function and I do hope that is not true.

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    1. The more I read about various disorders, the more irrelevant I find words like insane. I read one book that defined madness as psychosis – and even that is just too broad to be accurate. So … fuckem. We ain’t crazy.

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      1. Madness, insane… they are words for others to use to define us essentially. Akin to the idea that “Hell” exists only for those who want to imagine other people burning in it.

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  2. Words are so powerful, and while I hate the word “bipolar” just by its sound, I’d rather have that applied to me than “insane” any day! I too am a fan of accurate labels.

    I prefer the term “manic depression” which was used during my Dad’s lifetime. He also had bipolar. As you know, it has become archaic for the most part.

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      1. Scientific/incomprehensible would be good, or perhaps “bipolarbitchbrain”? or “blahbrainuritis”? ;)

        (I’m totally immature at 44 – always have been, always will be!)

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  3. Ha ha! We are great! And now I’m off to prevent people from using me as a respirator to sell their stuff – whatever the f*ck that means, right? ;) I think my new B.F.F. is trying out a top-secret, heavy-duty med that only celebs of her caliber can access!

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      1. You know it! :))))))

        Speaking of which, I’m about to pop my midday dose in your honor! My pretty pink pill (Parnate) and then per shrink’s orders, some fish oil & Vitamin D. The fun never stops here! As long as I get my other daily medication at some point (chocolate) I’m good.

        It feels good to laugh! Haven’t done enough of that since, oh, 2007.

        Hope your weekend is going well….write again soon!

        p.s.. I’m looking forward to your post depicting your in-depth interview with Lil’ Kim and K. Michelle, in which you pose as Dr. Blah, Psychiatrist! I think it will help a lot of bitches!!!!

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        1. Midday there and it’s after 10 at night here. At this stage I take all my pills once a day. Sitting with my doors open, quiet dogs inside and noisy crickets outside. My weekends are generally nothingy and quiet these days and I like it. It keeps me safe from scary rapper bitches ;)

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          1. Nothingy and quiet sound good to me, and having your dogs there is awesome. Even better that they are quiet at that time of day!

            Nine-month-old Lucy sits besides me chewing with gusto on her beloved “stinky stick” (my therapist tells me they are made of cow penises – lovely, eh?)

            Stay safe – keep away from those freaks and thanks for writing a great blog. When a blog has so many good comments (not just mine, ha ha ha!) on a consistent basis, it’s a telling sign that it’s an especially bright star in our blogosphere.

            Sleep tight tonight – no nightmares of Lil’ Kim taking her makeup off, okay?

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  4. This is a great post (and a great reference to and interpretation of Fight Club). I love calling myself insane, that never bothered me. If anything it adds some sense of levity to the situation rather than saying “bipolar”, which is technically accurate but seems (and is) so dark and serious. Amongst my closest people (e.g., boyfriend, parents, about 2 friends) I feel much relief calling myself nuts or insane or crazy rather than bipolar, when they know I’m referring to bipolar disorder. HOWEVER–if someone I don’t really know calls me crazy/insane/nuts that really hurts me. It makes me feel misunderstood (since those are such vague words that can have quite negative connotations) and belittled. Ultimately I suppose using those “crazy/nuts/psycho/insane” descriptors myself is just another example of reclaiming what can be a very hurtful word in a way that actually helps me heal. It’s been done with many other hurtful words and for me personally, this is along the same vein.


    1. Yes, it makes total sense to be ok with friends etc saying it, but not the rest of the world. I’m still a bit sensitive about it, I think, but then – my diagnosis is only 5 months old. Wish the damn bipolar was only that old too.


  5. Funny how our self-perception can differ from other people’s perception of us. I always perceived you as a very level-headed person with a calm buddhist aura that made my brain slow down and rest. But I also know that on occasions I seem very calm on the outside while there’s a storm raging inside.

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