It is amazing how many words get wasted when all that they’re saying is advance planning can be helpful if you’re bipolar.

I was pleased to see the following quote:

However, there are people who get lower levels of depression or manic symptoms which are persistent and different from normal mood, who are able to keep relatively normal life going. Where to draw the line between who is bipolar and who is getting normal mood changes is not easy, which is why you may need to see an expert.

… in a piece called the truth about bipolar, because that early and instant reaction we all seem to get, of people saying oh don’t worry bipolar is totally manageable, has begun to get up my damn schnozz. The correct statement would be remission is possible.

Bipolar & Sex is a decent op ed written by a woman who once dated a bipolar man. The title is enough to get you clicking, right? I don’t need to give you details. It’s a well balanced piece.

I learned a new word (yay):

Sociotropy is characterized by the need for social reassurance, approval and contact.

I found it in an article about bipolar and comorbidity.

It wouldn’t be media-sexy to report that any bipolar people died of cancer or old age or ebola or something. Here’s the latest assortment:

Becca Campbell – accidental shooting
Janet L. Sims – hypothermia after release from prison
Andrea Christine Bartmess – murdered
Tanesha Anderson – head slammed on to concrete repeatedly by cops
Edward Wayne Logan – a Maori, shot by cops
Joshua Fransisco – suicide in prison

Rest in peace. And there, but for the grace of society and our psychiatrists, go many more of us.

Here’s a 4 part series about cops shooting mentally ill people. It will (and should) make you rant.

Cool article on Miriam Toews & All My Puny Sorrows.

Book review Literchoor is My Beat about publisher (and bipolar) James Laughlin.

Shit that bipolar etc people suffer in Kashmir.


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5 thoughts on “Bipolaroundup”

  1. I agree with your comment about people who just assume being bipolar can just be managed as if some magic wand just fixes it. Even with medication I still have my struggles with it. Someday people will be better educated but we have to keep teaching.

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  2. The line I was hearing often over here is “the difference between normal mood swings and depression (in my case, but could be applied to bipolar) is that the latter hinders your everyday functioning”. But then of course one can argue about the definition of “everyday functioning”.

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  3. Thanks for sharing. I always say that I live with bipolar, as though it’s a roommate. It’s pretty much a roommate of the worst kind: one that never pays rent, eats all your food and makes a great big mess.And it sucks that I can’t evict this bastard roommate bipolar, but I do make the most of the times it goes home to visit it’s family and I can clean up and put myself back together again.

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