Bipolar Roundup: Sarcasmatron Edition

More proof of the decline and fall of western civilisation follows …

“In no other area of health care would we tolerate the escalation of an illness to its crisis point – and then punish the patient for having it in the first place. That’s because, in every other area of health care, we have the humanity and decency to push the notion of prevention, early diagnosis and adequate care.”
Mental illness a monumental prison problem

In contrast to articles like this upper middle class one that state cheerfully that bipolar is completely manageable, the next article is an eye opener of note.

“She said she took a gun, unloaded it and set it down in front of him. She told her son if he really wanted to kill himself to get it over with. She told him to do it outside so as not to make a mess.”
Mom testifies she warned that Covington was bipolar

What the fuck is the answer? That without money, you’re basically fucked? What did Mr Covington need? How is his family ever gonna be ok?

Bipolar celebrities continue to underwhelm completely. Amanda Byrne bitches about her parents, Rene Russo says another teeny handful of words about the disorder, Dolores o’Riordan has a meltdown on a plane, Kirsty MacNicholl doesn’t say any words about bipolar. As per usual, nobody says anything unrelated to their own fame and advocacy continues to be about combating stigma, rather than useful stuff like oh, say, better diagnostics and treatment. Assholes.

Have you seen the Dualities bipolar photo project thingy yet? I dig the motivation. I think the result is a leeeetle simplistic, but a good starting point for dialogue nonetheless.

Every bipolar news roundup is basically the same. Murder (bipolar people murdering people, cops killing bipolar people), missing people, mice and genetics, another song by Bipolar Sunshine and plenty of celebrity wank. And every week, researchers prove yet again that water is wet, by discovering that it’s better to take your meds, get diagnosed early etc.

Extreme mood swings may indicate Bipolar Disorder …

WHAT?! Oh my sweet bipolar baby jebus on a CORNFLAKE! Give the man a Nobel.

This one is slightly better than most, because although it fails to deliver any new facts, it presents some important ones neatly and was cool enough to go to Cappadocia to do so.

What else …

App’s novel approach to mood disorders: Real-world rewards

Blah blah blah eh?


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18 thoughts on “Bipolar Roundup: Sarcasmatron Edition”

  1. Not in any way to make fun of the disorder but I read someone say she could get a diagnosis of bipolar by phone! It has been reduced to that and nothing else! The media/politicians are only interested when a bi, triple or multi polar lun pulls the trigger on him/herself, over doses or something. I hardly if at all come across new research on better treatment, protocols and all such stuff. Sweet, since you r much research prone, have u come across any such? By the way, my brother’s autopsy result is still pending because the B-P Lun didn’t even have the courage to die via ‘one of those ways’!


    1. By phone? Wow … wouldn’t happen in South Africa, my diagnosis took years. Um new stuff … ketamine trials is all I can think of right now. Sorry Gabe’s results still aren’t in :(

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      1. hi sweet, glad to have you back :) em she was and still is in the US so that is western world right? It’s ok for the results because mum told me last night she’s not at their level any more. I mean the launch coming up and future prospects are more important for us all now. Do take good care of urself right?

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  2. I do concur. the “Dualities” project is a neat idea, but it’s so tame. it doesn’t really depict the pain and torment of the inflicted. being bipolar, and struggling with other issues, is more than just sometimes being sad an anti-social, which is all this project really suggests. :/

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  3. “Extreme mood swings may indicate Bipolar Disorder”

    That one made me laugh. Reminds me of a news report I saw once where they pulled a mans body out of a lake. His hands were tied behind him and the reporter said, “Police suspect foul play.”

    I’ve been reading a lot more frustrated bloggers than normal the past couple of days. Must be something that’s going around.

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  4. SAD even. If you are in the northern hemisphere like me the lack of light plays havoc with my stability, or what passes for my stability these days… I lol’d at your post Blah!! Couldn’t have said it better myself….

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      1. Weeeellll, it would be the reverse for you then!! Coming in to your summer there? Just linked to those articles you mention in your blog! WTF, as my daughter would say: never have I killed a cat, or harmed any animal, my pathology had I done that would more be in the sociopathic/psychopathic range and not depressive illness! As for the upper middle class bipolar anthology – again I say WTF?? I suppose everyone has their own particular experience with bipolar, but it is articles like these that I think lead to the confusion about bipolar and its symptoms. Of course everyone is different, we each struggle in our own way, with our own symptoms. But the consensus among psychiatrists and indeed the World health Organisation is this is a debilitating illness. One just despairs sometimes!!

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  5. I can’t tell you how much I loved this post! It was hilarious and insightful. Out of morbid curiosity I visited visited the link to that upper middle class article and I was *aghast* at what I read. What a surprise – there were no comments, and I couldn’t help it….I wrote something along the lines about how the article was offensive and full of ignorance and asinine comments. I’m sure they won’t publish it.

    Everything you write about here is so spot-on. I too noticed how Kirsty McNichol has been silent as the dead about having bipolar disorder, although her famous brother told Oprah on her “Where Are They Now” special that she has bp. So…it’s not a secret when O knows, and if Kirsty brought it out in the open she could help some of her cult-like fans! I understand she may be struggling , but she has been promoting something cheesy lately (I forget) so she’s able to be in the spotlight And more importantly,according to this “People” interview “she wants to be open about who she is”! I read the short article and she said she wanted to be open about her sexuality. That was it.,,20559567,00.html

    Okay, I’ll stop with that. Again, I realize she may be in a dark place regardless of her projects and can’t talk about bp. I just hope that changes.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re writing and this was one hell of an awesome post. Thank you so much for being a voice of reason during this shit-fest of a week!


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    1. I feel personally let down by Kirsty, I had a massive crush on her as a kid. Hope your comment does get published on that other article. Hope your shitfest improves soon!

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  6. Working in mental health, I deal with the “wait till crisis mode to do anything about it” situation all the time.


      1. It was precisely justice that led to this. We didn’t want to ever lock people up unjustly. It used to be, husbands could drop their wives off at the loony-bin if they wanted. That kind of thing. That led to an absurdly strict set of rules governing when and how a person got mental health treatment.

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